Oscillating Whole Body Vibration Yearly Report
Comparing Teeter Totter (pivotal type) vibration
PowerVibe Motion 1
6Hz to 28Hz
1.5 HP DC
Crazy Fit
200w input power
1.5 HP AC

10Hz toHz
1.5 HP AC Motor
Power Step
20Hz to 60Hz
1.5 HP AC Motor
300 watts
VibraTrim VT400
5Hz to 28Hz
2 HP DC Motor
1HP 2nd DC motor
500 watts and 300w
Noblerex K1
7Hz to 28Hz
Over 90% my vibration sales are pivotal type. What disgusts me is that every month or so there is a new company trying to sell their own brand. It doesn't matter to me who is trying to get in the business as I sell only the brands I approve of.

Most of the ones sold are sold around 1500 and are no more than foot massagers with a cheap AC powered, low horsepower motor. People are going to state fairs and health expos and think just because their legs turn a little pink because they got a little blood circulation that they think the machine worked.

It is funny how a person will buy a 1.5 HP or less powered AC powered vibration machine for the same price they could of bought a DC powered 1.5. HP model. People are very ignorant buying these and on this page I will make sure I cover every aspect of buying a pivotal model. 

Ask questions????? Is it a 200 watt "input" powered motor? A 500 Watt model? Another thing??? How in the heck can you have a 1.5 horsepower motor if the input wattage is only 200 watts. Google horsepower and you will see that 746 watts equals one horsepower. If a machine is 746 watts then it has an input horsepower of 1 HP.

If after gear reduction it has a 1HP rating, then the output HP is rated at 1HP. You don't necessarily have to have an input of 1 hp to make it a 1hp machine. Better engineering makes these machine run on lower electricity. An AC motor that has a higher wattage to do the same work as a low wattage AC motor will create more EMF so you have to factor in everything or go with DC, which you can google and see that DC motors don't create EMF like AC motors.

It seems that most people buying these are mislead because when they first get on the machine it feels like a great massage. This is why almost everyone likes the pivotal models as they losen the hips and joints without the ballistic impact to the back because most of the ballistic impact is absorbed in the legs and hips so the upper body still gets the G forces but after the shock has been absorbed.

On most of the cheaper models, standing near the edges, especially if someone is over 200 pounds, wears out the machine very quickly, that is why most of the ones have a 6 month warranty. BE CAREFUL. OFTEN THE MANUFACTURER WILL HAVE A 6 MONTH WARRANTY ON THEIR MACHINE BUT THE IMPORTER PUTTING HIS LOGO ON THE MACHINE WILL OFFER A 2 YEAR WARRANTY. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY DO THIS? THIS IS LIKE BUYING VITAMINS THAT EXPIRE IN 2014 AND REPACKAGING IT AND PUTTING THE EXPIRATION AT 2017.
Newest technology in Pivotal vibration:
Spiral Vibration (elliptical motions)
The latest trend in vibration machines are spiral vibration. Now almost all the new imports are claiming spiral vibration. I would only get a spiral vibration with at least a 500 watt motor and a 300 watt spiral motor. Most of the imports that are copying the new style are 300 watt motors with 200 watt spiral motors, which is just enough power to actually work but not enough to produce the type of results where you can stand near the edge without straining the motor and lowering the G force. Besides that, these knock offs are claiming 2HP now with a 300 watt motor. Isn't that pushing the limits too far? CAN SOMEONE SAY BARE MOTOR SPEED? CAN SOMEONE SAY 300 WATT INPUT POWER?

If anyone is under 180 pounds and keeping your feet close to the center that is one thing but if you want the G forces that come near the edge, you probably should pay attention to the type of motor it has. I will put it simple. If you are over 200 pounds, you should probably be looking at DC motors although AC motors work. A 2 HP DC motor oscillating vibration machine usually costs double of what a 2HP AC powered machine costs. But if you don't care about quality and results and want to believe the low wattage ones work, try it, as long as you can return it.

​The most annoying thing about buying a machine that is not powerful enough to handle your weight is that if you set it to 30 hz, for example, you don't know if you are really getting 30 hz. A good way to tell is if you put a 100 pound person on it at the 30 hz setting and then a 200 pound person and see if the machine makes more noise and slows down, even with the feet on the edge. Most of the low wattage machines have smaller plates so you get less amplitude even standing on the edge of their plate because their edge on a shorter plate is really like standing mid range on a larger plate. With shorter plates there is less amplitude and less G force, but they they can claim high G force (bare motor speed with no weights on the plate).

Bone density reasons for buying a Pivotal machine:
For bone density, most machines will hit the ranges over 25 Hz. But, the further people stand to the edge the more valuable their sessions are. Many people are wasting their time thinking to themselves they are building bone density with these shorter plates. There is a reason most of the chiropractors that buy from me buy the pivotal type vibration for their patients with back bone density and back problems. 

I won't say who told me this but many companies make their money on restocking fees when people buy them and use for over the 30 day period.
If the knock-off machine cost them 25% of the retail price and they charge 25% restocking fees, the dealer basically just earned themselves a free machine they can sell to the next customer. It sucks when you wasted a whole month on a machine just to see no results.

Myth: Oscillating only vibrates the lower body (half body vibration)
We taped a laser pointer on the hat of someone and the body moves just as much up and down as a linear model but with the hips absorbing the ballistic impact before it hits the spine. Please do not think I am against linear models. If you can adjust the amplitude and G force so you can make it so it is not jarring like a jack hammer, linear machines are fine. But, almost all people prefer one type of the other and since most people can't just go try them all, that's what I have done with people of all different weights and health issues.
3Hz to 30Hz
1000 Watt DC
How to choose an oscillating vibration machine for your weight and needs:
When choosing a whole body vibration machine, the most important thing after finding a machine with the right hertz is to have the right G force. You can have a really wide hertz range but if you can't stand near the edge without sufficient G force it can be a waste of time.

Just vibrating the body meaninglessly where all you feel is your whole body vibrating, that has not given any of my customers increased bone density, lymphatic movement to the point of detox. G force must be enough to create a pump in the lymphatic system and enough so that the bones can build. Some of these cheap imitation machines disguised from body massagers for therapeutic vibration machines are an example.

Just vibrating the body doesn't do really anything to activate the immune system but it does make it difficult to exercise. More muscular strength can be built at the higher hertz but only if it has sufficient g force and not just vibration as the only factor.

But, take into consideration of the ballistic impact on the upper spine on the higher frequency models. Many people have too many back, joint and bone issues that they cannot tolerate 100% linear vibration. If there is no resistance, you won't get much results but on the flip side you might get results on the higher hertz models but there can be more risk of injury to the body. The whole idea of whole body vibration is to get a workout, move lymph fluid, and use resistance to build bone density.

For people with low bone density who want to up but are so low that they cannot tolerate a linear machine, oscillating machines remove almost all the ballistic impact before any vibration hits the spine.
I have never had a return because an oscillating machine has been too jarring on the hips and back.

​If using an oscillating type at lower speeds it can simulate the linear movement by tilting the hips around the axle. It can move the body linearly at high speeds because the plate is oscillating so fast and the vibration is felt more in the upper body and not just the legs. But, this gets too fast to let the one way valves open up and close to release toxins at the higher settings. Standing near the edges at low speeds is what most people do to stimulate their lymphatic system. The right dose of vibrations are what to look for and having a platform where you can exercise on, drain the lymphatic system, and build bone density is the type I try to recommend.

If someone just wants to get a foot massage or move some circulation a cheap one will work. Take my quiz below that is strictly focused on oscillating machines and I will help you pick one out. This is a more focused quiz than my general quiz. If you don't know if an oscillating or a linear machine is better for you, my standard quiz will be more helpful to you.
Take my oscillating vibration quiz below and I will make a recommendation out of all the brands I have tested
What is the main reason you need a vibration machine
What is the maximum weight you will put on the plate?
How tall are you. The taller you are the more G force is absorbed in the legs
What is your weight?

How noisy do you want your oscillating machine
Is EMF a concern to you?

Price Range
Do you want an added spiral motor for elliptical vibration
Best time to call
feedback or comments
Are you interested in selling vibration machines?

(now the VT500)


2HP "DC" Motor
1.5 HP Spiral Motor


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Which type of motor do you prefer?
Do you have low bone density?
Where is your inflammation, if any?
Have you had any knee/hip replacements?

Do you care how long the company has been in business?
VibraTrim VT400 has won the Reviewboard Magazine 2011 "Editor's Choice Award" for Whole Body Vibration Machines. Putting it along with the Apple iPhone 4s, Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid 3, Sony Bravia KDL-55NX720 3D LED Television, Briggs & Stratton ProSeries 8000 Watt Generator and many other catagories. http://www.reviewboard.com/11/6549/award-announcements-for-2011

When you are comparing different vibration machines and call various companies you will hear lots of different answers. Many times it is tough to verify the correct answers from the not-so-correct answers. Many people have asked me: "How come no one has done a review on these machines?" Well, now an actual review has been done by and independent third party they are selling anything so they do not have a vested interest.

You can see that review on line at: http://www.reviewboard.com/11/6313/whole-body-vibration-vibra-trim-vt400-machine-review. Alexa Says: Reviewboard is the 3rd Most Popular Consumer Magazine, Yahoo Says: Reviewboard is the 4th Most Popular Consumer Magazine and Google Says: Reviewboard is the 5th Most Popular Consumer Magazine (Above GoodHouseKeeping Magazine).
What to expect from each type of machine... 
What they won't tell you. Most people have to buy it to learn themselves
What to expect from each type of machine... 
What they won't tell you. Most people have to buy it to learn themselves
Machines under $500
Unlike many people that will just say that these are crap, they are good for moving the circulation in the legs. They are great leg and feet massagers (most of the lymphatic vessels are in our legs anyway) They are powerful enough to stimulate the lymph vessels and blood vessels in the legs but not usually powerful enough to build bone density and stimulate the lymphatic vessels in the arms and neck. These usually have 200 watt motors and if a 200 pound person gets on it he or she will have to turn the motor up higher or even max it out to get enough G forces to lift them. These usually have a 6 month warranty and are the ones usually found on auction websites or places that people cannot try them before they buy them (wonder why)? They are not powerful enough for a heavy person to stand on the edges. They might say they have a 350 pound weight capacity but any plate can handle that weight close to the center of the plate. Try stepping on the edge of these and you might have to replace a fuse very often. At least they have a protection so they don't have to service it within 6 months. The copper windings in these motors are very slim. The 200 watt motors are less than the size of a Coke can. There are about 3 brands most people buy in this range. If your only expectation is to circulate the blood in the legs and lymph vessels in the legs (depending on your weight), this is a good buy. If trying to build bone density or more drain the entire body's lymphatic system, this is not the best choice. You are better off getting a $200 foot massager from Brookstone before buying one of these. At least you can sit down and relax while using it. Basically, they are a stronger version of a foot massager, and I wouldn't claim them as whole body vibration plates although they look very similar. It is about 3am at the time I am writing this so if there are any mispellings so far on this page, please let me know. I have spent over 6 hours just now filtering through every email over the last few months reading everyone's feedback and trying to compare to my own experience with these machines. So, if anyone wants to bitch that the way I write is not professional, you can buy from someone else who hasn't reviewed these and will tell you how good their little machine is and what you want to hear. I never ask a salesman if they think a product is good for me unless I really trust them and know I can return it if I don't like it. How dare anyone charge a restocking fee for an item they recommended to them in teh first place.

Machines $500 to $999

The machines in this range usually have a 300 watt AC motor and often 500 watt AC motors but very noisy, especially after a few months of wear and tear. The horsepower created can still give some g forces, much more than a 200 watt AC motor, but still struggle with heavy users, especially standing near the edges. The machines in this range tend to make a lot more noise and are more might be fine for very light users but not very heavy people. These usually are made of all ABS plastic or cheaper plastic which should be stated when you buy. These tend to get very wobbly and unstable when the frequency of the vibration is turned up high. These don't have many problems on the low setting but then again, you don't get the G forces to give the results most people want. These are better than the machines that costs $350 to $500 on the market but still aren't what most people are looking for, especially therapeutic uses. For workouts, they are fine for the light weight users. Heavier users can use the but the instability of the plastic frame and low horsepower motor will lower the longevity of it. For very light weight people doing static exercises who are not concerned with G force and therapeutic uses, the models in this price range are fine, as long as they aren't a model that should be priced under $500 that is inflated to fool you.
Machines $999 to $1299 
Most of the people that cannot afford the very expensive ones but don't want the cheap ones usually get models in this range. They definately can hold heavier weights but are limited in what they can do. There are a few models in this range that even have a 1.5 hp motor that is DC powered, direct current. The models in this range should be able to give enough G forces for light weight users, unlike the models under 1000 that still can lift light weight users but not have the G forces to really accomplish what most people want. Models in this range usually have a plastic and steel construction and still more stable than the 100% plastic models.

A good one in this range should have a plate size of 28 inches or more that you can ACTUALLY stand on the edges of the plate.
Machines $1700 to $1999 
Machines $1299 to $1699 
Machines $1999 to $2799 
Machines $2799 to $4,999
Machines $4,999 to $7,999
Vmax Trio
5Hz to 60Hz
500 watts and 300 watts
- PowerVibe - VMaxFitness -  DKN - Turbo Sonic - VIBEPLATE - TheraVibe - HyperGravity - VibraTrim - FitVibe - WAVE - HYPERVIBE - ZAAZ - VIVOVIBE
Vmax Pulsar
60 speed settings
1100 Watt DC
Hypervibe Performance
6 to 28Hz
900 Watt DC

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