Its been 3 years and now there are four brands of sonic vibration out there now. There is a lot of confusion going on right now and it really pisses me off that every company says that they have the best and better than the other brand. What bothers me more is that the cheaper brands say they do the same thing as the more expensive ones. Do you really think your 5000 dollar model works like a 15000 model?

It is not so much what they say that is pissing me off... its what they AREN'T telling me. Just like one of my customers said, they didn't tell him that he would have to shut the machine down if he and his wife wanted to use it at the same time so it wouldn't trip the speaker. If the company knew he would be working out with his wife who is lighter than him, why would they sell him their machine knowing there is a different model that he and his wife could both use it at the same time without having to shut it off every time before they step back on.. This is just an example of what I am taking about.  Don't get me wrong. I love all the sonic machines but only if I know their expectations and limits.

Each of the sonic technologies has their limitations and this is what I didn't find on their manuals. You had to be the guinea pig and buy it to find out. ONly that I get feedback from people that use them and not just from my own experience.

Two types of voice coils on the market:
When it to sonic machine, you can get either the type that has the speaker built under the plate or located in the rail. The ones in the rail definitely have a different feel to them than the ones under the plate. A total different resonance. With EMF considerations, the speaker will have the EMF shooting mostly upward but this can be counteracted with similar type stickers that you put on your cell phone that block the EMF. But, you can get get stronger conditioners or you might have to put several hundred stickers on there that would have to be changed every year or so and can be very expensive. The in-rail type voice coils work differently as their is a linkage mechanism that connects the motor in the upright mechanism in the rail to the plate. One 1/16 of an inch of movement in the voice coil will always mean 1/16 of an inch in the plate.. PHYSICS....

But what many people complain about is that (mostly heavy users) is that they can't stand near the edges which makes it awkward.

More and more companies are coming out with sonic vibration machines. Be careful if you see a company sell a cheaper machine that has the same size plate as the really expensive, heavy duty models, usually 15,000 or more. The plates might look the same size but you might find that you cannot stand near the edges without straining the machine. The large plates that still only have a small sweet spot regardless of the large plate size is only there for show. I have found that the only people they show on these cheaper models with the large plates are women that are fit and around 110 to 120 pounds. 

On models that are not designed for heavy users to stand near the edge, it will lower the life of the machine and cause more noise. I have went on the same sonic models of the same brand but from different owners and all of them have a slightly different noise. ON a 

Dynamic exercises: Another difference to be aware of if you are doing anything but standing or stationary exercises. If you plan on getting on and off the plate the in rail speakers are the only ones that allow this without tripping the system.

Many people prefer to be able to stand right on the tippy edge of the plates. Only the in-rail speaker types can allow that. Their is less strain on the bearings on these types so their is less noise and you don't get less movement when standing near the edge. Don't get fooled by the illusion of a large plate thiking you will have a larger sweet spot. The standing room on the low powered ones are usually about a one foot circle from the center unless, of course, you get the very powerful ones that have two speakers but the edges are still an issue, but just much less.

On a rail-speaker system, you can stand anywhere on the plate and it won't affect the movement or sound. With the rail type, you can stand right on the tippy edge even with 500 pounds and it won't strain or bottom out.
TheraVibe $18,000
up to 80Hz
Made in the USA
Manucturer: California
Turbo Sonic
up to 50Hz
Made in Korea
Sonic Life
(Sonic 1) Sonic 3 is now available for 2014
Call for current prices.
1Hz to 50Hz
Why choose a sonic model?
The sonic, linear type keeps the body more aligned and is a more natural feel. The slower types activate the lymphatic system (one way valves in the vessels and helps stimulate the whole body, not just the legs where the hips cancel out, but this can be good for someone with a bad back, as it lowers the impact to the spine.

When is it good to get the lower frequencies instead of the higher frequency models?
For those who are overweight who have joint or bone concerns, they will appreciate the lower accelerations instead of just vibrating their body, which many say feels like a jack hammer. Sonic models rarely go over 2 G forces

At the lower accelerations, depending on the amplitude, the one way valves can have enough time to open and close to allow the toxins out and fresh lymph fluid in, which cannot be done as well at higher speeds that don't allow enough time. 

I am not a biologist but I have studied the lymphatic system and have received all of the feedback I need to know that the lower frequencies help people more than the higher ones. There must be a pump created to flush the lymph, not just vibrating them. All the cellular debris that are clogged up in the lymph nodes get released when the vacuum is created. Again, there is no vacuum created when the one way valves in the lymph nodes are just vibrated. I have had too many returns from people saying they still are inflamed all over their body and get no feeling of lymphatic flow that everyone claims. 

I suggest that no one first starts out with one long session. Regular two minute lymphatic sessions 5 times a day instead of 10 minutes at once on it can work more efficiently. For building bone density, the same is also more effective based on all the feedback I get.

If there is no rhythm and just chaotic vibration, the lymphatic system cannot do its natural action against gravity. The hydraulic pump must be made for circulation of lymph. The slow up and down movements must cause this pressure to circulate this lymphatic fluid. There is a point where when it gets too fast the acceleration of speed of the plate decreases the pumping back and forth of the one way valves, decreaseing the detoxification and replenishing of cleaner fluids back into the cells.

Most of the lymph vessels run up and down the legs, second the arms, and third the torso. Many of the models that cancel out at the hips focus on the lymph movement in the legs. Although this cancels out the vibration at the hip, since the main lymphatic vessels are in the legs, it is often strong enough to pump it through the whole body. If you can handle the pure vertical, especially at the lower vibrations, you can experience the lymphatic movement not just from the legs but from the arm and torso's lymph channels. Having all of the valves in the body opening and closing at once is when most of the fluids can be released. 4 teaspoons, which is around 15 times the normal lymphatic movement as when resting, is what you can experience on this machine depending on the amplitudes. More amplitude means more hydraulic pump but only if you can handle the higher amplitudes. 

For those wondering how you can lose weight by moving lymph just by standing on one of these machines, it is not really obvious at first glance because it doesn't seem any way related to fitness or losing weight without burning calories by exercising. When you stand on it, the bad stuff releases out and the good fluids replace it. When the lymphatic system is working and not sluggish and full of wastes, the body can regulate weight and the metabolism can work more like it should. The body works very slow when it the lymphatic system is clogged. So, please don't over look the advantages of working out on a slow moving sonic vibration plate while your one way valves are opening and closing during your whole workout.
What to look for and expect in the different types of sonic machines:

Do you want the plate to calibrate to your weight or do you want to have to reset it in between users?

Rail type: Yes, you can hop on and off with different weights without adjusting each time
Under plate: no, you have to restart it each time you step on and off.

Maintenance & upkeep:
Lubrication (oiling the machine every few months)
Rail type: No. You don't have to oil it at all. No lubrication required. The rail type will not rust either as the newer models are plated before powder coating them. Soon, others will probably do this.

Rail type: Newer models have Line-X truck bed liners, most durable
Unde plate: These are durable but they don't have the Line-X type coats.

Type of steel (low vs high carbon)
Rail type: High carbon stainless steal. Dents can be smoothed out easier and rust free.
Under plate: Chromed or part chrome and part stainless steal. 

G Force control
Rail type: Non fixed. G force never changes even if you increase the frequency from 5 hz to 50 hz.
Under plate: Usually fixed and G force changes with increased frequency.

Starts at 3hz up to 50 max hz
(must switch between low and high range, older models)

Springs under plate, compensates for heavy people. Doesn't use more speaker power but springs. Slightly reduces vibration for heavier people

Power is fixed. If standing near the tippy edge it won't adjust and add more power.

Higher off the ground... usually about 8 to 11 inches higher off the ground.

You cannot step off and on or the machine will default and shut down. Limit

Because of this, the machine will fault and shut down if the user steps off the plate during operation. This problem severely limits use in a dynamic exercise environment where is frequent movement on and off the plate.

Under plate models have dial type power controls that change the power but don't adjust for the person's weight.

Under plate speakers give slightly more heat but enough to notice it. The amplifier under the speaker can get warm giving that same feeling you get when you put a hot laptop on your lap but on your feet instead. Great for the winter!

Great thing about the safety features is that this type has a fuse that will blow before anything gets damaged, such as straining the components near the edge of the plates. Similar to a subwoofer if you turn it up too loud a fuse in the subwoofer blows so you don't rip a speaker. Most of the models have this feature now.

Summer usage: If you want to bring your under the plate sonic type by your pool or outside in the sun, the driver, if used when hot can get even hotter and can expand and get heat fractures which can reduce performance slightly but mainly cause more noise. This is what some of my Florida customers have told me.

Bearings: We tested them and will say this: Make sure all the bearings are in place that move the plate. The best way is to just listen to the plate without any weights on it and hear it at all the speed settings up to the highest level. If it doesn't reach the highest level without any chaotic noise, then it is not a reject. There is a failure rate and if there are flaws in any products in any industry, it can still pass and go to market. Make sure you buy a new one with the full warranty. Problems usually don't happen until later as it ages. So, if it doesn't break within the warranty period, it probably will last a long time a a rule.

These type of sonic machines are what are being copied but still are not as good as the original Korean technology ones. If you are going to buy an under the plate sonic system, make sure you know its limitations. I will say that I prefer even the cheapest sonic machine over the most expensive almost all of the motorized linear machines, but unfortunately the cheapest one is out of most residential users budget and not suitable for commercial usage.

I will refer the Theravibe a this is the newest sonic technology and is the only reference as it is the newest type of technology for sonic vibration in reference to voice coil systems.

As of now, the in-rail voice coil systems measure the pressure of the plate 1000's of times a second to add or reduce wattage to the subwoofers to adjust to the persons weight or if a person is doing dynamic exercises. Before now, you couldn't jump or change users unless you turned the machine off to re-adjust.

Frequencies can reach an all time high of 80 Hz even with a 500 pounds of weight. A 200 pound person can even jump on it and the computer will within microseconds add power to the plate, similar to an airbag system in a car. Just a pound of weight added to the plate will make the computer add voltage to the speakers no longer than it takes you to add weight to the plate. It mirrors the movement of user in split seconds.

3 Hz. Low frequencies. Non momentum vibration even with 500 pounds. 2 people can stand on it as the plate is so big as long as both people weigh less than 500 pounds.

1 G force no matter how slow or fast it vibrates, even at 80 Hz.

Lighter. Can be put on the 2nd floor without disrupting the floor. Speaker is grounded lower to the floor so center of gravity is lower which doesn't require such heavy frame to ground it. The TheraVibe weighs 270 pounds. The next most powerful model weighs about 360 pounds.

Hardly any heat. High switching amplifier has a 97% efficiency rating. The switching mechanism in the amplifier they use is similar to those in high end home theater amplifiers.

Lowest center of gravity. Rests 3 1/2 inches off the round.

No lube work. So far no one has complained their machine has made any more noise than the day they bought it. It has ZERO parts that can actual wear out due to older lubrication problems.
Save your KY for other purposes.

The rail type voice coils can also be used all day in a gym consecutively because the main coil never gets hot. 

G force: The plate always gives the same g force no matter who gets on it. A 220 pound person can get off and a 140 pound person can hop on and it will adjust for their weight within a milli second of standing on it. 

New Feature: The in rail design allows someone to change the amount of G force during a preset program so you don't have to turn it back off and set it. This saves so much time during your workout. If you want to get a 10 minute workout and you have to spend 3 minutes changing it, its really like 13 minutes. The extra 3 minutes is very annoying and make the session slightly more unpleasant. It's just as annoying as trying to find weights in the gym and none of them are in the right place.

Shorting: No system freezing and cut offs
The switching type amperage supply will cover for voltage surges. It's kinda like having 20 surge protectors in it so the power source changes from one to the next so nothing ever gets overheated

You can wheel it around and can use a standard extension cord. NO NEED FOR LINE CONDITIONERS.

Over all, the in-rail type sonic machines are ideal for someone who is looking for the most expensive or the best of the best but is overkill for a residential user. If used in a gym or clinic where a technician or trainer doesn't want to have to oversee the person to make sure they don't jump off and then get back on which can screw up the machine over time, this can be a great help. Trainers hate having to reset the older types each time. Now, they are so easy. Just get on and the computer lets you have the same G force no matter what setting you have it on so there is never jarring nor any need to manually do the work. There is no need for a technician to hover over a patient anymore in fear they will damage it. On non linear ones you can't jump and certainly not do leap frogs in the air.
Latest feature for gyms.
I knew it would come to this some day and it finally did. Theravibes now have credit card readers so people can pay for sessions and store credits on the machine. People soon can book training sessions so you don't have to wait for others to get off. It will not allow any other user to use it in the time you paid for. Some gyms are charging a dollar a minute which is cheap compared to paying 18,000. High traffic 24 hour gyms are getting between 3 to 4 hours of usage on them a day. In 3 months their machines are paid for.
Take the Sonic Vibration Quiz and choose the right type for your needs.

How will the sonic vibration machine be used?
Will you be doing dynamic exercises (jumping or getting on and off?
How tall are you. Taller people usually prefer to stand near the edges
What is your weight?

Do you care about noise level?
Is EMF a concern to you?

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