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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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Vibration Machine Comparison Results
These are my results of comparing all the different vibration machine brands that I have tested personally and feedback from people I have talked to on the phone.

These are the latest 2 Spiral machines to hit the market
​Vibratrim VT500 PRO VS Vmax PULSER 2:
Note: The warrantys are same but the Pulser if shipped to the USA has to be serviced in Canada while the Vibratrim VT500, if anything goes wrong, the manufacture send a call tag and it does not have to go through customs and usually takes a few days compared to longer if has to ship to another country.

I have tested every generation of spiral vibration from the first gen 1 hp models to the latest generation 3hp models that are whisper quiet. The latestt Vmax Pulser 2 is the latest one on the market as well as the new Vibratrim VT500. Their are some knockoffs going around for cheaper. Their are some models that look exactly like the Vibratrim vt500 but do not have the new Blue 3HP motor they have. I saw one knock off on ebay. They were selling them for my cost. I bought one. It had a 2hp motor and did not have a 1000 watt motor and definatley not a 500 watt spiral motor. The spiral models, the Vibratrim and the Vmax Pulser and the latest distributor, they all come out of the same factory for all their Spiral vibration machines. The Vibratrim VT500, if they have the models with the blue motor that has 3 horsepower and 1000 watts is the strongest. They do have a cheaper version that has a 500 watt motor and 2 horsepower. The Vmax Pulser has a 500 watt motor but its a higher end one than they had in the other model. The Pulser has 11MM amplitude and the motor has to push a longer plate now unlike the Trio that only had 10mm amplitude. The G force on a 27 inch plate at 11mm is exponentially stronger than the average 21.5 inch plate such as the Hypervibe at the same speed set at 14 hertz.

Vivovibe 460 VS Hypervibe G17: The high end light commercial models.
The Hypervibe goes to 7mm at 35 hertz. It goes over twice as fast as the Pulser 2 and Vibratrim VT500. The Hypervibe is the closest to the VibraFlex or Galileo that costs almost 10,000. The Hypervibe has a belt drive while the Vivovibe has shaft drive. The hypervibe weighs 170 while the Vivovibe weights 180. The 900 watt Hypervibe and the Vivovibe are the only models in the 2999 to 3800 dollar range that almost feel identical to me as the super high end original model. The Hypervibe and Vivovibe on their highest levels feels like a the most expensive linear Hypergravity model at 80 hertz at 4mm. I have never had any problems with either of these two machines. 

The older models, VMAX TRIO VS VIBRATRIM VT400
The TRIO and VT500 were pretty much identical but the Trio has the reinforcement rods to keep the vibration of the actual machine and to keep the vibration from vibrating the floor so much. (The Pulser now is much heavier in the base and is whisper quiet compared to the older Trio. Note the new Pulser has a 500 watt spiral motor while the VT500 has a 300 watt spiral motor. All spiral models from the manufacturer that makes all the models for these 3 companies only used DC motors. See my EMF page. The Hypervibe has an AC motor but it is shielded as the EMF meter we used to test it showed it had negligible EMF. (I put stickers to block the EMF on anything AC, even my electric toothbrush and my cellphone. (I got donated several hundred EMF stickers. Anyone that would like one, just ask. I have them already in envelops to send out. My agreement was that I cannot sell these. I will give 2 stickers per person that contacts me.

Each machine has a slightly different feel but the main thing is the smoothness of the vibration. Some of them, the plates carry the vibration instead of just the movement it is intended for. So, the heavier machines, you just feel the plate vibrate back and forth or up and down and not the whole freaking machine feeling like its gonna shake apart. The cheap, lightweight machines usually require the persons weight to hold the machine down so it won't rattle all over the room. If I cant walk off the machine and it doesn't stay in one place on the floor, then I won't sell it.

The taller people usually prefer the 27 inch plates.
The more output HP, the more G force that is felt at the "pop" of the acceleration of the plate. Notice: many plates on the market can go to 14 hertz a second but is the g force spread out through out the whole acceleration or just the initial pop as it rises. The cheap ones with low power have a more push type feel. 

Prerequisite # 1
​Each machine I sell must have be able to hold the weight on their spec sheet. Their have been so many machines that I held a 75 lb weight in each hand to make my self 300 lbs and even ankle weights to make my self over 400 lbs. I wanted to see if the Vmax Pulser 2 would really keep up its g force at 440lbs. It did.
I even stood on the edge of the plate and no strain at all. I think it can go higher than 440 and I believe they can go higher but for warranty purposes they set it lower so people won't abuse them. I have never had a problem with the Trio or Vt400 since with a motor giving out or having to be replaced. 

Prerequisite # 2 Medal vs plastic
I will not sell light weight plastic machines that are so light that they vibrate so violently at high speeds and make awful noise. Most very lightweight machines are so poorly constructed you can't even see the display when the machine is on unless you hold the hand rails.

Prerequisite # 3 Noise:
If neighbors complain or I can't talk on the freaking phone without someone asking me if I am in the laundry room or in a wind tunnel. I only sell quiet and whisper quiet machines. The Hypervibe is the only one that is a little louder but its not in the same sound comparisons as the models that go up to 14 hertz.

Prerequisite #  4 White Finger (google white finger, raynauds.

The frame with the handles that vibrate because the machine is so much will cause this. It only does to the fingers for some reason. I held the rail for 10 minutes on a super shaky machine. It was actually a machine that sold for 249 that was bought on Ebay. Every finger turned as white as liquid paper. I soaked it in hot water, cold water, I walked to the emergency room which was about 3 minutes away. My hands were bright white for about 20 minutes and I was freaking out. I ran to the emergency room. I took off my globes went to the desk to show them and saying I need a doctor fast. I looked at my hands and they were perfectly normal. I took a picture on my cell phone of my hands because I didn't know if I was poisoned or what. They had no idea what I was talking about. Now I know. its called vibration white finger. Google it.
None of the machines I sell now have done this to me. This is one of the first things I do to test a new machine. The machine must be heavy enough. Machines that are over 100 lbs have not done this to me.

Prerequisite # 5 Yield strength of the belt.
For heavy people, that are close to the maximum weight rating of the machine, its usually good to get one that is 50 lbs over your weight in max weight limit. The more powerful ones will wear down the belt faster. 2hp or 3hp. This is not the same as the shaft driven ones. The Vivo 460 only has 1 Horsepower and is the most powerful of all the machines I sell (except their 660 model that is 3HP. If the belts start getting loose the belt can slip as the motor is pulling the belt. The slippage can exponentially decrease the G force.

​Other machines:
Hypergravity: These are built in California. Even the motors are wound there. I have a video of me going to the factory and filming the entire warehouse where they are built and every model they have. These are shipped in one piece and cost 350 to 450 just to ship it. They are not kits you have to assemble together. The Hypergravity is the most powerful of all linear machines I have ever seen. Go to my Hypergravity page and watch me interview the owner.

Hypervibe: The fastest belt driven light commercial machine on the market. This is nearly the same in looks as the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus but the deluxe only goes to 20 hertz. It is about midway the power of the Vmax Pulser to the Hypervibe. The Hypervibe G17 and Pulser were my 2 top selling machines.

The Vivo 460. This goes to 25 hertz and when side by side with the Hypervibe, it feels about the same but the shaft driven 460 is quieter and weigh about 70 lbs more. It also costs about 1200 dollars more. (the Hypervibe is more practical in that it has a bigger plate. The 460 model only has standing room as the plate is the same length but much shorter. If you stand too close to one side on the 460 the shaft mechanism has an auto shut off. YOu have to stand in the middle. If someone loses their balance or just puts more weight on one side than the other, it will instantly slow down. (I do have a demo of the 460 model. I also have tested the Vivo 260 demo that goes to 17 hertz.

DKN XG10 Pro: This is the one that I liked the best. It is the one found in many clinics, especially chiros that don't so much focus on lymphatic and weight loss while in the clinic. Building bone density is usually the main focus. The DKN models are built better than the average linear machine.

Powervibe: These are the most popular of all linear machines. I will say that 8 out of 10 of all the powervibes I have sold in the last 8 years have been to chiropractors or patients that have used a powervibe in the clinic. The only Powervibe models I sell are the Zen Pro series. The 5910 Touch and the new 6920 Touch are the main ones that I have sold.

Wave: out of business

Crazy fit: Buy this on Ebay. I will scream if I hear anyone mentioning the word crazy in the first sentence to me.

VibePlate: this is the linear type without the motion up and down. The motor sends a pulse to the plate under it. The pulses go though the plate while the person who usually has a bad back will appreciate this. There is no jack hammer effect. This is a linear plate but not the same as the Hypergravity or Powervibe Zen pro that the plate actually moves. The Vibe plate is stationary. About half my linear machines I sell to chiros are the Vibeplate or powervibes. The Hypergravity is great too but people freak out when I tell them the shipping is 450 bucks. The aluminum is my favorite as it weighs a fraction of the heavier steel versions they have. If a person cant handle any motion like the pivotal machines, this is the option I usually recommend.

Sonix: They used to suck but now they are all digital. They used to give off so much heat. Now the cheapest Sonix machine is better than the most expensive analog type back in the first generation they made. They now have a super high end Sonic model that even blows the Theravibe away. The Theravibe is no longer being made. There is one guy in Oregon that used to sell them and has used ones come back from time to time. This is probably the only way someone can get one of them. The Sonix 3 model is their latest one for residential. The Professional models is the latest sonix model out right now for commercial use. I strongly suggest putting EMF blockers on it. Subwoofers in general produce EMF though the sound coil.

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus:  The new Nitrofit "Plus" has the old frame of the Hypervibe Performance. What is new is it has a 13 mm amplitude and goes to 22 hertz. The older model was a more residential grade. This one pivots my hips way more than the lower amplitude models. 80% of the lymphatic vessels are in the legs. This gives me a more forceful lymph turn at the same speed as the ones that go to 10 to 11 mm amplitude. This is somewhat noisy when leaning back on your heels but I can get more out of a session so the noisy sacrifice is worth it. The machine rail does have a wobble so you have to hold the handrails in order to see the screen when it is on high. Thats pretty much the cons but over all I haven't found a machine that I like better for drainage than this. I always use it at level 1 when using it for lymph movement. At the 22 hertz speed at 13 mm amplitude it is hard to stand on it without slipping off. The real value of this machine is the G force at the lower speeds when standing on the tippy edge at 13mm amplitude.

An experienced vibration dealer should know most of the questions about the different types of vibrations out there. Spiral, linear, pivotal, elliptical, sonic.
I don't expect dealers that have not experienced almost every brand like I have but they should, in my opinion, know how linear affects certain people and how pivotal benefits certain people. If someone has a bad back or bad knees, I know what to take into consideration. I know when to recommend a sonic machine. I know when to recommend a spiral over just plain pivotal. I know when to recommend a machine with more G force like a Hypervibe or Vivovibe and when to go half speed (14 hertz) with a long 27 inch plate like a Pulser 2or VT500 Pro. Some people need the extra 11mm amplitude to get higher G force on the edge and others might benefit better from slower flushes per second. 4 teaspoons of lymph per minute can be too much. If the person is not sweating and and the toxins aren't being processed properly in the gut. Also a person can start itching every time they get on it. These people have no clue how to use their machine. 

When choosing a vibration machine, the most well rounded one that does the most of everything is the spiral type. The linear is also good but only for certain people. The Vibeplate, which has become my 2nd best selling model after the spiral type, although it doesn't go down to 5 hertz, I get people all the time saying how their swelling went down and cellulite melted away. The vibeplate is the itchiest machine I have every been on. I rarely itch on any machine but when I got on the vibeplate and turned it on high, I itched like crazy. The vibeplate is probably around 5 times the power as the spiral mode on a spiral machine.
If someone wants to buy mainly for lymph, I would only recommend one if it goes down to 5 to 6 hertz.

I have experienced almost every vibration machine, including the models that I dont have videos on my site, including  T zone, vibraslim, Noblerex, Crazy fit, Confidence, Dzt and others that I have chosen not to sell. The T zone is actually one of the
Latest Review on my 
Top 5 Whole Body Vibration Machines
What to expect from each machine.

The new Pulser 2 is now 3HP up from 2.2HP from the older model. The new model is now reinforced and is almost whisper quiet even at its highest level. The Pulser 2 is the total opposite of a Nitrofit or the high acceleration types that go over 14 hertz. The Pulser 2 has a stronger push than the older version. It does not have a "pop" feel. The 2nd motor is now 500 watts up from 300 watts. The ballistic impact on this machine is the lowest of all the machines I tested. I recommend this for people who I believe will like the "push" force over the "pop" that other machines give. When leaning back on my heals the machine stays quiet unlike the models with higher G force. The G force is "lower" on this machine but is more constant. If the just say Nitrofit Plus had the same G force and was not given at the instant of acceleration, it would feel like this. The Hypervibe G17 has a the highest G force but it is all at one instant. 5 G forces at an instant feels much different than 5 G forces over more milliseconds in the acceleration of the plate. If you want to know if the Vmax Pulser 2 is right for you I can let you know from my vibration quiz.
The Zaaz 20K: The Zaaz 20k is in a whole breed of its own. The feel is different as the tilt table is only 10mm amplitude so it has that pop that is super strong but it follows through the motion and doesn't slow down. It has basically a push and a pop. The plate is very short and is makes up for the reason that it can give the "sine wave" feel that I talked about in my video. The Zaaz 20k is the quietest machine for the amount of power it delivers. The Zaaz feels different than every other machine including the Vmax Pulser 2, Nitrofit, Hypervibe even though they all are going at the same speed. The Zaaz goes to 15 hertz. Many people want the pop feel but don't want it so hard like the models like the Nitrofit give and don't want a machine that only gives "push" like the spiral types with the 27 inch plates. The best way to explain it is to say it feels like a hybrid. The Zaaz is our best selling model for those that can't handle high ballistic impact who will be leaning on their heels.
​The customer service is the best on the Zaaz as they have people in every state where its sold. Also, Sams and Costco sell this so its convenient to try. A lot of people call me after going there as well as lots of people come to my site and end up buying from Sams. Its a win win so if they helped you out and you want to buy it locally, its up to you. Also, if you order from me I can get it delivered and set up for free if there is a local store. When I order the Zaaz 20K, they will ship it to you unless their is a rep in your area that will set it up. Please check with me to see. I only charge sales tax in California and Texas. Free shipping to all lower 48 states on the Zaaz 20K. If you want to see if the Zaaz 20k is the right machine for you, take my vibration machine quiz.