My Vibration Machine Story
  Okay, a lot of people don't know why this thing started so here's my story. I'm getting too many emails to explain this over and over again, so I'm just gonna post it for you to all read. I just figured buying a WBV machine was an easy thing and that they all worked so I could just get one that was nice looking at a good price. But it took me buying 2 of these machines to really learn between "hype" and the real deal. I didn't want people to go through the same thing as me because it was honestly a lot of headache researching and a lot of money to spend just to mess up over and over again. But my personality didn't allow me to settle and believe in lies because I know a lot of businesses that just try to make you feel good to get your money. The more research I did, it made me sick. They lie so much that I don't think they remember that they lied to begin with anymore.

Since I launched this site, I now know that ALOT of people are in the situation I was in. And I'm even getting emails about people finding out they were ripped off too. Thanks for not ranting to me too much since I understand you already. It really upsets me that businesses just hype. I'm not a fool, but they made me feel like one with their marketing pitches of hope and great technology. So I ended up feeling like one, but I didn't want to stay feeling like that, so I made sure that I found my own way to really get to the bottom of this thing. By the end of my search, I found what I was looking for and I stand by it because I'm convinced that I have the real thing. How do I know? 

My first model was supposed to be "great" and I got it for a "great" price. But I wasn't really getting a good workout and I couldn't keep thinking to myself, did they b.s. me? I wasn't feeling it. This is before I really knew WBV so I was sold on the concept. I think this is where most people get caught the first time. I started to do research and found this company that was supposed to be the "best". They assured me that they were all that and everything, they kept emailing me to prove things without me asking, "marketing pitches". And eventually, I fell for it because that is what I believed at the time. So I get this machine and started using it to learn that it was just a little better. My workout was a little better but I sweated on it the same as my other two. If it's the best, isn't it supposed to make me feel really good? Ahhh!!!!! So I started feeling bad for myself because I thought that was it, no hope. So I just sat and did more and more research. I started looking for the common claims and tried to tie it together. This was the hardest part. There are millions of websites out there!  

I just started typing in more words into Google and started saving all the pages of companies. As I was doing this I saw that I started seeing similarities, so I grouped them together and opened all the pages to click and compare. SO MANY BRANDS HAVE THE SAME MACHINE! THEY ALL CLAIM! So I started looking for where they were actually getting them, because most companies said that they were the manufacturer. I found information it's not even funny.I had so much information that I didn't want to waste it since I thought there were no real ones out there. All hocus pocus. So I was about to do a site called something like "Don't Buy Vibration Plate Machines".

I got good at Googling WBV after a month, so I was looking for more things. I found a company that was different than all the others. So I read their site and called them too. They didn't give me pitches, they didn't email me more than I asked. So I thought maybe they were legit. So I had to give it a shot because I was so deep into it. When I got m WBV machine, my third and final one, I felt TOTALLY different than all the other machines I tried including the 2 I bought before that! I get a much better workout on the cellular level TOO! It just felt really really good. So I was convinced that I got the best one now. 

So I believe in vibration plate machines, but I just know that a lot of them aren't what they say they are. I know this because I owned 3 and tried so many others. The first one is so common out there that so many brands use it as their "product". I got it cheap though, that's for sure. My second one did have a brand name, and they did have an old company, but they still didn't have the real deal. So when people email me, I just guide them to what they think they need. I don't push a particular model, but if you want to save time and headaches. I just think their is one really good one out there, that's all. From what I see, it is.
My Recommendation & Final Thoughts
You might be wondering why I am telling you all of this. Do I care which vibration plate machine you buy? Will I even know which one you buy? No and I really don't care which machine you buy. Okay, I do care since I'm into this stuff. But my purpose is to let everyone that reads my site to know what I have found so you can say that I warned you if you buy the wrong machine. It is up to you to make an educated decision when buying a WBV machine and not just going by the word of a salesperson. I have provided the information that I have researched from experience and testing out different machines.

I hope that my site helps provide some sort of education when trying to make a decision on which model to buy to aid in improving your health. It is hard to pick out a brand and even their model when everyone is telling you that they have the best and trash talking other brands. Their are a lot of options but it all boils down to picking a vibrational technology you think is worth your money.

The types of styles differ depending on what the origin of the machine is. No matter if you buy a private label or from a big name company, you choose. But always know that some American models are actually made in China or other countries. Or most most claimed that they are made with Japanese Technology are really not from Japan, whether subconsciously or not, a Chinese model, a Japanese model, an American model, or whatever style the countries technology offers. There is only a few USA made WBV machines that I know of that are on the market right now.

There are original technologies and copied technologies USING other technologies but not identically copied due to patents.

I have rated the brands that I have approved of. I have chosen the top models. It was hard picking the best one in each category. I first go by the machines power design. I find out how much power they have, peak and constant power. I find out what type of vibrational movements the machines give. I consider the EMF too, and the overall feeling of the vibration. I do tests such as the tofu test and I rate the frames by the grade of the materials used in them. I am not concerned with looks of the machines as that can be deceiving. I only want to make sure the frame is good and won't warp prematurely.

I make sure the models I approve of are authentic and from the original manufacturers. I do not want to be blamed if someone buys a machine and it is a fake. There are a few assembly companies that are fine.

On my website, I never tell everyone which model that I have. I made people do their own research and find it based on clues and tips that I gave. As I said in my last website, I am not hear to be anyone's therapist or babysit someone through the entire buying process or make decisions for them. I am not working for any manufacturer nor do I get paid to say one is good over the other. I help people pick out the best one for their needs and I have the best prices.
Like I said, I will continue to advertise these websites as long as I can afford to. I am not going anywhere. I will continue to let people know which models are not fake and make sure no one gets scammed like I did.

I don't have any better connections that the next dealer. I just know who has been honest through the testing that I have done. I am still cautious and have a watch on even the companies that I think I can trust. I trust nobody but my research. I don't even trust my own judgment. Proof and research is what I go by. My obsessive compulsive disorder is probably the only thing keeping me going.

If you want to know which whole body vibration machine I would recommend, please take my quiz. Let me know if you hear any shady companies saying that I recommend the same model to everyone. If I hear it or can prove it I will add a strike against them on my Blackball list that I am publishing.

The WBV machine I own
Everyone on here is asking me which 2 brands/models I bought the first time that I had to sell on Craigslist. I am not using this website as a sales gimmick to get people to buy the 3rd one bought or to market for the 3rd company.

This is a hobby of mine as well as a business of mine. I don't mention brand reviews on my site. If I put brands up and rated them 5 stars to make them stand out... everyone is going to think I am endorsing companies. I made my site based on personal experience with what I liked and didn't like. I do not want anyone to go through what I went through. That was how it started. No one should have to buy 3 machines in order to get the right one. I am here to let people know what to look out for and the scams.

The first one I bought was one that was over $5,500 and I got it at a really really good price. I was sold on a price point. I learned soon about inflated price scams. I thought the most expensive was the best. Then I found out what dealers paid and how marked up they were. The 2nd one I bought was bought on something that has to do with proprietary technology (If I named it I would give it away). I bought one that had the highest horsepower based on their claims. When I got it, I realized that this one felt almost like the first one I bought. There was not that much of a difference.

The last and final one I bought really showed me how different real WBV was and how it would make me feel. I based my third try off what I previously learned and what I though the company was really representing. Now I'm glad all this happened because I personally know the differences in quaility, and let me tell you, it was worth it for me. Mine has patented engineering also. I'm convinced that this is the company that all the other companies are copying infromation from.  

Also, at first, I preferred made in the US everything before, that is one of the reasons I bought my 2nd one based on that.
The disappointing thing is that the US doesn't have real technology for WBV, or at least at the time I bought mine.

I also don't want everyone to think this is a charity website. Sometimes I have to take my number down from my website when I don't have time to answer calls. I prefer to do this mostly by email but don't mind talking to customers if they are seriously looking for a machine and not just trying to tickle their mind. I do put my number up periodically when I have the time to talk to people about these machines. I had no idea that this many people would be calling me for advice and not to buy. I enjoy showing people proof that their choices are a fake, but I will not trash talk any company. Many people ask me if one is a bad one. You will never hear me say another brand is bad. It is important for people to have proof that their choice is a real one. Proof supports everything!! I cannot stand when companies say they have commercial or medical grade components. People are so dumb that they think anything medical grade is good. "A USA medical grade appliance"... another silly example. Put that near next to the ones that don't and you tell me what the difference you feel!

It is my duty to let people know what I learned. I get emails all the time about people buying fake models that don't work for them and its just not fair. I made this site so people can have the engineering facts before buying and not just the information they rely on from salespeople. There has to be a person that has no motive to sell these machines to give a review, and I haven't found any yet. I research based on components and engineering and not just what I have learned from what the manufacturers say. If I had read a website like this one I would not have bought the first 2 models. I am writing information that I have researched so that will give people tougher questions to ask the manufacturers. Many companies are asking me to take down information on my site. Why would they care if it if they weren't selling imitations. I guess they will have to come up with new stories to sell their brands.

I am continuing my research as I hear about new models coming out. I have researched most of the major brands advertised on Google or on the top pages. If you have a model you want to know if it is a real or fake one, take my quiz. The first 2 companies messed with the wrong person. I thank the people for submitting fake information they find out so I can research it and post it on my site. I will keep this site up as long as I can.

Please take my quiz if you want me to help you pick out a model based on what you fill out. Depending on your answers, I might pick out a teeter totter or maybe a linear model. I might even recommend a sonic model. If you didn't really read my site and choose confusing answers, you might get an answer you don't want. So, please read my site before taking my quiz. If you need to ask me something about my site you can call me at 1-866-945-9072. I will not say bad things about other brands. I am only here to talk about the brands that I think are good and can help. I politely ask you to not ask me what I don't like about certain brands.

This page will tell you how I got started and why I am researching wbv machines to find which ones work and which don't.
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