A higher amplitude model s balanced only if the ballistic impact ratio is reduced. Different motors create different amplitude patterns. Some are more "rolling" at the bottom of the deceleration and some are more jolting and sudden vibration. Know this before you buy!

In general, we try to optimally rid 7/8ths of the ballistic impact. People are buying shoes with Air, with gels,
with shock absorbers, all in an effort to absorb this ballistic impact. Running shoes remove the most ballistic
impact. (Either get a machine that reduces this impact or buy the best impact absorbent shoes you can afford.
It's sad but the most expensive machines are the ones that have the lowest ballistic impact. A machine can lift
someone the same amplitude with more or less jarring ballistic impact. I definitely would get my bone density
checked before if I knew I had a problem with my back or bones. Yes, the stories are true that those that try
to tell you to stay away from a competitors machine. It's true for those that have that problem. They are not
lying but don't just take an extreme example as a once size fits all.
The Law of Diminishing Returns:
There is a sacrifice that people need to be aware of and I revised this so you don't have to read a huge page to get my point. No one was reading it because it was so long and in detail.

Here goes:
If you are buying a top of the line machine, this really doesn't apply as much as they are overpowered for the average user. If you buy a motorized model, when you add extra weight, the amplitude will always stay the same as it is fixed but the frequency will change. If you buy a sonic model, the frequency will stay the same (weight has no control over how many times the speaker pulses), but the amplitude will change depending on the weight.

If you need a fixed amplitude or a fixed frequency, keep this in mind. If you are going for lymphatic movement, you might want to keep a fixed 2 to 3 hz per second no matter how much weight you are putting onto the plate.

If you are going for a brutal workout, and you want to keep the amplitude up high, you might not want a machine that keeps changing amplitude depending on what you are doing in your workout.

I urge you to take my quiz so you don't run into the problems you might not be aware of after your purchase. I get very few returns on the machines I sell because I am thorough in my decisions. I am available at 1-866-945-7092 if you would like to call me.
Having vibration that is too fast might not give the one way valves enough time to squeeze to pump the lymph just as a machine that does not have enough amplitude might not create enough force to give a full lymphatic flush. Get the right machine that you can customize the amplitude setting and frequency setting to find the balance to get you the pump. You KNOW if you got that flush or not after your workout without questioning yourself.

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13 mm amplitude is the highest I have seen. I do not recommend using a vibration machine with 13mm unless its on a hard floor, no carpet. This is the Nitrofit Deluxe model.


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