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I have called each type of manufacturer that makes pivotal and the others that only sell linear. Although I have both types available, I had to sort through claims as each contradict each other. If one company says the others' doesn't work and that company says the other company doesn't work... then wouldn't it make sense that they all don't work? One company says this one will hurt your back like a jack hammer. Many are using extreme examples on the bell shaped curve as far as you can get and use those to influence you. It is not fair to the consumer when they hear far fetched complaints one one end and on the other side, far fetched positive claims like a long long time ago, in a far away galaxy wbv machines helped someone one time on the moon. Get real. These have been around long enough, 2 years for me, to know which ones work and which end up on Craigslist or in some garage sale.

Here is what they say that don't want you to buy an oscillating or pivotal machine:
Oscillating Training Plate Warning ! ! !
The "Oscillating" machine or any tilting plates stimulate the movement of the hips by tilting around an axle. The person who stands on the machine tries to keep the head and body steady and upright. The muscles in the oscillating movements do not react as they do in an Whole Body Vibration Linear machine.
The oscillatory movements on the pivotal platform, are putting excessive forces on the lower spine and the joins of the hips, as you can see by the attached pictures. Thus, might cause a damage or a crack to the lower vertebras and /or to the hip bone. Specially among women who suffer from bone density loss "Osteoporosis" and did not know about it ( do to lack of testing)
Many studies show that Linear "Whole Body Vibration" (WBV) Training and Therapy, at the right dose can lead to a faster growth and recovery of all tissues.
 Lineal Machines, Best NASA choice,

The whole body vibration theory was originated from the concept of human body movement under Earth's gravity.
Any other plate movements are not efficient and not recommended.

The movement of individual organs in the human body is always influenced by Earth's gravity. The Earth's gravity works in vertical (linear) directions. Therefore, it is natural and more effective for the human body to exercise in a vertical direction. Running vertically causes all the body organs such as the muscles, the brain, chest, abdomen, body cells, tissues and muscles to contract and relax repeatedly. Also, all our body joints were designed to be align.
Vertical movement stimulates the growth plates, improves blood vessel circulation, activates the lymphatic system and helps eliminate cellulite. Vertical movements also cause the muscle fibers to contract and relax repeatedly, which enhances muscular strength.
Horizontal Vibration are not Popular
Used mostly for lying on your back, this movement works from the feet and creates a natural rhythmic movement through the body. The advantage is that the units are small and they can be used by people unable to step out of bed. These are the least popular type of vibration machine and are mainly used for people with extreme health conditions.
Body results, are almost none.
Here is some education for you on the different types of Vibration and what they do to the body and who it is good for.
VERTICAL Vibration (aka Tri-Planar, Vertical Uniform, Straight)

How does the platform move? The platform moves straight up and down. Vertical vibration
units tend to have platform motion with lower amplitude (about 2 to 4 mm) and often achieve
comfortable frequencies (between 20 & 50 Hz).

What happens inside the body? The vibration stimulus travels straight up through the body. The user’s whole bodyweight is being mobilized; lymphatic fluids are being circulated well.

Who is this best for? This is typically the best type of vibration for stronger and more active users. It is excellent for accelerated fitness training along with building and toning muscle.


(aka Triangular Oscillating, Vertical Alternate Vibration, Pivotal, Toggle)

How does the platform move? The motor drives a toggle mechanism that elevates one side of the platform, then the other side, sometimes described as a teeter-totter motion. Comparatively, Oscillating units have higher amplitude (up to 10 mm or 1 cm) and lower frequency (5 to 35 Hz).

What happens inside the body? Slow motion filming of the thigh, hip and abdominal areas show the incredible wave motion of subcutaneous fat, lending credence to the weight-loss/trimming ability of this modality. It contributes greatly to mobilization and activates the core muscles. Also can be great for increasing the metabolism and burning calories which aids in weight loss!

Who is this best for? It's can be great for patients who suffer from lack of mobility in the lumbar and sacroiliac areas, core muscle weakness or generally have not exercised or been mobile for quite some time. It is the perfect type of vibration for the baby boomer and not-so athletic user who is interested in getting started and wants to feel better quickly.

ELLIPTICAL Vibration (aka Low-Intensity Vertical, 3-Dimensional)

How does the platform move? In these units, the motion is created by a vertically placed motor that has uneven centrifugal plates attached to it. This produces an elliptical motion of the platform which is the mildest form of vibration out of the three types. Elliptical vibration compares to be a low intensity form of Vertical vibration. Comparatively, Elliptical units have lower amplitude (2 to 4 mm) and often function at higher frequency (20 to 50 Hz).

What happens inside the body? This is the most benign form of vibration that lends itself likely to be the best modality to stimulate the proprioceptive system. This is our innate balance system, which helps our body to orient itself in the 3 dimensional world. It stabilizes the body and gives us our sense of equilibrium.

Who is this best for? Elliptical Vibration can be great for elderly users with balance issues and circulation problems and those who just want to increase their daily activities. Many of these users have been sedentary for a number of years and are not comfortable with the intensity of vertical or oscillating units. This is also the preferred type of unit for stroke patients or other central nervous system (CNS) issues. It is the perfect type.

Take the WBV QUIZ to decide which type is best for you. I can also be reached at 1-866-945-9072. Because I offer both types, I will help you pick out a machine that is best for you. I have demos and return models from people who bought the wrong type of machine either from me or from another dealer. If you need a reduced price on a model that still has a warranty that is usually less than a month old, let me know when you call me.

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