Euro Body Shaper is probably the most popular model at home and garden shows and health expos. They were the first ones that I saw go and actually show people how to use these machines. They carry low priced machines all the way up to the super pricy models. They are always around if there is a problem with any of their machines.
If you are interested in getting a Euro Body Shaper machine, please call me at 1-866-945-9072 or contact me here. I will help those who will help me with feedback with any of their models. 
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The newer models coming out have two motors that can be used at the same time. Many people can get by with one motor just fine. The 2nd spiral motor is what I use before I start my session. If you have questions on if 1 motor or 2 motors is better for you, let me know. Not everyone needs two motors. It really depends on if you need it. Many people have blockages and need to warm the body up first. The body, as a rule, works more efficiently when the core temperature is raised a degree higher. Also for those that go in infrared saunas, many people use it before and many people use it afterwards. I can tell you why you want to use it before and not afterwards. Most people think using it afterwards is better but if you study lymphatic drainage you can understand.
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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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2380 Euro Body Shaper
​The 2380 model is their mid powered model. It is the one that most people try at the fairs. This is their most affordable one with enough power for most people that are not too heavy. If leaning on your heels which is where extra power comes in, I would recommend their Pro Plus 2 model. The Pro Plus 2 model has much more power and for those that are going to be leaning back on the heals is when I would choose this one. If anyone studies about these machines, rarely people get the results then want when not leaning back on their heels. But for working out and doing different types of exercises, staying more on your toes works the muscles more. When standing on the heels its no so comfortable at first. The lymphatic system is hard to stimulate unless their is enough force to open up the one way valves and allow enough time to allow lymph to flow.

When standing on my heels, I only do it at 5 hertz.

Euro Body Shaper - Euro Power Board
​This model is way more powerful than it looks. When I first saw it I thought it was going to feel like one of these 200 dollar plates without a handle on Ebay. This is powerful enough to hold heavy people and does not bog down when leaning back on your heels. I would recommend having a chair or something to hold on to if leaning back on your heels as their are no rails to hold on to. It is also quiet compared to most with this much power. The portable ones are becoming more popular. Hypervibe now even has a portable one without a rail. Below is a video I made of me doing a review with one of these without the rails for the first time. I am now reviewing all portable models from the manufacturers that are making non rail types. If you are considering one of these types and want to compare them, I have reviewed them all. I have reviewed the Vmax Q5 which has 2 motors, the Hypervibe G10 which has the highest amplitude, the one below and the Power Board. All are good but different. Some people have bad backs and can't handle much jarring while others don't have back problems and want more displacement and want to move more lymph. Some people want it more for circulation and want a 2nd motor and are not concerned with bone density or lymph drainage. If not exercising on it, there is really no need for it to go to high speeds. Take my vibration quiz and let me know anything that will help me choose the right machine.

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