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Frames are a big part of the machine. It is not just for looks or how long it will last or any formaldehyde smells that come from brands that have certain plastics, it is about the feel of the machine. some machines vibrate the entire machine and don't deliver the vibration more to the plate. Some are too powerful for the floor and might even require a dampening mat. Some might end up on the other corner of the room because it is on a slippery floor and the vibration is messed up that causes the whole machine to move. This can happen over time when things get too off center. If you live in an apartment, a better frame can help lessen the noise. The last thing you want is to have it on the 2nd floor and screw up the roof. I have heard stories of light bulbs on the first floor ceiling fall off and ceiling fans falling off. The ceiling structure can become fatigued and screw up the value of your house too.
If you are really heavy, you need a frame that will not warp, especially if you are adding weights to your workout. A good frame will also make the machine feel more stable and rooted to the ground. You want the plate to vibrate, not the whole machine. Usually, the more expensive or mostly steel machine do this. Different types of steel and alloys play a big part too. You probably don't want plastic nor do you probably want a plate made of tin either. Tin is much cheaper to make than stainless steel.

Also, take into consideration the gauge of steel, not just if it is steel or not.

Some of the models are hand welded and others are made by a mass producing welding machine.
​A high quality frame won't crack or welds won't come apart. The last think you want is the frame warps and you have to put some duck tape under one of the legs to avoid something similar to a table that wobbles.

Over time, plastic frames can and eventually crack and dry out. ABS plastic is the best if you are going to get plastic.

If the frame is painted, make sure its the type that is used on tennis rackets and other things unlike spray painting and then baking it. Baking it under dry heat lamps will cause it to last for a while until moisture where you live comes in and then the paint can chip away. But, no one notices this at first during the 1 year warranty period. Of course not. Good pain is embedded into the steel. You can take a knife and scrape it to see the difference. One will start to chip and the other kinda makes an engraving.

If you take my quiz I will help you pick out a model that is best for you. If you have any chemical sensitivities please let me know so I know to recommend a metal or plastic frame. If you live on the 2nd floor in apartments this can weed out many models. Take my quiz here. You may call me at 1-866-945-9072 if you have questions about whole body vibration.
Having a good frame is just as important as buying a good, heavy gauge or thin gauge plate, depending on the vibration type. Having a good frame will allow the plate to vibrate end release energy instead of releasing it to the frame causing the frame to vibrate. A good grounded machine has both a plate and frame that can support the power of the machine. I have seen it when the whole machine moves to the other side of the room on a long extension cord.
I have been very cautious of frames having motors with 500 or 1000 watt motors in them that have plastic frames. Steel frames usually have 500 watt motors for a reason. The frames can handle the stress. A light weight plastic frame will have a hard time supporting a motor that is 500 watts and usually will have a smaller plate so their will be less G force and stress to the frame structure. No manufacture wants to get warranty repairs to the frame. I have never seen a 27 inch plate with less than 500 watts and a plastic frame. If you see a plastic frame that has 500 watts, you might want to make sure it has a real warranty and a brand name and not just some "made up brand" on the website and when you get it, the machine just has a model number. These can be cheap imports from China. It will probably cost you more to ship the machine back and forth than the cost of the machine. Be cautious. A plastic frame cannot physically handle the stress of a powerful motor, especially if the machine is less than 100 pounds.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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Fiberglass frames VS ABS plastic frames:
Cast iron or steel can rust so a lot of companies put plastic over the metal housing to protect it from oxidizing and rusting. Fiberglass rarely cracks down the road. Plastic models sometimes do. Fiberglass frames are much more expensive also. If the plastic rail holding the control panel breaks that is not supported by steel, manufacturers usually won't replace it. If looking for something affordable, I alway look for part steel part plastic. Most models that are 100% plastic without any steel structure usually costs under 1,000 dollars and most are just the platforms without the rails or they only have 90 day to 1 year warranties which should be a sign that it won't last long.
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