Picking Out The Right Frequency
Oscillating Frequency Scams:
Notice how some models say that their plate can vibrate from 1 to 50 hz. And then you notice some start out at 5 hertz and others 6 hertz and most of them 10 hertz. Before buying one and thinking it can really vibrate at 1 hertz per second, this is bare motor speed. I don't think it is fair to the consumer when companies pop out of nowhere that go out of business right after they sell their batch of 200 machines don't let you know the motor speed with actual people on them. If someone is 200 pounds and another person is 120 pounds, if you set it at 6 hertz, they won't move at 6 hertz with both of the people unless its a quality motor that won't slow down with more weight. Most people get confused and those that want to buy a machine for therapeutic reasons look for the low frequency number and can get scammed by confusing the frequency rating of the machine with actual frequencies and not just bare motor speed.

By listening to voice changes between machines ALL SET AT THE SAME FREQUENCY, going from one machine to another will show if you set at machine at 6 hz, 10 hz, 20 hz etc will all vibrate the same as long as you are standing at the same distance on each plate (we measure with a ruler). We will also show how holding on to the bar absorbs g force and changes the voice also. We will also show how standing at different parts on the plate change the G force which changes the voice too.

Note to people buying for Lymphatic Reasons:
At 5hz per second most people can keep their legs locked with the jarring that higher speeds make it hard to lock your knees. When the knees are locked, the G forces travel to the spine and don't absorb in the upper legs. Many people who struggle with lymphatic issues, especially those that have swelling in arms and neck and chin, will not want the G force to stop before it travels up the spine. Rarely do you see a boxer that is swollen because their everyday training includes jumping rope. Rarely do you see those that hike on trails have inflammation as they get the G force by running on uneven ground. Machines that go down to 5 or 6 hertz can do for many people what would normally take hours to do. If you are using the machine for lymphatic purposes, you might want to focus on the low hertz and the plate size to make sure you are getting enough G forces. A 5 hertz machine with a shorter plate will have lower "work ratios" and give less G force. It can get really confusing and you can buy the wrong machine if you don't know what you are doing.

Can you touch your toes? TIGHT MUSCLES?
High speed vibration (25 hz and up) at high amplitudes (25 to 27 inch plates) is good BUT can be a gimmick if you just use it for increased blood circulation only. Many people buy these cheap ones and it starts at such a high vibration that they feel the need to use it everyday and tell all their friends on how they feel better after using it. Only the next day they feel the need to do it again because their legs are so stiff. If you don't diffuse the poisons that are in the blood by slow vibration first, all you are doing is recycling trapped blood proteins. In order to get the long lasting results that many people get with the low vibration before they do the high speed vibration, you can't just go on the machine every time your muscles feel tight and think just because it makes you feel good that your are helping yourself. Many of the people that say these cheap ones helped them have told me that when they don't use it they get their tightness back. 

It is hard for a body to be hydrophillic and have positional tolerance if the body is water mal-absorbent. I suggest not using these machines as a crutch and not wasting your time on one that doesn't have sufficient G forces at the lower speeds. Many people settle on their low grade vibration machine just because it gives them temporarily relief. It is very sad. Most of the people that are buying the ones that give nowhere near the G force of a sufficient one, they are happy with it. Why? Because their model is the only one they have used. It's kinda like having the Iphone 4s and going back to the original Iphone. Even though you loved the original one, you can't go back once you have a better one. 

I will say that those that have used vibration machines in their chiropractor's office, when they buy a cheap machine they almost always return it. They get used to a commercial model. Those that first see them at the country state fair who buy those models, always love the machine and tell almost every friend of theirs. Not to sound rude but there are two types of people that buy these machines. When people call me, there is nothing I can usually do to convince the people that try the cheap machine first that another one will be better. They just think that their cheap one is fairly priced. The other people, who have been using them at their chiropractor's office, will return a low powered, low G force machine in a heartbeat, so that is why I don't even bother selling them even if they are looking for something cheap. I do not like getting returns although I always have a wait list of people that are eager to get discounts on my returns. I rarely get a return on a model that I recommend and if someone wants a model that I don't recommend, this is pretty much the only time I get returns. I will not charge a restocking fee on any item that I recommend to someone.

What you miss out on with oscillating models that start over 10 hertz. 
At 5 hertz or less:
There is a natural rhythm movement that has to be met to flush the lymphatic fluid to the thoracic duct in the abdomen. At 5 hertz a second, or 300 times a minute, this creates a natural cycle to create the negative pressure. At over 5hz, their is just vibration and the flaps don't open long enough to flush lymph fluid before they close again. Faster vibration is too great to create a hydraulic pump in the lymphatic system. By locking the legs which is easier at the lower hertz, the G force can travel up the spine. The cervical lymph nodes, in the neck, can only get activated if the G force if the G force can travel that far. The lymph nodes in the arms and chest can get flushed in the same manner. Most machines that vibrate at high speeds where you have to bend your knees to avoid knee pain and jarring, often stop the lymphatic flow at the popliteal nodes, which are behind the knee.

Question: Why do people who use the cheap ones with low G force or those that vibrate at high speeds able to move lymph?
Answer: Without using G from gravity, the milking motion of contracting the muscles squeezes the lymph vessels which pushes lymph as well as breathing heavier when exercising, which changes the pressure in the thorax which squeezes the lymph vessels in the chest. If you combine the muscle contractions with slow rhythmic G forces from the plate, lymph flow can be at its greatest.

Why do I have more energy after vibrating at higher hertz but not so much at lower hertz?
At higher hertz, vasodilation occurs, improved blood flow, which contributes to improved energy (more oxygen and nutrition) reaches the cells. I strongly believe that people who are toxic will not get as much energy as active, healthy people as they first need to clean their body first with proper lymph drainage. By proper, I mean detoxing enough and not too much as to bring the body in a healing crisis. Taking a good probiotic and proper mineralization will make it so the improved circulation is not just recycling trapped blood proteins and wastes back to the cells. Most people just don't get it until they understand this. Most people have no idea and just hop on the plate thinking its gonna give them energy. The people that do it right get results, the others, who don't know what the heck they are doing because they don't know who to ask, usually go about the whole process the wrong way.

Why 5 hz a second?
There is a natural rhythm of the lymphatic system when negative pressure causes the one way valves to flap open and flap close. At 5 to 6 hertz, the rhythm of the valves can open and close freely AS LONG AS THEIR IS AMPLE G FORCE to actually create the negative pressure pump (hydraulic pump) open the valves. The reason why anything over 6 hertz makes it harder for the valves to flush lymph is because there has to be enough elapsed time to allow the fluid being pumped to move, otherwise if a machine is vibrating too fast, it just shakes them too fast without creating the hydraulic pump. If the plate goes to slow and does not have enough G force then the valves won't open or close. 2.8 G forces, which is similar to the force we would get if we were walking on uneven ground, is the G force that is needed to move the lymph. Anything over that can serve other purposes, but for lymphatic flushing, the lower hertz in the range of 2.8 G forces is sufficient.

At 5 hertz per second, many people lock their legs so more F forces can travel up the spine. When the legs are stiff, the vibration doesn't dissipate in the leg muscles and can travel up the whole body.

If you using a vibration plate for lymphatic purposes you don't have to have a spiral type. I will say that it does give a boost to circulation but is not mandatory. The more important thing is to get a machine that has the lower hertz. Almost all the machines on the market can go up to high speeds and help improve circulation. If lymphatic movement is not the primary reason you want to use a vibration machine, there is a wider range of machines to choose from.

Expressed in units of Hertz (Hz), this is the speed at which the plate vibrates. 1Hz = 1 vibration per second.
Most vibration platforms fall in the range of 20Hz - 60Hz. Sonic machines are the exception, with frequency ranges as low as 2Hz with some going up to more than 100Hz.

Frequency range is important because different types of tissues resonate at different frequencies. Typically, the greater the range, the more versatile the device. Special priority should be given to the lower frequency that is most useful for stimulating lymph flow and hence supporting many vital processes in the body. Frequency above 100Hz has little effect because most of the vibration is absorbed by the soft tissue of the feet and the cartridge of the ankle and knee.

Bottom line: Larger frequency range is better, especially in the range of 3Hz to 10hz. This will usually mean a big jump in price to get to these lower levels as momentum doesn't take over power.

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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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Video: Many people are confused on what spiral vibration frequencies are. It is not linear. It is not pivotal either. It is spiral, circular. If you Google what happens when you put a right spin on the body (the directional spin of the cells as opposed to a left spin), the new spiral machines work with 2 motors giving a right spin to the body at the same time the plate teeter totters. These spiral machines put a serious right spin on the cell. Almost 99% of the sick people that call into my site have a left spin to their body which I can take a tool and the people that have left spins feel a huge tingling sensation when you put back the right spin on the blood.
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