These are the heaviest, strongest WBV machines I have found. They are known for very high amplitude vibration. Their machines have two amplitude settings. This one is also featured on approved by, the leading website in building bone density. They are located in California and anyone is welcome to go to factory where they build them. You can try all their machines and a few of the competitor's models if you are nearby.

The company is near Los Angeles. Everything is welded and built there.

All the HyperGravity machines can handle weights at 200 lbs or more without the "pop".
(Turbosonic and Wave models do not have this pop either)

This brand has the largest plates in the industry, 36inch diameter and their biggest weighs
around 625 lbs. Their most expensive model, around 17,000 dollars (wholesale price) can lift a 600 lb person and has a 7 amp motor (two dual 3.5 amp motors)... their cheapest one has 3 amps.

The Gym-O-Vibe can hit 6 g forces and takes them about 3 weeks to make unlike most of the smaller ones that take about 3 days to build from scratch. Each of their machines has that rooted feel and not shaky. Their base model wholesales at 3800. You will not get a hypergravity under 3800 no matter where you buy from because only the company sells it and they have no dealers.... they don't allow dealers. Many dealers do not like them because they wholesale to the public.

The best thing about them is that I like is that they are made in the USA. Even the motors are molded and configured in the USA and not imported from China or Taiwan.

Their view on the teeter totters is that they don't really lift you but tilt you while you try to stand up right. As this tilts the hips, this can put force onto the lower spine that connects the hip joints. If a person has bad bones it might be too much for them. Men usually don't complain about this though.

The theory behind this is that our body's movement came from the body being under Gravity. Natural force is up and down and any other force is not healing but this is just a theory, which can be twisted and turned around depending on who you ask. But, one thing is for sure, nature is always right. The joints in the body were designed to be moved in alignment... not shaken from side to side but, such as running, where the muscles contract and stop contracting repeatedly in a natural sequence.

The one way valves in our cells can eliminate toxins and lymph by squeezing them but not shaking them in every direction... they have to be compressed with gravity... just like an animals runs on uneven trails with compressing each cell as they go on different amplitudes on uneven ground.

If you want to know how muscle grows while using this type of z axis movement.... muscles grow when force is applied when the muscles contract.... the G forces applied to the muscles mimics not lifting weights but natural g force in nature. Look at the "shrink to fit skin on a deer.. they don't lift weights but use gravity.

Most WBV machines top off at 50 hz. At the 50 to 60 hz range, the American made motors with 6 G forces will make your legs feel as if you had just done a cross country the day before. If this is how you want to feel and you want to maximize your workout at the breaking levels and push yourself to the limit....this is the one that will do it. Do a your normal squat routine at 50 hz... if you think that is hard... you have a surprise coming if you think you can do it at 60hz.
Working out on a Gym-O-Vibe maximum capacity at 60 hz.... at 6 G forces, at 6 mm amplitudes is probably the hardest exercise to do.a is their site. (If you can afford their 6G Gym-O-Vibe... BUY ME ONE... seriously... you will have great Karma if you do!

Everyone has been waiting for their linear models to hit below $3,000.
NO illumination
Much less steel
No automatic controls
Less welding/handwork
Not electronical like the $3850 model
No automatic programs
Has a 1 or 2 or 3 minute timer (push button timer)
Others have timers by the second
YES, the platform is as big as the $3850 model.
It will support users up to 300 lbs.
The horsepower is the same as the $3850 model.
NO side straps $35 value
No cushion $95 value
No wheels (you can add them for $35
No remote control.
No safety key for authorized people.
It's like buying a car with no options.
This has the same motor that the FIT-N-FLEX
has but with zero bells and whistles.
Call me for prices.
These are built in California and the more I order at one time the cheaper I can get them.
I usually wait till I get 3 orders at once so I can get my best price.
If I have one built for me it is more costly to make although the materials are the same.
Labor is expensive so I can get it down when I sell more. I will call the manufacturer to see how many
they are doing on their next batch and if my orders will give me any price break.
Contact me if you want to help me get my price lower and I will help you with the discount
I get if my volume helps me get a better price.

Question 1

What is the Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex Platform

The Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex platform is an amazing exercise and therapy device that allows the exerciser to get hours worth of exercise in approx. 10 to 15 minutes with no effort. This vibration therapy provides the first effective way to excite the human cells and transfer vibration energy into to the tissues of the human body. The body cannot help but resist these vibrational inputs.¨Therefore the body is toning, strengthening and increases bone density, improving muscle strength, ligaments strength, tendons strength and flexibility. There is an increase in blood circulation and increase in metabolism.

Question 2:

Where are the Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex manufactured?

The Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex platform is manufactured in Chatsworth, California, and is the only American Made Whole Body Vibration machine.

Question 3

Is Whole Body Vibration Training and therapy something new?

No. Vibration training is backed by over 40 years of research. The technology utilizes a frequency range that has been proven to be both safe and effective. The technology was originally designed to treat bone and lean muscle mass loss in cosmonauts who had spent considerable time in a weightless environment, in addition to enhancing power and strength and accelerating recovery in Russian Olympic athletes. Eventually, the technology was introduced to Europe in the early 1990s, where further research was done to validate its effects. Due to its many benefits, the technology has quickly gained acceptance and is now utilized by universities, professional sports teams, and health professionals in the rehabilitation and medical fields.¨Vibration training has 40 years of research behind its science. With any technology, the individual needs to take a critical look at the research and validity behind it. Whole Body Vibration has been featured in such prestigious and influential peer reviewed journals as Spine, Journal of Bone and Mineral Density, and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. With its potential applications, new research is constantly being initiated across numerous North American European and Far Fast Universities.
Vibration exercise has the competitive advantage over conventional training due to its ability to provide a more effective and efficient exercise without the constraints associated with regular training, such as joint stress, lengthy repetitions and time commitments. Research has shown similar strength gains to conventional resistance training at a fraction of the time. Ten minutes of Vibration exercise produces similar results to 1 hour in conventional training. In addition, there is less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons with Vibration training when compared to regular resistance training. Therefore, Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex provides an effective solution to those that may benefit from weight training, but are unable to engage in it.

Question 4

How does the Hypergravity Platform work?

The "Hypergravity" generates vibrations that are transferred from the platform onto the body. While standing on the platform, you will notice how your muscles automatically adjust to this mechanical stimulus. Muscles will contract and expand 20 to 60 times per second depending on the frequency and vibrational intensity selected.¨This effort causes the body to get tired. Resting afterwards allows the body to recover. Repeating the exercises (remove the comma,) ensures that the body adjusts to the level of effort. This results in an increase in performance, a phenomenon called super compensation. Compared to traditional training methods, this achieves better results in less time and with no extra effort. Moreover, the vibrations increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improve blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthen bone tissue, improve lymph drainage and increase the basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, better speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, anti-cellulites, collagen improvement, and fat reduction. The Hypergravity offers a wide range of possibilities for use in the areas of Sports & Fitness, Beauty & Health and Medical & Rehabilitation. What are the High/Low applications?¨The Hypergravity features a High/Low application. It provides a number of major benefits. The Hypergravity can be set to a personal preference. The vibrational intensity can be adjusted to the desires of the individual user. By adjusting the vibrational intensity, the starter training level can be lowered. By setting the vibrational intensity lower at the beginning, you can get used to training with the Hypergravity in comfort. You can get used to the vibrations and the position that you have to adopt. In this way, your training sessions can start in a pleasant way. Lighter people usually find that the Low setting is more comfortable. This ensures that motivation to train remains high. Exercises other than with the feet on the plate are easier to sustain without detriment to the result.

Question 5

What doctors are saying about Whole body vibration?

Vibration exercise "is the best way to circulate lymphatic fluid" as stated by author Doctor Samuel West (The golden Seven plus One). He states that "If the lymphatic system is circulated properly it is practically impossible to get sick. 
The lymphatic or "immune system" circulates lymphatic fluid through a system of tubes much like your arteries or veins. These tubes include a series of one-way valves. Vibration exercise varies the pressure in this system, opening and closing the valves. At the bottom of the bounce increased pressure closes the valves. At the top of the bounce decreased pressure opens the valves. This allows the lymph fluid to flow freely. The bouncing or rebounding action also pumps the lymphatic fluid. Simply put, "bouncing pumps the lymphatic fluid and opens the lymphatic valves" allowing the lymph fluid to circulate properly. Vibration exercise is the best activity in the world to improve the lymphatic system. Highly recommended for cancer patients, anyone going through chemotherapy, or anyone with lymphedema.
Vibration exercise helps the lymphatic system to eliminate poisons and toxins from your body. Vibration exercise assists this process through increasing lymphatic drainage. Vibration exercise is recommended as the best exercise or activity to assist your lymphatic system in eliminating poisons and toxins from your body.
Question 6 Is vibration training and therapy good for your heart and lungs?

Question 6

 Does vibration training and therapy good for your heart and lungs?

Absolutely, Whole Body Vibration exercise strengthens your heart and lungs and helps prevent heart disease.
The heart is strengthened by increasing the pulse rate and stressing every heart cell which makes your heart much stronger. Vibration exercise also strengthens the legs. Your legs act as an auxiliary pump for the cardio vascular system. Strong legs take a lot of strain off the heart.
Vibration exercise strengthens each and every muscle, organ, tissue and cell in your entire body. Simultaneously, every cell in your body gets exercise, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Every cell!! Most other exercise programs are designed to strengthen only voluntary muscles or isolated muscle groups. Vibration exercise strengthens your whole body inside and out, including cells in the liver, kidneys, bladder, heart and lungs. Externally your skin will smooth, tighten and you will look more youthful. If you rebound, lines and wrinkles will diminish; you will get a natural face lift.

Question 7

Is it real that good vibration helps in build bone density and strength?

Yes, Vibration exercise will even make your bones stronger. When astronauts were subjected to weightlessness for weeks at a time, they lost both muscle strength and bone density. Without gravitational pull, muscles and bones wither. They quickly become weaker and less dense. Conversely, bone density and muscle strength increase significantly when subjected to increased gravitational pull. Because the body interprets the acceleration and deceleration of bouncing on a Vibrating Platform as an increase in gravitational pull, muscles and bones gain strength, far beyond what is considered normal. Highly recommended for osteoporosis. It should be noted that being inactive or sedentary (laying and sitting all day) has the same effect on the body as weightlessness.

Question 8

What is the difference between the Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex and other machines?

The Hypergravity Fit-N-Flex machine Is made in the USA made of solid steel and offers a variable range of settings not available on most other machines. The Hypergravity machine is different from other products in that that it offers much wider range of vibration frequency selection, which means that it may give Medical benefits that other machines out there just cannot accomplish.The Hypergravity machines are actually the answer to the problems that other vibrating devices had created. Comparison of the Hypergravity to other Whole Body Vibration machines quickly shows the uniqueness of this product. Particularly in regard to the possible of negative impact on bones and joins caused by other machines. The Hypergravity machines are excellent machines because they stand hand and shoulder above any other technology that is out there today. The power of the Hypergravity machine is the strongest of all and it does the exercise for you. Each frequency affects different muscle groups. As the frequency changes different muscle groups and parts of the body receive more or less stimulation. the lower to Higher frequencies between 10- 60 Hz. are available only on the Elites models of Hypergravity, and can accelerate all the way to 60 Hz. the Deluxe models will go 73 Hz. Trust us there in no machine in the market that can offer such a variety. When the Hypergravity vibrates at those frequencies. the pick intensity will show on the upper legs, shoulders and arms. As the vibration moves up, the pick intensity moves to include the body's corn, the abdomen and the lower back.It is the unique ability of the Hypergravity machine to precisely cycle through varying frequencies and intensities and provide the maximum health benefits available from Whole Body Vibration Training and Therapy.

Question 9

Can Vibration training and exercises help in trimming Fat?

As per web med May 11, 2009 If used properly, vibration plate machines may help overweight or obese people trim their belly fat and achieve long-term weight loss.
A new study shows that obese women who followed a weight loss diet and regularly used the vibration plate machines were more successful at long-term weight loss and losing hard-to-trim belly fat than those who combined dieting with a more conventional exercise routine.
These are very encouraging results, but it doesn't mean people trying to lose weight can ditch aerobic exercise and jump on the vibration plate instead. They still need a healthy diet and aerobic exercise, but this could be a viable alternative to weightlifting, researcher Dirk Vissers, a physiotherapist at the Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium, says in a news release.
In addition, in a research done on various groups, the vibration plate group lost the most belly fat and kept it off for the entire year compared to the other three groups.

Question 10

Are there any warnings to the public about those so called Whole Body Vibrating machines?

Yes, first of all not all machines advertised are qualified to be part of the vibrating exercise machines family called Whole Body Vibration Machines. But under such big publicity they are fault advertising and misleading the public that their machines are WBV machines. 
The pivotal and other plate directional movements are absolutely not qualified to be a member of the Whole Body Vibration machines. Nor, the fitness and the body health results will reach the plateau of a real Powerful Vibration machines.
Please consult with a professional before using those machines!
Worldwide research shows that no side affect or injury was registered by using the real Linear Whole Body Vibration machines. To reinforce our claim, NASA is using lineal vibrating machine in the space craft for best health results of our astronauts.
I have special prices on the HyperGravity Gyminator. If you are interested in any other models on, the manufacturer's website, let me know and I will get you a great price. Fill out my instant price quote form if you want a price without calling me. If I have a special on this machine or any other one, I will make contact.

This goes down to 10 vibrations per second even at 6 mm amplitudes. This definitely gives me the flush. No questions about that. I have interviewed bone clinics and most of them sell this one. If you have bone issues, I would prefer if you talked to them first before buying. If you have had a bone density exam please have it handy when you call if this is your concern. I will offer the best price on the Gyminator for anyone who needs one. I will give the best price I can. I try to get orders of 3 on these and put my order in usually once every 10 days. If there are any already made from other batches I CANNOT DISCOUNT THOSE. I can only discount the ones that are made in batches for me only. If you want to reserve or order a Hypergravity machine, call me at 1-866-945-9072. I will not be undersold! Get an instant price quote here with our new form. If there are any better discounts I can give I will let you know.

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EMF produced by Hypergravity at level 60, the highest speed.

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