The Hypervibe G14 is for people who are really going to use frequencies above 20 hertz. I am not saying the Zaaz 20K, the Vibratrim Vt500 or the Vmax Pulser 2 is not good because they only go to 14 to 15 hertz. 

The G14 serves only a special purpose for those doing high acceleration training. Those doing this for just lymphatic drainage should have no problem with machines that go up to 15 hertz since only 5 to 6 hertz is the speed that allows enough time to create a negative pressure in the lymph system.

I only recommend the G14 for those who are going to be doing serious workouts and not just looking for bone density, circulation, or lymph drainage. There are plenty of other more affordable machines than the Hypervibe G14 for those purposes. Because it's a dedicated machine for working out it does not have the rails on the sides. I always use the front handlebar in front of me to lean back. If I am leaning on my heels I feel the G force go up my body but if I lean back without the front handle bar I will fall backwards so for doing high acceleration training and leaning on my heels as close to 100% as I can, it's much easier with the handlebar.

Walking after using the G14 for 10 minutes -
If I walk immediately after a 10 minute session, I barely can walk down the stairs and if I just walk across the room I walk as if all the energy was drained out of my legs. It feels kinda like doing 5 sets of leg presses in the gym. It was way more difficult to walk normal after a 10 min session than any leg workout at the gym.

Itchiness: On level 15 or higher, I itch but more so on levels closer to 25 hertz. The machines that go up to 14 hertz I really don't itch unless its on the spiral mode like on the Vmax Pulser 2 or the Vibratrim Vt500 but the G14 doesn't need the spiral since the higher speeds makes up for it. The spiral machines are the 2nd most effective based on my reviews for those that only are getting a motor that goes up to 15 hertz. The lower hertz motors still are great for most people but I feel it more in my legs and not up my back due to less g force. 

Fast twitch: Just standing on the Hypervibe G14 engages my fast twitch muscle reflexes. It makes the muscles contract without trying to do this. The body naturally will contract the muscles to protect internal organs and the joints when the body senses a quick change to activate a reflex. The 20 hertz speed will still make these reflexes but the involuntary muscle contractions are much stronger at 25 hertz and on the 35 hertz G17 even stronger. Those that have a weaker body should not go to the highest levels until they are ready. Just standing on the G14 at high speeds can fatigue the muscles. It is super hard to stabilize the muscles in the legs and lower back to maintain my posture on the G14. The body will alway try to keep itself balanced until it is too fatigued. That is the time when I get off the machine if I have over done it. I recommend the virtual trainer so people can follow along and go at a recommended pace by the manufacturer from their studies. Also, the legs can become very warm just by standing on it due to the involuntary muscles working so hard. Once the itching gets uncomfortable, I know it is time for me to get off the plate.

​Noise: It is quiet just like all the others that go up to 15 hertz but after that on the speeds 20 to 25 it is much louder. The Hypervibe G14 has a lot of power that I would put this on the first floor so people living below wouldn't be disturbed. If using it for lymph drainage on the low levels it should be fine.

Ballistic impact: You still have to bend your knees a little but it does not have the jarring that the 12 and 13mm amplitude machines have on the high levels unless the knees are really bent. The G17 is the only one that I can turn it up to 35 hertz without bending my knees at all. My eyes did not water at all. If I did this on a Nitrofit I would probably have a headache in less than a minute. It feels like being punched in the back of the head with a hammer 1200 times (20 hertz x60 seconds) on the Nitrofit if my legs weren't bent. The Nitrofit like I said is the closes machine to the G14. The workout is way way way more intense but for athletes that don't have a bad back and strong knees it is my most preferred machine. The persons who has weak knees would prefer the G14 and G17 much more. I like the G14 much more on level 5 or 6 which is the speed I use for lymph drainage. The Zaaz has 10mm amplitude while the G14 has 11mm. So, there is more displacement on the G14. But for levitational force, the G17 beats them all. Levitational force is not the same as a high amplitude plate that gives more levitation. For bone density and high acceleration training, the more time my heels are in contact with the plate the more I use my fast twitch muscles and itchiness much sooner.

If anyone is not trained and their legs are not in good condition, the hypervibe G14 delivers more gforce than any other machine. The displacement on the G14 at 25 hertz times 11mm amplitude is 275mm of displacement. The Nitrofit has 22 hertz and 13 amplitude (286mm of displacement). The difference is so close, like 1 extra up and down vibration in 1 second. The Nitrofit is a little too high for many people and on the tippy edge some people may need a strap around their legs to avoid sliding off. The G14 is much easier to stay on. The body takes in way more G force due to higher levitational force on the G14 but the Nitrofit is more intense but due to higher levitation the heels float on the plate more than the heel time on the G14.

Greenness: The latest Hypervibe G14 has the greenest motor and tilt table construction of all the machines in its class. It only uses 300 watts. The Nitrofit uses 900 watts. There are some other knock offs of the Hypervibe that are sold in other countries that are not UL listed to sell in Canada or the USA. They also go to 25 hertz. I get people that think I am in their country that think I can fix them and tell me the motor in their machine is smoking and giving off a burnt smell. I hear this all the time on brands that I never heard of. I am not saying this as a fact but it is more than obvious that Hypervibe re-engineered the Galileo (now known as the Vibraflex) but didn't copy it exactly. So, Hypervibe has a patent on their machine and so far since the Hypervibe Performance (the original back in 2008), no one has copied it. It costs next to nothing to run a 300 watt motor. I have also tested the motor with my laser thermometer and although not a continuous duty motor, it stayed cool compared to the 1000 watt motors out there.
Frequency Range : 5-25Hz
Maximum Amplitude : 11mm
Maximum G Force : 14g - 
Platform Movement : Pivotal
Platform Size (in) : 25.8(w) 15.5(d)
Machine Size (in) : 25.8(w) 15.5(d) 6(h)
Machine Weight : 88lb (ultra low profile and no rails on side allow it to weigh less and still be grounded. If it had rails on the side it would need to weigh more to avoid wobbling. Very easy to move around.
Maximum User Weight : 310lb
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Rail or no rail -
It is much harder to lean back on the heels without leaning back while holding onto something. I prefer front handrails than those on the sides because I don't want to put my weight on the side rails that will take away gforce from my feet. Those that have balance issues should appreciate the tower. Note: Many people get the Hypervibe G14 without the tower and handrail. You can always get this later and pay just for the tower and handrail.
Hypervibe G14 Review - In a nutshell, this is the most powerful residential vibration machine I have been on (25 hertz). Most machines go up to 15 hertz. My legs felt very warm and tingly after 10 minutes when I got off this machine. I felt similar sensations on the Nitrofit but it is a little hard to stand on it at 13mm. The only other machine that made me feel more itchy was the G17 at 35 hertz.
This is the video that most people have probably watched by now if comparing the G14 to the Zaaz. I have a writeup on my review of this video on the home page on this site for those who want my opinion on their video.
G14 $1999 with no Tower and handrail
$2298- bolted tower

$2498- removable tower
I rarely sell this as most people either get the G14 without the tower or they get the bolted tower.

Special Promotion:
Offer is available for those who will do a review comparison for our website.

Buy a New Hypervibe G14 without the tower, get a New Nitrofit Personal free.

Buy a New Hypervibe G14 with the tower, get a New Nitrofit Personal free with free shipping.

This offer is good only in the lower 48 states.
Good while our supply lasts.

The free Nitrofit Personal retails for 1199. The Deluxe retails for 1599. Those who prefer the Deluxe model may pay the difference.
I am going to put my 2 cents in so here goes. I will state my opinion without polishing or editing. First, they compare a high acceleration machine to a high end residential machine. I have always compared the Hypervibe G14 to other brand that go to high acceleration speeds (Gravity Revolution, Nitrofit that goes to 22 hertz (the closest brand to the G14), and the Zaaz goes to 15 hertz, which most people use the machine at who are not trying to engage fast twitch muscles that will make them sore the next day. These machines were really made for bone density and circulation, not everyone is using a machine past 15 hertz. The Vibratrim VT500, Pulser 2 spiral machines go to 14 hertz and have been fine for nearly everyone that has ever bought one. No one that I recommended the machines that only go up to 14 herz ever returned it since they needed speeds over 20 hertz. Most people are doing this for lymph drainage, not so much exercise. Those that want to get an intense workout may want the higher speeds and not need the railing on the sides. The railing on the Zaaz 20K is helpful for those with balance problems and is actually needed. Most people don't do pushups on the Zaaz that I have interviewed after buying from me. The Zaaz doesn't need to be 170 lbs like the Hypervibe since it doesn't go to those speeds. The G force on the Zaaz has a lower rating but it is very high compared to 95% of the machines out there. At their highest level (15 hertz) it has 3.4 G forces. At 15 hertz on the G14 since it has 11 amplitude it has a higher G force feel. I always compare machines that are in the 14 to 15 hertz range to each other, including the Zaaz. Why would they compare the G14 that goes to 25 hertz to a 15 hertz machine. It is not a fair comparison. The Zaaz has many unique features that the G14 doesn't have. The Zaaz has the smoothest motor when comparing their machine to the VT500 or the Pulser. The VT500 has 5.8 G force but the plate is way heavier and it doesn't have that sinewave feel of the Zaaz. 3.4 G force delivered all at once feels nearly double the G force than 5.8 G force delivered in a "push) though the entire motion. The Zaaz is better than most of the machines in its price range but comparing it to a much more powerful machine is not fair. The Zaaz is the best made residential machine and I never hear complaints. I urge people to try the Zaaz at Costco or Sam's. With both brands I offer a money back guarantee without any restocking fees. I urge people to take my vibration quiz to see if you need these extra speeds. Also, the G14 comes without the rail and is much cheaper. I am doing a Hypervibe G14 vs Nitrofit Deluxe comparison which I believe is a much fairer comparison. 25 vs 22 hertz). The Nitrofit goes 3 speeds slower but has 13 mm amplitude instead of the 11amplitude of the G14. That is the closest comparison to the Hypervibe G14. If doing vibration mainly for lymph drainage, circulation and bone density the Zaaz is fine, but all the things they said was not cool about the ZAaz 20K to promote the G14 would only be optimal for someone who is going to do workouts. I believe the hand rails just like they are on the Zaaz is fine for those that need it (most of the people who buy the Zaaz probably need those rails). Sacrificing and not having the rails would only be optimal for those with working out as their primary focus. Contact me if you need help choosing between these brands.
Hypervibe G14
I sell both of these machines and have a personal opinion on this widespread video going around.

First, these two machines should not be compared to each other as they are much different.
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