SCAM - Some WBV companies advertise that they have these special motors that are really
good for the body and are the "best" for vibrational exercises; sure they do. I thought I saw one
that looked the same as those in a cheap WBV machine, so I had to figure out what it was. Was
it a constant 2HP motor or a "peak" 2HP motor? You will know the difference if you stand on one
too. I have three words for you, are you ready for this? "cheap industrial motors"

If you read this and don't care, I would rather have you find a company that makes these motors and
just buy one of them and hang it on your wall. You can pretend that you have a high grade vibrational
plate machine that is so special and slap on a brand and start business! PLEASE DON'T.  

Beware of vibrational plate machines that dont include horsepower and amperage together. A machine
might have 2HP but if it requires so many amps that it gets too hot and burns out quickly then its not
good. Remember, greening of the environment is what everyone should seek. Even if you can afford
to waste electricity, it still uses up the resources for everyone.
The 2 choices are sonic (motorless) or a motor.
Each type has their own pros and cons
The main sacrifices with each model are amplitude or frequency.
Higher horsepower is only good if high friction is not produced.

Let's talk about motors.
You can get a 1 or 2 motors in your WBV machine. Unless the motor is constructed to avoid friction which
causes the hair like copper projections to burn out, 1 motors is preferred. The more motors and components
you have the more likely something can fail.

Before picking out a motor, know which type is ok for under and over 200lbs.
Two motors can take the strain off of a motor for 200lb and over weights.
It is more expensive to have a heavier duty motor than 2 smaller motors.
The less components the better and the less that can go wrong.
The best motor I have found has a 500 watt power consumption.

Motors will eventually break.... The question is.... How long until this will happen?
The more friction the quicker the motor burns out as a rule.

MOTOR HYPE: If you see a motor that looks powerful. Don't be fooled. Find out how many amps the motor uses at its maximum weight capacity. If it is a 15 amp motor and you have a 200 lb person on it and it is drawing 16 amps... all you are doing is putting strain and wear and tear on the motor. It's all about friction. YOU DO NOT WANT VIBRATION IN THE MOTOR.

Each WBV machine has a different horsepower and the machines with higher HP usually cost more. Higher HP machines cost more to make. If a person is very light (80 to 120 pounds) and doing mainly static movements, a lower powered machine can work. If that same person is going to be jumping and doing dynamic exercises on the plate, more horsepower might be needed.

If a person is over 120 pounds to 160 pounds, for example, they might need to get a little more powerful machine if they plan on doing dynamic exercises. If a person is very heavy, over 200 lbs, they might need a residential model with the highest horsepower or a commercial model. The machines break when the stress is too much that it draws too may amps over its allowance.

Some companies make several variations of the same model but with higher amperage and horsepower. Many people buy a cheaper model and it wears out and breaks and the manufacturer's have the right to not service it under warranty if it was abused. Abuse is when you are using weights and too much G force for the motor than it is rated to handle.

Sonic Vibration Versus The Most Powerful Motor: This is a tough one. If you want to use this for a life time, then go with a sonic model. If you want a motor to last nearly a lifetime, then get the strongest motor you can get. If you don't want to wake the neighbors, get the sonic or buy a really good mat to put under a motorized machine.

Make sure you don't think that 2 motors is better than having only one motor. It is more expensive to have 1 good motor than 2 less powerful motor.
There is a difference between a 2 hp motor powering a plate that gets a 5 mm amplitude an a 2hp motor powering a plate that only gets 2 mm amplitude. Both are 2 hp, so why is one 2hp motor $16,999 and another only $1,500. Its called peak HP versus Constant HP.

Size of motor (watts)
A powerful motor makes for a more reliable and versatile machine and most manufacturers will quote its size in horsepower (HP) or watts (W). A higher value means the motor is more capable of handling heavy usage and delivering the power to vibrate the plate at a higher amplitude - see below - even with a heavier user.

 2 Peak HP vs 2 Constant HP WBV
BEWARE: 4 Gforce versus 4 Peak Gforce

There are some manufactures saying their machine gets 4 G forces. NOPE.... they are not lying but ask them if the 4 G forces is at the "pop" right when it lifts you with its maximum amperage and horsepower or.......

....or.... is it a constant 4 G force all the way to the highest amplitude and not just the 4 G force pop that the lower powered 4 G force "peak" G force models give.

Imagine a popping G force like a tennis racquet hitting a ball or a person slinging a rock with a sling shot....

Or..... even a base ball picture throwing a ball at 90 miles per hour or a tennis racquet hitting a ball and hitting it 90 MPH... both will make the ball go at the same speed....
... but if it is your body being throw instead of the ball... you are the one that absorbs that
jarring impact.

If you keep this in mind, look for the proper size motor that won't give you that "pop". This is why so many people with bad backs return their machines from what people are telling me.

Don't know your HP?
There are some companies that will NOT tell you the horsepower of their motor. The reason is that there is so much confusion and peoples' first question is.... "How much horsepower is your model???? They think that more horsepower is better. One 2hp motor can lift a plate holding 400 lbs and another 2hp can lift only up to 200 lbs without bottoming out and then another can lift 607 lbs, but that one costs around 17 grand.
So, what companies are now doing is telling you how much force can be put on the plate without going over the amperage. Ask your dealer how many lbs of force can be put onto the plate and not just HP. Don't let 2HP or 3HP get you excited before you know the peak and constant HP. I call it P-HP, Phony Horsepower. If you are 200 lbs and want 4 G forces for a hard workout... (200x4 is 800), then you need a machine rated for 800 lbs or more. Do the math and don't get suckered.
A very important question to find out if your machine is a peak hp or a constant hp.
Fact: 1 HP is 746 watts..
If the machine is 2 constant HP, it should be over 1,400 watts.
If it is under 1492 watts, then if a 2HP peak machine is putting the same force that a 2 HP constant machine
does, then either the gears are so highly engineered or its not a real 2 HP peak or constant model.

Momentum is a factor that keeps the motors running. The more expensive motors and the larger ones can
lift a person up and down much slower as it is using motor force instead of momentum. A Hypergravity model,
for example, has the lowest frequency but it takes a dual motor to do that and the wattage is split up between
two motors. The peak motors are always smaller and louder too since they have to work harder.
If you want to watch TV or listen to music while working out you should take this into consideration.

Aggressive WBV.
Want 50HZ? Here's how to get it...
If you are 120lbs, you can get 50hz on almost any machine, and you will get a varying amplitude. The more you spend, the more you amplitude you get.

If you are 200 lbs and want 50 hz, you better get one of the mid size motors and not the entry level. (the entry level ones will still work but might not give you 50 hz at high amplitudes. Try to do it and gradually see how many hz you get before the motor starts to bog down and make that thumping sound.

If you are 250 to 300 lbs, and you want 50hz, you better have at least a 2 hp constant motor and quickly learn the difference between peak and constant hp or you will probably try to return it when it fries and you will not get your money back. (see page on reasons why manufactures void warranties and legally can refuse to refund your money)

They say its the distance the platform goes from the highest point to the top point to the bottom point.
Higher amplitude = harder workout.

Here is how amplitude can get misrepresented by shady snakes out there.
Example: "Our machine can also move 4mm with each frequency, or up and down movement".
The scam is, is that the plate moves 2mm up and 2mm on the way down instead of 4mm up
which is said in a way to deceive you. Ask when they say 4mm if the plate moves a total of
4mm during a cycle or an "amplitude" of 4 mm from a 1/2 revolution, which is the bottom to
top... and not bottom to top and then to bottom.

There is a major concern about amplitude. When the plates move fast enough it feels
like vibration. The problem is among inferior WBV machines is that they don't get enough amplitude
to give the one way lymphatic valve enough time to flush. You either need a certain number of
vibrations per minute at the right amplitutude to flush the cells of toxins and acidic wastes that are
causing most people weight gain. If you are trying to determine the right machine that will get you
the right amplitude to accomplish what you goal and you need help picking out the right model you
can take my quiz.

The goal of every WBV workout should be to exercise and at the same time reduce bodily inflammation
to get rid of the swelling from fibrin, globulin, calcification, and mucus. Just go look at how puffy so
many people are in the face. Almost everyone that is acidic who has poor lymphatic drainage has a
white tongue. Go look at the back... no.... the way back of your tongue and see if it has that white
haze. If it does, I urge you to get a machine with the most amplitude and z axis vibration you can. The
best advice is to get the highest possible G force that you can afford when buying a WBV machine.

Remember, if they say it gets 4 mm in amplitude, find out if that is with a 100 lb person on it, a 200 lb,
or even with no weight at all.. A very important question to ask your dealer... or manufacturer if you
are trying to bypass a dealer.
The faster the frequency the more difficult your workout will be. The highest frequencies
are what people set their machine at for harder workouts. The lower spectrum is enjoyed by
people with back problems and injuries who are going through physical therapy.

This is also a concern. Some machines can vibrate the plate 60 times per second. Some can
only go up to 45 or 50 vibrations per second.
There is a huge problem that people are not aware of.

If a dealer told you that their machine goes to 50 vibrations per second. Does that mean it
really does?

Well..... there are 2 things you should know. CONSTANT VIBRATION and PEAK VIBRATION

Peak vibration is the maximum amount of frequencies the plate can vibrate with no weight
on it. This is unfair to some people when they think they are going to get a high amplitude
and high frequency just by reading the specs of a machine.

NO... this doesn't happen. If you put weight on a machine, the frequency of the plate vibration
slows down. What if you put 2000 pounds on the machine... Do you think it would get up to
50 vibrations a second. NO... that's why the bigger the motor you have the less likely the
plates will vibrate slower than the peak frequency it is rated for.

Constant vibration is what you should be looking for. If you want the plate to vibrate 50 times
a second and you are 200 pounds.... you better get a machine that will deliver 50 vibrations
per second no matter where you stand on it. You might press a button on the WBV machine
for 50 vibrations per second but it can actually be giving 30 vibrations per second which will
not be giving you the workout you wanted.

Just make sure you ask your dealer about peak versus their constant frequencies.

Usually, the cheaper the machine, the bigger the difference between peak and constant
Buying a motor that is not powerful enough

Each manufacturer of whole body vibration machines makes different models that
are capable of handing diffferent weights. Many people buy the model that is just
for their weight class. If you have someone standing on it and they are above the
weight that it is designed to handle without pulling more amperage than its allowance,
it can do permanent damage to the machine. You might not notice the damage right
away but each time there is stress on the machine the hairlike projections in the motor
get fried. Once they are all fried the motor burns out and this is not usually covered
under warranty. When people get a machine that is not powerful enough you can
hear the sound from the extra friction its making. I have customers calling me all the
time telling me that their machine is starting to make so much noise that didn't happen
when they first bought it.

A 15 amp is more than adequate for a vibrational plate machine. Most of the models are
15 amps or lower. If you see one that is higher than 15 amps that might mean that the motor
is not efficient or that it is very powerful. Just when these were becoming popular and the
upgraded motors were put in the machines, the sonic speaker models came out. Now, the
machines are more "green" and take up less power to run. The older models eat up tons of
electricity. It's like having 3 hair dryers on at once just eating up your power supply raising
your bill.

The amps are directly proportionate to how many time or how close the machine pulls
the maximum amount of amps.

There are $7,000 machines that are rated at 15 amps and $14,000 machine rated machines
rated at 15 amps. The $14,000 one that has better components can handle heavier weights
without the machine pulling more than 15 amps. (this applies to motors as a rule). It is similar
to having a sports car driving up to 100 mph and a cheap, non sports car driving up to 100
mph. The sports car can do it with ease and less wear and tear while the cheap car has to
strain the engine's components to reach the same speed. Same as for a vibration machine.
The better the components, the more power it can handle with ease and less breakdown.
The better than machine can handle power the less likely you have to wait between intervals
of sharing. On a good machine, you can get on it right after another person just finished.

I may as well be a primary teacher; I get enough practice here so, if you don't know basic math and you didn't quite grasp the theory on horsepower, I will explain it in basic terms.

1 horse power = 746 watts.
So, a 2 horsepower WBV machine needs to be at least 1492 watts to be called a 2 HP machine.

I know most people don't have a degree in engineering but if you study gear reduction, you can actually get
a motor that has 746 watts or less to give an output of 2 horsepower. It's called 2 HP after gear reduction.
The gear reduction on a Ferrari is much better engineered than a Honda. That is why both can run on the same fuel and one has more horsepower than the other.

But, if you get a 1000 watt machine that claims it is 2 HP, you might ask yourself it it is 2 HP before or after gear reduction (input vs. output HP). We also can get into issues of constant vs. peak HP but that is a more confusing topic to people.
50Hz or 50 PEAK Hz
Just because a machine can hit 50 Hz doesn't mean its powerful. A 250 Watt motor can push a plate 50 times per second with no body on it. Find out when the manufacturer says "50 Hz" where they get that number from. What is the maximum weight you can put on their machine to get 50 Hz. What is that weight were the break even point is where it starts to go to 49 hz, then 48 hz.. This is probably one of the best questions you can ask your dealer.

Some motors require lubrication after a few years while some are brushless or designed differently so they don't need to be lubricated at all. People have told me that one some of the motors they off-gas petroleum and plastic vapors from the frame when it gets hot. Some of the older laptop computer would also get very hot when you had it on your lap and they had a plastic smell. They don't make those anymore which is great. If you don't know which ones are the off gassing type and which aren't you can always be assured that the BLDC ones (brushless direct current) ones don't. Also, some of them have painted finishes that off-gas. If you get one that is painted make sure they use a zero off-gassing paint. Another good thing about DC motors is that they have lower electromagnetic field emissions and their energy use is much lower. The lower noise levels are the biggest measurable difference.

Noise can be like a quiet or it can sound like an airplane taking off on the run way or some of them can sound like a sewing machine on high speed. Remember, the larger the motor is, the less it will have to work to give the same power. If you live in an apartment or are in a small exercise room and you want to watch TV or listen to music, getting a low noise machine is what you might want to look for. A machine that is quiet in a large show room might sound very loud in a small room. Based on all the motors I have heard, the larger2 horsepower motors sound the quietest.

Aluminum or copper wires. BEtter?
Some motors have copper wires, others have aluminum. The price of the the vibration machines will also reflect the cost of the motor.
Aluminum wires are cheaper and get much hotter than copper. You can try lighting a match over a copper penny or aluminum foil and see which one gets hotter yourself. The motors using aluminum wires are fine as long a you don't run them a long time as they get hot and the machine can automatically cut off and eventually the copper windings will oxidize unless taken care of and cooled down properly. I would make sure that any machine under 1000 dollars did NOT have aluminum wires..

Aluminum is definitely a decent conductor of electricity when not used for long times, for low amperage motors. Aluminum gets hotter quickly and also has a much lower conductivity than copper. Here is the problem. To compensate for the aluminum wires that you don't want to get hot, the motor must have a much larger cross section than using the same amount of copper windings in the same size motor. So, what this means is that if you have 5 pounds of copper windings and 5 pounds of aluminum wires, the copper will have a higher volume for conductivity than the same amount of aluminum windings.
The other thing to take into consideration when buying a vibration machine is the ends of the aluminum wires. Aluminum can oxidize if it gets too hot (probably why some machines only have 90 day warranties while others have 2 to 5 years).

Here is what they are doing to cover up the cheap aluminum wires (I won't name call either). Because aluminum has a high oxidation rate and the motor will stop running once the ends of the wires oxidize, motor companies have now started using ultra high pressure crimping connectors to make them, which can make the aluminum windings just as reliable as the machines with copper windings. Very smart, huh. So they can give longer warranties. As long as the oxide layers of the wires are good, it will power the plate, but usually takes a lot more electricity since their is less efficiency.

Cheaper machines:
In order to make it possible to sell a machine really cheap with a motor wound with aluminum windings, their must be more "turns" or how many times it is wound, so don't think just because the motor is the same size in a cheap machine as an extensive machine that they are the same. But, in the situation of residential machines not being used with one person after another, efficiency is not as important since its not in a commercial setting. These cheap motors only have to work for ten minutes. (I would avoid using a cheap vibration machine for 20 minutes if it is not a stronger motor (we took laser thermometers just like chefs use to take the temperature of the motor after 10 minutes and 20 minutes. The 2 hp motors with 500 watts stayed the coolest. So, if you are going to have more than 1 person use it consecutively, you might want to avoid aluminum wires in your machine.

Cheaper wires can be just as good as copper wires as long as you don't care about efficiency and extra electricity costs. They can be just as reliable and have a long life span if they never get too hot or they oxidize.

Vibration Noise Complaints:
I am the one that deals with complains of noisy motors. It can be frustrating when your vibration machine is noisy, especially in small rooms.
Most noise issues are from the models that create excess mechanical movement in the motor or the plate. There are many things that make a vibration machine less noisy. 

Brushless DC motors and a heavy gauge plate are some of them. Smaller motors make more noise since there is more mechanical pressure produced unlike the pressure that is more spread out on a bigger motor that is doing the same work. Also, the less air gap between the spinning part of the motor moving through the air the less noise. Even another part is the noise just made by the electricity when the magnets in the motor are repelled against each other. The more electricity that is used the more of this "electrical noise" you will hear, especially with heavier weight users that draw more electricity. 

Also, if the frame is more solid, it will absorb more of the noise. Beware, some of the motors have rubber pad around the motors and cradles that are more resilient that absorb a noisy motor. 
The most efficient motor and better frame will create the least noise. Knowing this before you buy will separate you from a happy customer and someone that will be calling us complaining about how loud their machine is.

Why do very cheap machines break
1. Under-voltage
2. Over- voltage

One last item to check is the power supply leading into the motor. Over voltage and under voltage can cause the motor to overheat, resulting in nuisance tripping. To check for this condition, use a volt meter to measure the power supply while the motor and the other equipment on the same circuit are running.

You can buy a amp meter for around 25 dollars (I used Kill-O-Watt) and it will let you knwo if the machine is pulling more voltage than the machine is rated for.

When you need a 2 HP Motor
If you plan on using it every day with more than 2 people in an a hour or the persons weight is over 180 pounds. 

You want the motor to stay cool so you have more longevity in the motor. After 180 pounds, the motor starts to have a different push/pop feel (see push versus pop page). A 1 hp can still lift a person but many people set themselves up for failure if they get a plate that has very little pop. A good sign that a motor is not going to last a long time is if it doesn't have a 5 year warranty. Many of the earlier motors with low wattage and amperage had 90 days and 2 year warranties. 2 HP motors usually have a 5 year warranty.

Caution:5 year warranty - A good motor should have a 5 year warranty (manufacturers warranty, not a dealers warranty or importers. Anyone can put a 5 or 10 year warranty. Means nothing. We took the motors to mechanical engineers and found out why some motors have longer warranties and others don't, just based on them checking the motors out that we took out of the machines.

1 1/2 Hp motors- these are usually found on shorter plate models. If buying a 1.5 hp motor, having 500 watts is usually powerful enough to support a plate between 21 to 25 inches. There will be less pop on the acceleration with heavier users. Light weight users don't notice much difference.
Take the WBV Quiz and I will help you choose the machine I think is best with the right motor for your needs.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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