The NITROFIT PLUS  has a super powerful motor that goes up to 22 hertz (older model went to 18 hertz). Most machines that say they go to 30 hertz I've tested only go to 14 hertz as they use "hertz" while they should use the word "speed setting".

The Nitrofit Plus at its highest speed does not rattle across the room due to its dual steel bar system they have under the plate (see my video above and I show this). The 13 mm high amplitudes give a deep flush and a higher ballistic impact for those seeking bone density. Most machines only go to 10 to 11 mm and if going at the same speed as this one, the G force is much lower. The plate size is 22 inches while the larger platforms like the Vmax Pulser 2 has a 27 inch plate. You can't get 13 mm amplitude on a plate that is 27 inches. The shorter the plate is the more the tilt table in the middle of the plate can turn to give this amount of amplitude. I would say this is the only sacrifice is the extra length of plate.

You don't have to go to higher speeds since the amplitude is so high. The starting speed is 8 hertz and has a DC motor that does not give off high EMF like the AC motors.

The Nitrofit Plus has a true 2HP motor and can handle up to 330 pounds.

The latest generation version of the Nitrofit Deluxe is much smoother than the first model that was sold until now.
Right now Zaaz 20K and the Nitrofit Deluxe are the two most called about machines. 

(Note: There are many of the older versions that say NITROFIT DELUXE. The latest version says Nitrofit plus). Many people are getting the older model and don't realize they are buying the older model. I only carry the latest model.

​This is a light commercial machine and has overload protection so it will shut off before getting hot. I had about 20 people stand on this at my 4th of July party and ran it for about 4 hours nearly non stop and it never shut off. No one was over 300 pounds but still, I would expect most machines to overheat by then.

​The machine also has wheels so it's easy to roll it from one room to another. It is made with steel so its sturdy and has just enough wobble so the frame has flex so you can actually see the LED screen.

As far as noise, the machine is very quiet up to about 18 hertz. After that, it gets a bit noisier, but I have been told by the distributors that there are ways to make it less noisy if purchased for an apartment building. It has a huge base that makes it rooted to the ground so it doesn't move all around the room when you are on it. This is not the case for most residential machines. It has a 2 year warranty. Their motor is very expensive and is 900 watts. Most on the market in its class have a 200 to 500 watt motor. Many of the earlier generation motors burn out at high speeds if it is used for too many sessions in a row and the motor gets hot and the copper windings fry. This model has an overload protection so that it will cut off if it gets to a certain temperature so the motor never gets too hot. Even though the plate is shorter the plate design lets it go to 11mm amplitude, higher than the 27 inch plates go to 10 mm. This is about 600 dollars more than the 27 inch plate models we sell but way worth it if you are looking for a machine that will go above 18 hertz. It also comes with an interactive DVD which helps you know how to use it.

NItrofit Plus Machine: 

True Output 2HP DC motor (nearly twice the power of 2HP input power motors.
2 year warranty on the frame and motor
Overload protection (this motor will shut off if too many people are using it so the motor doesn't get too hot. Many motors can burn out and are not covered by most warranties.

Steel construction (the machine will not move across the room and is very rooted to the ground

Wheels: it has wheels to roll it around

Low EMF (we tested it. Very low for this much power.

Call me at 1-866-945-9072 if you are interested in the New Nitrofit Plus. I also carry the residential version Nitrofit Personal Plus that has the smaller plate and 18 hertz instead of 22 hertz. The Deluxe model has a much larger plate. Both have 13 amplitude.
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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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The latest Nitrofit has now replaced the Nitrofit Deluxe. This is the best selling machine in our store in the high acceleration type models. This latest Nitrofit has 286mm of displacement per second. This gives me a super high lymphatic flush and is gives a workout that you will feel the next day.

The newer model has 13 mm amplitude while the older Nitrofit Deluxe only had 11 mm of amplude.

286 mm of displacement (13mm X 22Hertz = 286

Most machines have 10mm to 11mm amplitude and do not have the frame quality to handle 13mm of amplitude on the edge of the plate.
 The latest NITROFIT+ has replaced the the older NITROFIT DELUXE.

Read my review below and I will go through all the changes they made on the new model Nitrofit Plus.  Their have been many upgrades to the latest model including higher speed and higher amplitude.

Showing the Nitrofit Plus Calorie Counter
Buy a New Nitrofit Plus from us and get
Package Special Includes:
2 Free adjustable resistance bands (50 lb.) of resistance
Free Full length exercise mat
Free Vibration surface dampening mat
Free exercise wall chart 
Free EMF protection sticker for Cell phone
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We now carry the latest NitroFit Plus model. This has 22 hertz and 13 mm amplitude up from 11 on the older model. This is the new redesigned model. Beware of buying one that does not have the plus on it. Call for our lowest price.
Noise level of the Nitrofit
New Nitrofit Personal Plus
Now at 13mm amplitude up from 11mm
18 hertz (same speed as the older Deluxe model). Reinforced steel bottom.
Call for our sale price.
This is one of our best selling residential vibration machines.

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Nitrofit Deluxe
Beware: This is the older model. The older model has a slightly different color and only goes to 18 hertz. The new Plus model has a larger motor and goes to higher speeds. We only sell the newest model. I am getting calls from people who are buying the new model and getting the older version. The new model is grey and has the PLUS sign metal screen printed into the machine. 

I get notified by the manufacturer they day of a return. So many people take advantage of the 90 day return policy and where do these returns go? If you look on Amazon or Ebay you probably won't see a Hypervibe, Zaaz 20K, or a Nitrofit deluxe. Many of the vibration machines I sell get shipped back to the company and if any of their dealers want to sell the returns we get them at a discount. Sometimes people return them just because there was a scratch on the side of it. Some people return the Nitrofit because it is too noisy on the highest level. Many people return one because it is not strong enough to lift the heels off the plate and just pivots the hips. Some people return the Nitrofit and say it was too loud on their heels. (This tapping noise can be necessary for someone who is trying to build bone density who doesn't just want to shimmy their hips back and forth. So, the biggest returns I get are the ones that companies allow returns with no restocking and free shipping back. I can offer very deep discounted prices for those who are interested in one of these. When you call ask for Jake at 1-866-945-9072. Most show demos and scratch and dents are sold at 30% to 50% off the price.