Picking out a size plate: 
When to get a 21 inch plate versus a 27 inch plate. When do you need to get a larger one?
(If you are trying to drain your lymphatic system and want to get enough G force to create a negative pressure in the lymphatic system against gravity, a larger plate is needed to get higher amplitude at the lower speeds. The shorter the plate, the faster the vibration has to go to give the same F force as a slower moving plate when standing further away. If you shorten the width of your stance, this gives a lower amplitude than on the tippy edge, so the plate has to tap you harder as you are not moving at the same amplitude, or distance as on a larger plate. As you stand closer to 27 inches (10 mm amplitude), you can turn the speed down to 5 hertz and get the same G force as you would if you turned up a machine to 10 vibrations a second and standing on the plate where it gives only 5 mm amplitude. (There are plates shorter than 27 inches that give more than 10 mm amplitudes but in order to give over 10 millimeters of amplitude, with a shorter plate you have to jack up the speed to give you the same G force as you would have if you had a longer plate). 

When measuring G force, you can double the amplitude and slow it down or double the speed and cut the amplitude in half by standing on a smaller plate. BOTH WILL GIVE YOU THE SAME G FORCE. But, the timing between the G forces the plate gives you makes the difference between one that will help you move lymph and one that simply just vibrates. Imagine a plate 5 feet long. If it was going at that same 5 hertz, but instead of standing at the 27 inch length, standing at 5 feet away would probably give you so much G force it would pop you to the 3rd story of a building. Just think about it and don't get mislead by G force, especially when trying to use it for lymphatic purposes.

Plate size matters page:
What to expect on different plate sizes
22 inch plates at 5 hz - Expect .08 G forces on the tippy edge: Not enough for lymphatic flushing
24 inch plates at 5 hz - Expect between 1.5 to 2.5 G if on the tippy edge. Not always enough to create a negative pressure in the lymphatic vessels. It does work but 2.8 G forces is what most people get the best flush at.
27 inch plate at 5hz - Expect 2.8 G forces on the tippy edge if it has enough power to hold your weight.

Watch our videos of us comparing plate sizes standing at 27 inches and 25 inches
See how just standing at 2 inches more gives significant extra G force.

Sacrifices of getting a vibration plate that is too short for your stance:
Taller people tend to want to spread their feet apart. If you are 6 foot or over, you can appreciate a longer plate, especially if doing squats. With a larger plate, it is much easier to do push-ups. A shorter plate limits also limits the amplitude needed to create more G force on the tippy edges. There are many other exercises you have to sacrifice by getting a shorter plate. It is wise to buy a bigger plate as long as the motor has enough wattage to power it and your weight, especially when standing on the edges.

With cheap, low gauge plates you may want to wear shoes. Two reasons. You have to jack up the speed so high to get enough G force that you will want to wear shoes to absorb some of the friction, which defeats the whole point as you lower the G force absorbed by the shoes. You don't want to jack up the speed more than you have to with a short plate. On longer plates you can keep the frequency lower, but that requires more amps and wattage which uses power instead of momentum to keep up a fast speed plate. With the right size plate and motor, you shouldn't feel the need to have to wear shoes. For people with bad knees and back, they will appreciate the low speeds that can give the same results as the faster speed ones. If you you can get just as much G force going at half speed but with double the amplitude, it is much easier on the joints, especially when first getting used to the machine, especially if you have knee concerns.

Plate Size: (after talking to a physical therapist. from my notes.
A larger plate is more generally versatile. If you only plan on standing on the platform then plate size will not matter to you, but if you intend to do exercise and floor-work, then a larger plate is better. You might even want to sit on the plate or even put a chair on the plate. Plate size is a factor of the intended use and should be evaluated on that basis. Keep in mind that a lower plate will probably cost more.

When evaluating plate size, be sure that you are comparing the "useful area". Most vibration machines have a 'sweet spot" at the center of the plate. Standing outside of this sweet spot will result in degraded performance. It is easy to make a big plate, but it is much more difficult to ensure that the movement is authentic at any place on a large plate.

Bottom line: A larger plate is more versatile, but be sure that you are comparing the useful area. The larger the plate, the more exercises you can do, such as wider squats. But, a larger plate requires more power to run it with enough G force.

With pivotal or spiral plates, if the motor is 1.5 hp, 500 watts, and one model has a 22 inch plate and the other has a 26 inch plate, it will be harder for the motor to push the larger plate. Make sure the motor power is stronger as you increase the plate size. For example, all the 27 inch plates I have seen all have 2 HP motors. 

Also the longer the plate, the more G force at the lower speeds. For intense workouts the faster frequencies are used. For rehab, the lower frequencies are most often used. Make sure the plate is long enough so that you get enough G forces when you are at these lower speeds. 

10,000 STEPS: 
Marketeers say you can use it for 10 min a day but this is for WORKING OUT/TONING, not lymphatic drainage.
5 vibrations per second x 60 seconds = 300 
10,000 steps dived by 300 steps in each minutes equals 33 minutes, 33 seconds.
This can be done at one time or throughout the day ONLY if at level ONE speed. Even if at level 2, at a faster vibration, you allow slightly less time for the negative pressure to create the hydraulic pump that flushes the lymph and clears it out. This is based on a 27 inch plate. With smaller shorter 21 inch plates, you have to jack the speed up to 9.5 hertz, nearly twice as high as 5 hertz to get 2.8 G force. Refer to the chart below to see that if someone says their machine can give 2.8 G forces at the low speeds at under a 27 inch plate, just do the math. (There is an online formula to calculate G force on plates by the way).

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
Know before buying
Helpful Information
This is based on a 22 inch plate model that was tested by Global Calibration.

Anyone can send their machine in to them and pay them to find if their machine is really giving the G force that they say when they are selling them.

When putting all the machines side by side, plates smaller than 22 inches has less g force and those longer than 22 inches had significant more G force
just by stepping closer to the edge. We felt the highest G force in the 27 inch plates.

If you hear a G force rating that seems too high, especially if it has a plastic frame than can handle it, be cautious.
G Force
G Force
If you need help choosing a model based that has the right plate size along with the motor size, take my vibration quiz.
Plate Edge to G force:
Two machines can have 2 hp but different G forces
With a longer plate, the further away you stand, the more G force the edges give. The edge of a 27 inch plate has way more G force than standing on the tip of a 21 inch plate.

Longer plates get more G force at the slower frequencies and remove more ballistic impact as you use extra plate length to gain G force, instead of fatster vibration 
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