The ZEN PRO is their commercial grade model. 
This line is one of the nicer lines for residential users. It's not using the heaviest duty thick gauge plates but they are made for residential users that want more than the plastic models that are out there. I am placing this line firmly at the top of the pack among the field of residential machines. These could go in a small personal training gym but not a high traffic gym. In their high end line, non of their models seemed to bottom out even under maximum load. Even with a little more weight added it had a lot of zeal and didn't bottom out.

They don't appear to skimp on the details and features to save a few extra dollars when referring to the quality of their DC motor, but the motor gets too hot to be used consecutively in a high traffic gym to be called a standard commercial model. It has that commercial feel but doesn't seem to be a commercial model. If you are using it residentially, its at the top of the residential class.
Take a good look at their commercial models. The Zen Pro is cheaper than the other linear models on the market made of stainless steel. They give a 2 year warranty on their motor which gives me the assurance I need that it will last a long time. The frame appears sturdy and is nicely done. The sound is not as loud as other linear models (but still not silent). This seems to be made for light commercial use or for someone who is average size but wants a good workout but does not need bells and whistles that make the WBV machine more enjoyable to use. If someone is going to add weights that go over 300 pounds with including their body weight, it can be too much. This is made commercially for weights under 300 pounds. The bigger motors can handle up to 500+ pounds. If you need something that is good for your weight and not overkill, then you will probably enjoy using this brand daily.  

I finally got to try the Powervibe Zen Pro this month at a trade show in Vegas (don't ask me how I got in the show but if you really want to know.. I'll tell you.... Can you keep a secret??? So can I).

Well, I tried their linear and pivotal models. Their pivotal models were about the same as the average $1600 dollar one. I have tried but their linear models were what impressed me. Their 3 linear models are all priced under 2800. Their 2800 dollar one was about as powerful as the Gyminator, the model I use myself. I think their 2,000 dollar Pro 2 model is definitely sufficient
for home use. I borrowed two 50 pound dumbells from another vendor and the extra 100 lbs did not make it bottom out but it made slightly more noise. The 2800 one didn't change at all with the 100 lbs. For anyone under 250 lbs, the mid grade one they sell is not overkill and there's no reason to spend the extra 800 dollars. Their Pro 2 is probably one step under the Gyminator, which the 800 dollars less in price reflects. But again, if you are less than 300 pounds including the weights you will be using, the Powervibe is fine. You don't need to buy a gym quality grade machine if its not going to be used consecutively. Don't confuse commercial with better vibration. Commercial models usually hold up longer with heavier usage and heavier weights, ranging in the 500 pound range.

Powervibe seems to be everywhere you look at the trade shows and home shows. I thought they were some knockoff because how can they sell a linear model for under 2000. They have one even for $999. I researched home show directories and they seem to be almost at everyone. At the Vegas show, they weren't pushy at all but the lady at first wouldn't let me stand on it unless I filled out some waiver form.

I did like how they don't trash talk one style over another. Probably because they sell the linear and the pivotal model that was new but I didn't go on that since some person who was trying it out was on it for 10 minutes

I met the founder of the company. He was a Chiropractor who I tried to get to adjust me. HOlding a bag of free stuff from the trade show all day probably made my back hurt like I did.  I had about 50 pounds of stuff I was carrying around. After talking to the chiro and some of his M.D.s he had there, I decided
to change the website name from VibrateorHIke to my current name. As a hiker, you can feel the resemblance between hiking all day to standing on a linear machine for 10 minutes.

Powervibeusa.com is a big company but they are more personalized than calling some of these companies that don't care anything but selling you a machine. I prefer buying from a chiropractor that has lots of doctors around selling their machines than some importer. He also owns the manufacturer and doesn't just import them cheap. 

I recommend this brand not only because of their quality equipment, low prices, and excellent service, but because they have a mission and that mission is making whole body vibration affordable!

In terms of linear machines under $2000, their pro 2 is the best one I have found and see no need for more power unless there will be weights over 250 using it. They are a factory direct owned by the chiropractor I met and he doesn't inflate his prices just to give a discount. They don't discount at all either.

Since 2006 I have heard about them but did not list them on my site until I actually saw them. I know they will be there for you after the sale based on what they customers who have bought them have said. If you want to see if this brand is right for you please take my WBV help questionnaire.
Powervibe is one of my best sellers. I will not be undersold on price or service on any of the machines I sell. I offer full service and a lot of dealers will discount my price and take my business. I am doing all the work educating people and people call every dealer to see who has the best price. I offer the best prices and if you buy from me and within 30 days see anyone selling it cheaper, I will refund you the difference in their price and mine plus an extra 10%. I am that confident that my prices are always the best. I have no overhead, very few expenses. I get my machines drop shipped from the closest distributor. I also demand exact shipping. I prepay by check to avoid credit card fees. I get volume pricing. Again, no one should be able to beat my price on any model I sell. Contact me at 1-866-945-9072 if you would like information or prices on any machine I sell.

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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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