TurboSonic by TurbsonicUSA.com and Theravibe are the two sonic wbv models powered by powerful subwoofer speakers. These reach the lowest vibrations per second.
This type of vibration is different than the motorized vibration. There is no impact from the inertia of a spinning motor.

I guess the Sonic name says it all about this one. This says, "I'm on a mission to work the lymph cells to keep the toxic waste cesspools from becoming stagnant tissue, developing into fat and acidity. I am certainly down for that if it will do that.
These are made usually in Korea and the USA.
What I like about the sonic models:
First, its silent. I have had complaints in my apartment where people complain about the how it sounds like the roof is going to cave in. On the model I used to have, I almost got kicked out. That was the main reason I started looking at other brands. I ended up making this site after the issues I was having with my "loud" model.
Because there is not a motor... there is less friction so the parts don't wear out like the motors.
The less movable parts... the less friction and energy loss.

Vibrating across the plate, up and down but no left to right, forward and back, its integrity shines
through. My ankles are so happy here, and that's where it takes its biggest swipe at the lower
quality vibration machines on it's perch: it holds its form!

Real deal, sonic vibration pretty much match the organic linear motor models for smooth action while
giving firmer, and further cell compression at maximum load (the bottom of the vibrational curve).
The sophisticated design also means it can satisfy weights ranging way beyond the models with motors.
Also, the plate integrity provides for an even vibration. The combined effect transcends the sum of
the parts and scores a better fatigue factor than the models with linear motors..
It's friendly to your tile or linoleum floor and the neighbors beneath too.
Most of the top sonic models are considerate of chemical sensitivities (i've sniffed it after being in the
hot sun on a truck for 5 hours and didn't get dizzy) and dressed in classic black. With the chic design,
there are no excuses for not wanting to use a sonic model any chance you get.

My evaluations put the top sonic model as the benchmark for the top motorized model to now compete with.

The top sonic models have a solid molding and looks as if it were robotically welded. I have not seen any
cold factures or any flaws in any of the demos I have seen.
Every detail is made with perfection or it is tossed out. There are no cold spots on these that I have noticed
and it is the most balanced and uniform of all models.

I agree that the sonic models do not vibrate like a typical models. Their sonic system makes a night and
day difference in the vibration and smoothness. I do not like how many companies are making comparison
videos with "new" machines. Most of the WBV machines when new do not sound as loud as the older ones
when the motors wear. By the way, if you get a model that is not powerful enough for you, you might end
up paying more in the future but less up front for their machine. In about a year you will notice a difference
in vibration.
Vibrating standing near the edges of a sonic model does not bottom out like some of the other types either.
The top sonic models give the feeling of natural "roving" without the feeling of vibration from friction
from the motor. Just as you don't want to pound yourself on asphalt, you don't want to absorb useless
friction. The goal is to rover. It is sad how people walk. I hardly see anyone with a bounce to their walk.
Roving connotes lymphasizing, or walking off the trail. When I started wearing Earth shoes, I stopped
craning my neck forward. In nature, we would walk in the dirt and sand and our heels would sink deeper
than the front of the feet. The machine that mimics the natural g-force we would get will be the most
beneficial to us.

The story behind the top sonic model that I feel people should know. The vibrational exercise trend
that began recently has met controversy with the possibility of injuries due to inferior equipment, but
they claim they have solved this problem. The welding of these models keeps it from breaking ove time.
This also helps so it will not wobble as the welds do not bend. I have heard stories of people having to
put a superglue quarters to the bottom of the feet due to the frame warping over time, just like restaurants
put something under the leg of a warped table so that it is balanced.

This model will let you vibrate anywhere on the plate without worring about if you are stepping one
foot in the middle and one foot on the edges of the plate. This machine will NOT pronate or invert your
ankles from side to side motion when doing certain dynamic exercises. On most of the other brands
you will either have to learn how to vibrate with feet equal distance from the center point of the plate
or perhaps wear running shoes that are designed for people that pronate their ankles while running.
I do not like it when I have to always watch my feet so I don't bottom out the motor when stepping
too close to the edges. The contender that the top sonic has to battle out with daily is the top
motorized model at this time.

Depending on the needs of the user, 50% of the people will go for the sonic model if they can afford
it and the other 50% will go for the motorized model. The motorized models offer a few things that
the sonic model doesn't offer and the sonic model offers a few thing that the motorized model doesn't
offer. The top motorized models hit a higher hertz level but the sonic model has a more smooth ride
and lasts longer and doesn't wear and tear.

Although both people giving different arguments over why you should buy the sonic over the motor or
the motor over the sonic, I will say that both are different. I have studied the results from both and
know which one is better for lymphatic movement and which G-force at which frequency gives the best

The sonic and motorized z-axis models have different G-forces at different frequencies. If you study the
G forces from speakers at high and low volumes versus motors at high and low speeds, you will find that
there is a big difference. When a speaker is turned up loud, you can see the difference in the way the
speaker moves compared to when its turned up low.

Some models give more G force at lower frequencies and other models give more G force at higher
frequencies. That's the big point I am trying to make. Each type has a different feel when you stand on
it. You either like one over the other. Most people have a preference when standing on the two. That is
why just listening to a sales pitch that agrees with your logic isn't always accurate.
It's like saying, I wear a size 10 shoe and buying shoes off the internet. Just because you wear a size
10 doesn't mean all size 10 shoes will feel comfortable on you.  

I won't try to convince you to buy a motor over the sonic, and vice versa, but I will tell you what to
expect from each and the differences and let you make the choice. Most people call and just ask me,
"which one should I get". And, most people ask this question to sales people. What do you think they
are going to say. I get the most naive customers calling and its very annoying.

That "little exta" slowed cellular compression before the plate brings you to halt makes the difference
between that "bottom out" feeling and a feeling of gently halting without jarring the body.
The heavier someone is or the harder the vibration for getting a better workout will make the cellular
compression at the bottom the most noticable. If a person is doing exercises that focus on lymph
movement and one is working with gravity to move lymph then one will want the least jarring of the
vibration plates.

Almost anyone can notice the difference between a sudden stop when the plate cannot give anymore.
On the sonic model, it's like you are vibrating on an air cushion that has just enough give at the bottom
of the vibrations to give you that plush feeling.
If you need a price quote on the sonic model, call us for our current specials and pricing. Please take my wbv quiz and I will let you know which sonic model fits you the best. Take the quiz here. If you want information on sonic machines and pricing, call us at 1-866-945-9072. I will try to get you the best deal I can.
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I have been researching the sonic machines for some time now and have a few suspicions.
I am starting to wonder if the models are all coming from the came company because several times I have found that the people selling these machines have used the same jargon and in the same order as if they were educated by the same company/distributor/importer/manufacturer/ or whoever they are getting the machines from. It has taken me over a year to come up with several conclusions. Also, on the new sonic model, the warranty form was and still is nearly identical for both competing companies. Curiously, the sales people at one of the companies deny knowing anything about the new model that just came out so I guess they don't want people to know that both companies are related, if that is the case, but I cannot say at this time if they are, or perhaps the sales people just have never used the newer model before.

I've spoken to several people about the newer model, including a naturopathic physician at the manufacturer of the new sonic model. Nobody has been able to offer me a solid comparison between the new sonic model and the Ovation which I am familiar with so I am having to have several people in different weight classes and humidity zones buy the new sonic model to see if the claims are accurate and how it holds up. I will not sell a single model until my results are back. I will get the feedback and post. I do not base my feedback just on my own results because everyone is at a different weight and have different opinions.

For now, based on a few customer comments comments, the newer model seems like a stripped down version of the Ovation. It appears to have a smaller voice coil, does not have levelers, and comes with a lesser warranty. There are several other details that makes both units different, but ultimately, they seem to be of roughly the same value. One dealer  tried to convince me that the newer model was a "better" version of the Ovation but I think he is dead wrong, and I'm not sure why he was trying so hard to get me to buy the newer instead of the Ovation. Supposedly the newer model does have a slightly better power supply, and some people will appreciate the lighter weight, but that's it. But then again, the Ovation has some features that the newer model doesn't have. 

The newer model seems ideal for somebody who wants to spend a little less and does not mind giving up some extra features. I can help people decide if those extra features are really worth the extra 1,500 dollars or not. I think some people, for example, are really going to need the levelers that the Ovation has.

In addition, I was surprised by the limited knowledge that most of the sales people have about the power requirements of these units. One dealer told me that a dedicated 20 amp circuit is recommended. Yet, both manufacturers recommend a line conditioner that is only capable of delivering 10 amps. With a background in amateur sound engineering tells me that this is strange, and I will probably be doing my own tests on these WBV machines to find out their surge and nominal power draw characteristics. One dealer  never mentioned anything about this, and I think it is very important that anyone who is purchasing these units understand that, at a MINIMUM, a dedicated 15 amp circuit is recommended. I know a person who can explain what this is and why it is recommended and it all made sense the way it was explained. The person was also familiar with most residential grade and many commercial grade line conditioners, so he can help people get the right equipment to make sure these WBV machines do not burn out or blow fuses constantly.

That's one of the cool things about the Theravibe -- I understand that it has a strong power transformer built in, so people do not need to worry about power requirements as much.

Look forward to an in-depth comparison between the two units. I will be taking pictures and making a report that can be easily read on this website. Again, it will be about a week or two and about mid April before I have the comparison done.

The sound engineer that I am working with has a lot of integrity and is helping me with this review so I can connect people with the machines that are right for them.
This is the new sonic model that just came out. Many new features that the older models didn't have, including playing music through the speakers and frequency generators. Much more than vibration now. I am even shocked how advanced they have became and surprisingly coming down in price instead of up like all the others like the Theravibe from Avantwellness.com (which are coming out with two newer models also this year). (I do have several demos of the original model in NY if anyone needs one at a reduced price. I will sell at my cost of what I paid for it.

It is ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA LIGHT. The whole machine weighs 33 pounds without the plate, which is 99 pounds. Since its not a motorized machine, the weight of it really doesn't mater so the weight is actually a plus, not a negative. About the new sonic model, it will give powerful flushes at an ultra low 3 vibrations per second and up to 50 vibrations per second. This is just second to the ones that cost 18,000 that go to 2 vibrations per second but no where near that cost. The one thing I will say that made me question this is that it only has a rating of 260 pounds, which if someone is 200 pounds and they want to hold 30 pound dumbbells, it might bottom out. 
Another good thing is that if you are using this outside where its humid, such as Florida, or by your pool or at a spa where there is a hot tub or steam room nearby, this can work even at humidity ranges up to 80% humidity. Many of them will rust and can short circuit when the older versions get water int them. Call any high end home theater store and they can tell you you don't want to have a high end stereo where its humid unless you get a dehumidifier. Damp speakers = not good!
Sonic ones are unlike others in that they don't take much energy at the low speed settings to balance yourself to get a full lymphatic flush. Unlike others that raise your heart beat, a sonic model that works at low frequencies won't increase your heart rate or cause you to start breathing heavily to get the results most people are looking for. It takes very little energy to stand on a sonic plate as no stabilizers muscles have to work to keep your balance. On a sonic, you just stand on it and it does it all for you.

Defining Sonic-
This is so retarded. OK, so a speaker consists of three parts - the chassis, a diaphragm or cone and a voice-coil actuator. If you take away the cone and the chassis then you are only left with a voice-coil actuator. The voice coil actuator is really just a special type of linear motor. It's called a linear motor because it moves linearly. (in-out versus round and round like a rotational motor. The motors in these types of vibration machines also use voice coil actuators. It's a voice coil actuator that is connected to the plate, instead of a cone if it was part of a loudspeaker.  


One of the sonic companies uses a moving magnet actuator instead of a moving coil actuator like the models that have them under the plates. It's the same type of motor - it's just a different part that moves while both have a coil and a magnet and are both liner motors. The models that have a moving magnet actuator are much more expensive than the ones with the moving coil actuators, which are under the plate types.

Without taking these apart I couldn't get the real answer on how these work. Everyone says they make the best sonic model. I don't like asking sales people as none of them I asked have taken them apart. How can you sell something to me if you are only reiterating what someone told you or what you read. It's not like I can't ask the engineers who made them because they all speak Korean.

How can someone say there is a loudspeaker in these if they haven't even seen the loudspeaker, or subwoofer. It is so funny that people don't understand this.

Here is what I know about sonic machines that I had to learn on my own

This might help clarify things for you: There are only two types of technologies on the market at the time of writing this.

The first type uses a LINEAR MOTOR that is DIRECTLY COUPLED to the plate by a SHORT STEEL ROD. The plate moves in EXACT RESPONSE TO THE MOTOR. For example, if the motor armature moves 1/1000 of an inch, then the plate moves 1/1000 of an inch.
The other type uses a LINEAR MOTOR that is DIRECTLY COUPLED to the plate by a PAIR OF "ROCKER ARMS" UNDER THE PLATE. The plate moves in EXACT RESPONSE TO THE MOTOR. If the motor armature moves 1/1000 of an inch, then the plate moves 1/1000 of an inch.

Based on my research, I will have to say that I disagree on a few things that have been told to me. Neither of the two types are "sonic'. They don't work with sound waves. You stand on the plate and it vibrates. It's movement of a plate, that's not sonic. They don't even make that much noise. They are actually the quietest of all machines out there. How in the world is that sonic? I believe it is a translation error or a lack of better words to describe the technology to customers. It might be because the manufacturers don't speak English and when they were trying to explain how their machines work, subwoofers and loud speakers were the terms they used to describe the motor in their machines. So, the sonic idea came about. This is only my opinion which I believe is accurate. I am not exactly stating this as a fact but based on everything I researched when dissecting these, it seems the most accurate. The word sonic seems like a good name to call them and differentiates these types of machines from the rest but I don't think it is a good description on how the technology really works. 

These types of vibration machines are the best for what the linear types can offer and are well worth it if you can use one everyday.
- PowerVibe - VMaxFitness -  DKN - Turbo Sonic - VIBEPLATE - TheraVibe - HyperGravity - VibraTrim - FitVibe - WAVE - HYPERVIBE - ZAAZ - VIVOVIBE

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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