So many people are using these as a quick fix to drain their lymphatic systems and are in a rush and want to do it now. They want to build the bone density and want a machine with the most G force. What they don't under stand is that they don't have the mineral reserves to build the bones and think the G forces alone will do it. It is just doing heavy weight lifting and not eating protein to repair and make the muscles stronger. By over training the lymph system or trying to build up the bone cells faster than the body can repair itself is like taking too many vitamins that your body can't absorb and you just eliminated the unused vitamins.
I have just reviewed the T-zone vibration machine. I will say that the V20 has a much different feel than any of the other brands I have tested with similar plate size.

These are usually the ones that chiropractors have in their offices and although their plates are 21 inches, they usually don't run the risk of you moving too much lymph fluid than your body can handle. The 21 inch plate, where people vibrate at the bodies natural gait (stance), unlike the 27 inch plates that give close to 3 G forces even when at 5 hertz, most people that come to my site, who buy these larger plate models rarely even step past 21 inches, which is really exactly 2 1/2 inches shorter on each side than a 27 inch plate, get sick to their stomachs or have bad backs or knees and never utilize the longer plate. G force increases exponentially with just 2 inches closer to the tippy edge of the plate.

Most people, starting out who call me are overweight and the swollen fat cells are storing all the toxins, lactic acids, and wastes so the organs don't acidify. The fat is actually the body's way of swelling and increasing the body size to maintain homeostasis. Surprisingly, the skinny people who call my site wanting vibration machines to detox are the ones with IBS, acid reflux, digestive problems and almost all the major health concerns as they don't have excess fat to keep the organs from malfunctioning. 

T-zone's 21 inch plate is powered by a 2 hp motor and goes to the low 5.9 hertz. At 5 hertz, sure there is more lymph drainage but at 5.9 hertz it provides a little less time for the one way valves to pause to release less lymph fluid. Many people get one of these and release so much lymph fluid into their guts that they get sick and don't want to do it anymore. The T-zone provides just enough G force but not too much and just a slight increase in speed than most 2 hp motors to move enough lymph to slowly drain and not to much to cause leaky gut and the lymph goes back into the gut unprocessed. Also, many people don't take probiotics and go on the machines that move too much lymph at the 5 hertz, 27 inch plates. If someone is not going to be able to handle over 4 teaspoons of lymph movement per minute like they get on those machines, and especially if not willing to take a probiotic daily, I would NOT recommend those machines. I am the one that knows this stuff because I am the one that gets calls back from people who bough them and complain about how they get migraines and nauseous feeling. 

The T-zone gives a more milder approach and if someone is using it on a daily basis and plans on using it for maintenance management and not just crisis management, this is when it is probably preferred. I am not saying it is better than the 27 inch plate models, it is just a different approach.

Many people are beginners in their journey into detox and probably tried one of these out as a demo somewhere. This brand is great for the beginner who is first trying to detox their body. I have not had any complaints of over detoxing with the VT15 or 20 model. Like I said, it is a slower, less G force approach. It is not too little like the cheaper 1.5 hp models hat have 200 watts and it has enough push/pop throughout the acceleration. After all, it has a 2hp motor. 

For those with low bone density, it is easy to stay in a low ballistic range that gives faster vibrations. Many people with lower bone density tend to stand too far apart thinking more G force is better. If you can't run for 10 miles in 10 minutes, why give you body the shock like that. It works the same way. But if you can lower the ballistic impact by shortening the plate, there is less trial and error
VT-15 Specs:
5.9 to 23.6 Hertz (high push)
Horse power - 2 HP (light commercial) Ultra-low EMF
Plate length - 21 inches
Front to back plate size: 14.5"
Watts: 440 (500 watts not needed due to motor efficiency.
Amplitude 10mm
Programs: 8 different types
Weight - 105 pounds (not wobbly like the cheap 50 pound machines)
Thick steel frame - higher gauge than most in its range
Footprint 28 x 24
330 lb weight capacity - will not bog with 250 pound users
Innovative Weight Adjuster - Adjust power to body weight so if you set it at 10 hertz you actually get 10 hertz, not lower or higher based on your weight.
Voltage Regulator - It will never pull more than is needed. Super green. Has overload protection too so you never have to worry about overusing the motor and letting it get too hot and burn out.
5 Year warranty on motor, 2 years on parts, 1 year on labor

Note: if you are already working with a dealer do not contact me to try to get a better price. I will not undercut another dealer who is trying to sell you this machine. If you are using this brand in your chiros office and he does NOT sell them, then yes, it is fine to call me to get prices. I will tell you if this machine is the right one for you and can compare it to others to see if this one is a good choice but do not undercut dealers who have spent time to educate you about the VT15 or 20 model. Please take my vibration quiz or you can call me at 1-866-945-9072 and I will try to help you. 

2HP Pivotal Vibration
Goes to 5.9 Hertz  - Very Quiet
No bottom out with users under 265 lbs.
Never had a return on the the VT15 model.
Take my instant price quote form or my quiz and I will do my best to get you the best price on a machine that I feel is right for you. I can be contacted at 1-866-945-9072.
If using a vibration machine for daily exercise, a 21 inch stance is suitable for most people. What is good about the T zone is that since it has a 2 HP motor, it does not bog down and provide G force just at the initial acceleration and let you become air borne the rest of the acceleration. The feel of the acceleration is totally different than on the cheaper, low powered models.

The T-zone is way more comfortable than any other machine in it's class (2hp, 21 inch plate range). For those that are over 200 pounds and getting a low wattage machine, most people complain that they feel just like a foot massager. People will feel the power even if if they are over 200 pounds.

10 Thousand Steps: (just not at one session)
I would not tell someone to go on this machine for 10 minutes the first week or two if they were very toxic. Many people go on it for 10 minutes the first time when many people would probably do better if they used it 2 minutes at a time 5 times a day. The lymphatic system in these people usually is not clear lymph fluid but probably thick, milky in color and has been stagnant for so long that, just like you don't want to get a too many colonics at once to was away the flora and let the waste release, you probably won't want to try to let the "already thick" and stagnant lymph fluid to become more thicker than the negative pressure can pull it along. This is when many people complain about getting the headaches and other complaints I get. It means that the machine is working but at that point it is too much. I work with people who have master degrees in nutrition and teach holistic health and respect their opinions about the way to use these machines correctly. So many people don't know how to use them and go blindly into their session without someone advising them first. Once you know the proper way there, the trial and error of the previous generation of users is what is helping the new users to vibration now. Most chiropractors who know the lymphatic system and how to properly build bone density should know how to advise you.

You can't build bone cells if you don't have the foundation. The body, after vibrating, will stimulate the bone cells and they want to absorb minerals and there is none to absorb. It is really messed up that people who need these machines the most for rehab go in blindly and never get results which give the whole body vibration industry a bad rap. By getting the proper education before starting your sessions you shouldn't have to worry if it will work or not. It could be that you simply need a probiotic to help you assimilate the lymph. It could mean that just buying a 10 dollar bottle of magnesium oil to rub on your body will give you the magnesium you have been missing so you won't leach minerals out of the bones. It is pretty easy to figure out what is wrong when you hear the same complaints and hear what works for people and what doesn't work for the others. Enough rant.
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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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