The most expensive wbv machine on the market.
If you live near California or NY, I can arrange for you to try one. Call me and I will try to set this up. The manufacturer is also in California
For those that don't have audio, I have the videos summarized in written form below:
1) Lower frequency usually does require more energy. However, TheraVibe uses a stored energy technology that captures energy on the downward stroke (gravity pulling down) and releases it on the upward stroke, thereby reducing the amount of electricity needed to operate at low frequencies. This technology is part of the compensation mechanism that uses an adjustable spring to adapt to different user weight.

The main reason that other vibration plates have a limit range is because they use a technology that either fixes the amplitude of vibration (e.g. a mechanical crank), or worse, increases amplitude with increasing frequency. These relationships are upside-down. In order to maintain controlled vibration force (intensity) through the working range, it is necessary to *reduce* the amplitude as frequency increases. So although many devices quote a wide operating range, the lower end of the range is ineffectual and the upper end is too strong, leaving a much narrower useful range of frequencies in the middle.

2) TheraVibe does not actually sense the weight of the person on the platform. Instead it engages a secondary motor until it balances the position of the plate. This secondary motor is slow, but powerful, so it can compensate for very heavy loads.
This compensating motor cannot adjust quickly enough for someone stepping on and off the plate, as is common when performing exercise. However, the main vibration motor is powerful enough to take over this role and help out while the compensating motor catches up. TheraVibe is unique in that it measure the position of the plate to a fraction of a thousandth of an inch. It does this over a thousand times per second, and uses this information to determine how much energy to direct into the primary (vibration) and secondary (weight compensating) motors.

3) TheraVibe uses a patent-pending force distribution system to drive the vibration plate in a vertical direction. This system makes it possible to achieve exactly the same vibration force anywhere on the plate. Even though the plate is 26.5 x 28.5, it;s possible to stand on a corner with all you weight with exactly the same effect as if you stand central on the plate with even weight distribution. Not only is it possible to use the device this way, but off-center load does not result in any undesirable behavior such as increased noise or shaking of the device.

4) TheraVibe, as the name implies, was designed primarily as a therapeutic device. That means that is must be usable for people of all shapes and sizes and levels of impairment. Not only is the plate large, it is also very low, resting only 3.5 off the ground. The large, low plate makes the device seniors-friendly, as well as improving access for wheelchairs and people unable to take a high step up. It's possible to put a chair on the plate and sit on the chair in order to get the health benefits if one is unable to stand. These characteristics are simply not possible with a smaller plate, or one that is high off the ground. The size of the plate is a small contributor to the cost. TheraVibe is expensive because of sophisticated technology that drives the plate, it's the electronics, custom motors, software and precision manufacturing techniques that make TheraVibe an expensive device to produce. However, it’s the only way to produce a vibration effect that is simultaneously comfortable and of benefit from a health perspective.

5) Yes, ISO 2631-1 is an international standards document that is used as an objective guideline to manage exposure to vibration. The guidelines in 2631-1 have been adopted by many countries in as law to ensure safe working conditions. For example, you might use these guidelines to determine how much time per day someone was allowed to use a jack-hammer, and how many days out of the month they could do so. Or you might use it as a manufacturer of truck driver seats, to ensure that vibration from the road and truck is sufficiently eliminate before it reaches the driver. One of the arguments of people using therapeutic vibration, is that ISO 2631-1 assumes that vibration is bad. Yet we know that in the right dose, vibration therapy has tremendous health benefits. There is however, no other widely accepted standard for vibration exposure, so when designing systems that produce vibration, the responsible manufacturer and therapist should follow the recommendations of this document.

The model that ISO 2631-1 uses to determine vibration is based on energy. So you really need to look at the amplitude of vibration, the frequency and the duration. If there is repeated exposure on several occasions through the day, then the net effect is the weighted energy contribution from each of these sessions. ISO 2631-1 provides the equations as well as graphs and tables that help make qualitative assessments of safety. The computation of vibration energy spans several sections in the standard and hence is too complex to address here.

There is a level of exposure that is low enough that you could carry on all day with little risk. Some of the cheap machines fall into this category they are safe because they are weak. But being weak also makes them less effective. This power must be dispensed in a precisely controlled manner in order to be safe. By way of example, just the position sensor on TheraVibe monitors eight different health check parameters, more than a thousand times per second. This ensures that failure of a critical system will be noted and managed so that the device can be safely brought to rest. As I mentioned before, there is no cheap way of doing all of this.

6) The knob actually serves different functions, depending on the mode of operation. When TheraVibe is running through one of its preset treatment programs, the knob adjusts the overall level of the treatment, since the force changes as it moves through the program. In this respect, it's much like a volume control. However, a level setting of 4 will always produce the same vibration (force and frequency) regardless of the weight of the person standing on the plate.

On the manual mode, it's possible to adjust the frequency and vibration force independently. In this mode the force is measured in units of gravitational acceleration, abbreviated as G force. For illustration, at a setting of 1g , you are being lifted up with the same force as what gravity exerts on you in the downward direction. At a setting of 1g, when the plate reaches the highest point and then reverses and begins moving downward, there is a moment of weightlessness as your heals lift momentary from the plate. Exceeding this level of force would cause the plate to drop faster than you would fall on your own, causing your feet to collide with the plate as it starts traveling upward again. It is for reasons such as these that force must be very carefully controlled and kept within safe bounds.

TheraVibe allows the frequency and force to be controlled independently because the motor that causes the vibration is a linear motor to travels back and forth, like the plate. TheraVibe's linear motor is directly coupled to the vibration plate, so any movement on the plate is actually exactly what is happening at the motor. This is unlike all other vibration plates that translate rotational movement to linear motion using crank or eccentric weights. TheraVibe's linear motor produces a lineal force that moves the plate. This movement of the plate is monitored and this information is used to dynamically adjust the electrical power to the motor. With a linear motor the electrical current is alternated to create an alternating force that produces the vibration. If the current is increased, then the resulting vibration is of greater amplitude (and force). If the current is alternated more quickly, then the frequency of the vibration increases. In this way, the force and frequency can be varied independently. Why is this necessary? Different aspects of the physiology respond to different frequencies, so it is necessary to adjust frequency to target an area of treatment. The force must also be adjustable at any frequency in order to find a setting that matches the condition of the person using the machine. We have people using TheraVibe who can barely walk, as well as professional athletes. Similarly, people use the gentle massage to speed recovery from injury or surgery as well as people using TheraVibe to maintain overall health. This range of people cannot use a product that assumes that one size fits all.

It's a common misconception that other vibration plates have a force (or amplitude) control. This is actually a frequency control. However, due to inadequacies of the engineering, increasing the frequency increases the force (and amplitude) as a side-effect. However, this does not provide the necessary level of control namely to adjust both the frequency as force separately.

7) The sweet spot for vibration is reported to be around 30Hz. However that is for one physiological modality, only. You'll find that those studies are looking primarily at the involuntary twitch response of the muscle spindles. However, you will also find studies that demonstrate spindle activation at 150Hz. In reality, these studies are performed with a commercial apparatus, so the studies are only performed within the operating envelope of the device being used for the study. There are many studies that use devices that operate in the 30-50Hz range. Just because these demonstrate some efficacy does not mean that it's the best frequency. In truth, much less work has been done to determine the sweet spot for all the different physiological responses that contribute to heal benefit. This is work that we are actively engaged in, but I expect it will be some time before we really pin down these numbers. I would expect that at best we will be dealing with fairly broad, overlapping ranges, because there is so much physical variation in people.

aThe commercial reality is that devices are engineered and manufactured for a specific purpose. Some are intended to be cheap throw-away devices. Some are designed for home use. Some are designed for high-durability continuous commercial use. Some are designed to be safe, others don't care. Cutting across these considerations is the technology used. The cheapest source of vibration is a scaled up version of the vibrator on your cell phone - a motor with an eccentric weight. When the motor spins, the inertial of the offset weight causes the apparatus to shake. This is similar to a car wheel that is not properly balanced. Due to the low cost of this type of vibration source, they dominate the lower end devices. However, they also have a very narrow operating envelope, as we discussed earlier. One level up are devices that use two synchronized motors. More expense, more complexity and cost and a slightly wider range of operation. You see the pattern here it's the economics that dictate the performance of the platform.

Only recently have vibration platforms been developed that offer a wide range of operation and allow for effective vibration across a wide range of frequency, from as low as a few Hertz up to a 100Hz. With the advent of such devices, there is new research indicating many other benefits (not just muscle twitch response) at frequencies much higher and lower than 30Hz.

8) At Avant we have strong views on this topic. We're dead against the oscillating plates. Not only are these a danger to the lower back, but they are also not true whole body vibration devices. The majority of movement is from waist down. This neglects major organs like the heart in the upper chest, as well as neglecting the brain and upper spine. I think it's fair to say that most manufacturers of professional vibration platforms agree that pure vertical is better for the body. The skeletal, muscular and neurological structure of the body is such that it is adapted to and prepared for force in the vertical direction. Not only are non-vertical forces extraneous, they have the potential to cause unintended injury.

9) Some aspects of the technology that adapts to an individual's weight use innovative techniques that differentiate us from competitors. The details are therefore confidential, but I can provide an outline of the general principles. There are actually two independent mechanisms at play. The first is what amounts to an adjustable spring. This is distinct from the linear motor that causes the vibration. This compensating spring is tensioned so that when a person is standing on the plate, it adjusts so that whatever the person's weight, the plate floats at a neutral point that is mid-way between the full range of movement. This is the static adjustment. This adjustment means that now the vibration motor is only causing vibration none of its power is being wasted on lifting force.

The second mechanism is a dynamic adjustment that compensates for a person's weight in order to achieve a controlled vibration regardless of their weight. This is needed because it takes more power to vibrate a heavy person than someone weighing much less. This mechanism operates by measuring the height of the vibration from cycle to cycle and increasing or reducing the power to the vibration motor so that the vibration amplitude is at the specified level.

Both of these mechanisms rely on the same two pieces of technology; high-speed, high-precision measurement of the plate position and a high-speed computer to process the information fast enough to control the device in real time. TheraVibe uses a proprietary sensing device that measures the plate position to 1/10000 of an inch and a high-speed industrial control microprocessor to manage the motor movement.

There is a fundamental difference between the behavior of a vibration platform that uses rotary motors verses one that uses a linear motor. From a user's perspective, on a linear motor platform, you can stand erect, relax and enjoy the experience. This is a stark comparison to someone hanging on in a semi squat with teeth clenched. Whole body vibration is a highly inadequate, and possibly inaccurate description of a linear motor vibration platform. That's why I prefer to describe it as whole body massage. This is what you experience on TheraVibe. It's relaxing, enjoyable and highly effective.

The difference is due to the fact that platforms using rotary motors rely on the stored energy in the spinning motor to overcome resistance. It's like a flywheel. So when you try to resist it, you will lose. This is why most vibration platforms feel jarring. It's because there is no give. A linear motor on the other hand has no inertia carrying from one vibration to the next. This is because it has to stop and reverse direction twice per vibration. The result is that the only force produced is that of the magnetic interactions inside the motor. These have a naturally springy behavior which is much more comfortable to the body. This does not mean that a linear motor platform is weak. TheraVibe's motor can produce around 200 lbs of force, and at high speed. Furthermore, the weight compensation means that all this power is reserved just for vibration.

Something that we haven't touched on is upgradability and I'd like to say a few words on that. TheraVibe's software can be easily updated using a software download from the website and a regular thumb drive. This allows us to add new features and eliminate software defects. I'm sure that there are other devices that offer this capability. What makes this really special for TheraVibe is that the physical components of TheraVibe are highly non-specific. There is a motor that moves the plate, and mechanism to measure the plate position and a powerful microprocessor to control these interactions. This means that as we learn more through our program of research, we can update machines in the field to take advantage of this learning to produce new vibration patterns, new automated programs, and customizations that deliver new and improved health benefits. We can do this with TheraVibe because the movement of the plate is not governed by mechanical constraints. The plate can move in any pattern under control of the software. Naturally there are some limitations, like the stroke length and power of the motor, but this still provides us with a lot of latent capability. This ability to upgrade, and our commitment to continue defining the industry from a therapy perspective is a big plus for our customers. They plan to run their TheraVibes for many years, so this is a great way to protect the value of that asset.
If you ask the WBV company if their's is the best, you better double check that statement. If you read the rest of my site, I let you know what is really going on with these claimers. Getting the best thing isn't always important because it can be subjective like choosing between a Sony Plasma, Samsung Plasma, LG Plasma, or Phillips. Although they have their unique technologies, the main goal is for viewing pleasure. Others things are subjective too, like going for the brand name, like Louis Vuitton or Gucci? Well it depends on what you're getting, but that's just more of anyone spending money to own something with that name on it. It doesn't mean one is really better than the other, but they are definitely lifestyle statements.

But when it comes to things relating to effectiveness and health, wouldn't you want the best for yourself every time? Especially when your getting it to help you? I'm not telling you that you need to change your whole diet and become a different person just to live healthy, but if I'm gonna get something and the price is reasonable, wouldn't you just get that? I found out that the best didn't make me break my wallet. You always have choices. Don't settle because the company wanting your money tried to talk you out of doing what's best for you.IT'S YOUR LIFE AND YOUR HEALTH. Plus, it's a one time investment as long as you find the right one. If ANY COMPANY IS TRYING TO GET INTO YOUR EAR, HANG UP AND FORGET ABOUT THEM.

All of these companies can say, there is a really good one out there, but ours is just as good. So they're number two? So they're all number two? Okay, this is a red flag, at least three of the brands say that theirs is the BEST and exclusive technology. I find out where their machines are made and it's like, YOU LIED TO ME! At least three of the brands say that theirs is second best, but just as good. Both groups told me that their's is more "cost friendly" than the one from this or that country so why pay more when it's just as good.

The truth is, I already sold my first machine and bought my second one to "resolve" that mistake. By this time I knew more because I was getting ready to sell this one off after learning more things. So these companies didn't realize I was not a "newbie" at this with limited information. I didn't even bring up certain models in the beginning because I wanted to hear what they said, of course, they didn't mention that they had imitation ever. But I learned this so it made me question them more. The second model that I sold was my last mistake, because I was sold by the company marketing New Advanced Technology. This company was even saying how their technology was using this same technology, so I was happy until I used it. If I didn't get an itch to research to learn more about the machine, I probably would think that they were the new technology models too. Come to find out EASILY once I typed in certain keywords, THIS COMPANY WAS JUST IMPORTING FROM CHINA WITH A PRIVATE LABEL!!! Yeah they had the new technology, the ripped off imitation version from China and Taiwan that so many of these companies have!
Aside from the giggles I get on this machine, this model offers a true benefit to anyone with sensitive knees or back. No machine matches the jar damping effect of this sonic machine; Vertical damping on this machine makes the benefits of vibration reachable for those with a wide range of issues. It will even adjust to your body weight.
Ok, just so everyone knows before getting excited about TheraVibe, this is a commercial machine
designed for all day continuous use and the price tag reflects that. I can throw in freebies to make
the deal sweeter if you buy it from me.

Since this model goes down to a crazy 2 hz (the standard for LOW is 3 HZ), it's used in holistic doctors
offices as well as in gyms since it can hit 80 hz.

Everything about the Theravibe is commercial grade. One of their new features of this is that it takes up
hardly any space, I'm talking 3' x 4' and costs 1 penny per minute (the highest is about 4 cents per minute
on the less "green" types. If you are buying it for your clinic (so far, no one has bought this for residential
use), you will need to buy some sanitary sheets for the foot plate.
It also is self-serve if you get their card reader so you don't have to spend so much time with your patients.
You can give your patient their own card. As their bone density increases you can change up their program.

Warning: (to Patience looking to use these for free at chiropractors offices- If you do not have a back problem
and using your insurance to just get into an office that will let you work out for 10 minutes for free, that is not
cool. It raises everyone's insurance in the end. If you just want to use it, I am sure there is a chiropractor in your
area that will let you use it during off peak hours if you pay them a small fee. (I have to say this because I have
sold a lot of these to areas where I know there is not a market for it and the chiros that call in to get them sound
shady on the phone in the first place. I can smell something fishy from a mile away. So, if you plan on doing anything
shady with these, buy it from someone else. I'm not gonna cut you a deal to do something shady. (I hate shady
snakes, (no offense to my snake friends).

Also, for the people that are always asking why it costs $18 thousand dollars, you can read below.
First, it has controls that measure 1000 times a second so the plate is adjusted and doesn't change frequencies
without you wanting it to. You can also control the strength of the vertical vibration (few few have this).
It hits an ultra low frequency, 2 HZ. (the standard used to be 3 hz. At 2 hz, its lymph movement at its peak, plus
you can control the amplitude.... so super low 2 g forces per second with super high amplitudes. If that doesn't
move your lymph, I am not sure what will. Also, you don't have to ever oil it. It's a speaker! Their springs are
virtually designed as a computer chip controls the springiness of the plate. It also has a magnetic actuator type
vibration just like they use in labs and with semiconductors.

When you vibrate, you are standing on the same type of heavy duty plate use in truck beds. Their frame won't
rust either. Their steel is powder coated after they electroplate it with zinc to preven rust. If you chip or scratch
the finished steel, it won't rush either. That is why they do this to the steel. All their screws are stainless steel
too. Even their handles are stainless steel (do not confuse this with chromed steel). This type doesn't rust and
if it does get scratched it can be polished out.

If you want a Theravibe, take my quiz to see if this is model is right for you. I offer less expensive models if you want something that is less expensive. If you are in California or NY I can try to arrange for you to try one if there is one available near you. I can be reached at 1-866-945-9072  and can make arrangements for you to try one. Please!!!! Don't jack it up to 80 hertz on your first time.

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I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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