Experience on a TurboSonic.........
The Turbosonic is in a league of its on and I realize that without even turning on and just by grabbing the handles. I did my usual testing and the first noticeable thing was that it felt like it was bolted down by 10, 12 inch bolts. It just didn't budget when I tried to tip it. It's like when you try to grab something and shake it to see hot sturdy it is. It's like a telephone pole. It didn't move a millimeter. What I liked the best about it was that you could stand near the edges and it didn't bog down. If you ever see one at one of the gyms they have these in you can see it. There are some high end personal training gyms in NY and one in Las Angeles when I visiting. It's expensive and the very rich are the only ones that seem to be able to afford it.

The first time I saw it (with my free gym pass)... I had to fake that I lived in the area and told them I did not have my ID on me so I could get a 3 day pass they offer to residents only.. They wouldn't let me check out the private trainers room that it was in. It was locked like those pilates rooms that you have to pay for. When I first got on it I noticed it was quiet. I didn't even think the thing was working. It began vibrating slowly.. then deeper and faster. It actually felt more soothing than any other one I have tested. (I will tell my story if someone really wants to know but am not going to post it for others to see as its kinda grey what I did (but legal). I did have some low back pain that day and the Turbosonic actually soothed it and the pain was GONE.

When I had it on the massage mode, I sweat I felt better after the lymphatic up and down vibration than any massage I ever got. I was saddened when the 10 minutes was up. I was all mellow.. I do have severe ADHD (with a capital H) and that night someone asked me if I was on something. I swear I am not making this up.

That night (it was about 8pm when I went there) I came home and fell asleep very quickly. I had a strange deep sleep. About my ADHD and I don't know what it did but it did something to me. I did see a before and after blood video and I think it had something to do with that.

I didn't realize my blood cells get stuck together like that and that and up and down vibration can unclog it. I know the up and down movement resembles walking on uneven ground and now I can see the effects when it happens in that short of a period while I was on it.

The one I was on was their mid priced model, the Ovation... I can only imagine what the X7 is like. I certainly can't afford one of these. (If anyone is buying one of these and you can afford it... please buy me one (BEGGING)...YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST KARMA IF YOU BUY ONE FOR ME. (MY FRIEND WANT'S ONE TOO... DOUBE KARMA)
The Turbo Sonic X7
This is one of the most expensive Sonic WBV machines on the market.
I guess the brand name says it all... This one says, "I am on a mission"...working all those cells and keeping them from becoming the nasty toxic waste cesspools that are characterize by stagnant tissues. Yes, I'm down for that!!

This is the original sonic machine. This is the most popular sonic model out there. The distinctive performance that this unitized chassis gives gives me the previous assumption that I was right imagining how this would feel compared to the motorized contenders that want to say theirs is better. There is NOTHING better than a sonic model. This managed to do the job of making sure I don't keep loosely fasted shorts on. Dropping ones shorts is not a good thing. The componentry is as as good as the highest quality subwoofer you will find in any high end audio store and it is with STYLE!!!

The integrity shines all the way through its components, the engineering, which gives it the feel that is unique to this brand. My ankles feel awesome. No jarring at all on my back. This brand takes its swipe on the high end models in the commercial class range right on its perch. It totally sets the bar when it comes down to lymphatic vibration machines.

If you can afford a sonic wbv machine, they start just above $7,000 and go up to nearly $20,000 for the souped up top of the line motels. I don't stock nor ship these but can refer you to the dealers either in your area or the manufacturer. If you have a tax id, business license, proof of business, and a resale certificate, (and trade references) have that handy when you call me. I don't take orders as these are very expensive and don't want that much money running through my account. Please call me if you want a sonic model. I can connect you to the dealers I network with. If you ever want to become a dealer, I am looking for dealers who can do videos with these and not just sell them without ever having used one. Call me if you are interested in this opportunity or buying one.
Notice: If you are a dealer for Turbo Sonic or a residential consumer of one, please call me. I am making a list of people in different states where people can see these. If people could try these before they buy them then maybe they would see why they are so high end and at the prices they are at.  
The TurboSonic Ovation
I love this machine.
Sonic Vibration
This is whole body vibration at it's best.
This is one of the gentlest linear vibration machines out there. Ultra low frequencies!!!
Take my instant price quote form or my quiz and I will do my best to get you the best price or find someone in your area that has one. Most of them are in California that I have found. I can be contacted at 1-866-945-9072.

TurboSonic Vibration
The pioneers in sonic vibration. Sonic vibration is the best you can get, so so smooth. The Ovation is the most requested Sonic model from our website.
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