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Beware of studies from 10 years ago. Some companies are using this hype to sell inferior WBV machines. Make sure the studies are from specific products from specific manufacturers.

Real Vibration Frequency hz: 
This is the rating a company gives to the vibration range.
Phony Vibration Frequency hz: This is the rating WE give to a WBV machines under real life settings. Not in a nearly frozen state with no weight on it or after the machine has gotten hot.

Vibration VS Healing Vibration: 
Vibration is good but only a certain type is healing to us. The 100% up and down g force motions is what is the real value of a vibration plate machine. The up and down motions move lymph and release toxins.

Vibrational Magnitude VS Vibrational Frequency: 
Having a wide frequency range is great but many companies do not mention the fact that it has low amplitude. The better machines have high amplitude and wide frequency ranges.

Vibration Duration VS Wear and Tear: 
Over time, the machine takes more and more amps to do the same job as when it was new. A cheap machine might use 12 amps when new but after 5 years it can use 15 amps to do that same job. Once it goes over 15 amps it starts to put strain on the motor. Better components prevent this problem.

Wasted Friction VS Vibration Absorbtion: 
Sonic models have eliminated this problem. Unless the motor has been designed for low friction, you can plan on the machine making more and more friction over time.

Absorbed power: 
This can be absorbed by you or the machine or the floor. Better machines don't shake the floor. Avoid these types of models if you have neighbors under you, such as a 2nd floor apartment or get a good sound absorbing mat.
Dynamic VS Static Usage
A word of wisdom when buying a WBV machine when you are going to be doing certain exercises.
If you are the type that will not be jumping on the plate and doing various other dynamic activities, you can get by with a less powerful machine.

If you are planning on doing jump squats and abusing the machine, you might want a heavier duty motor.

If you buy a machine that is rated for 600 pounds and you are putting up to 3 G forces onto the machine, then you might need to be 200 pounds or lighter to fit that machine. But, if you NEVER plan on jumping on the plate and using its maximum frequencies, you won't be putting 3 g forces upon the machine. Therefore, you can buy a machine rated for under 600 pounds.

If you are a jumper you might not want to buy the entry level model from any company. If you are doing medium dynamic exercises, you might want to get their 2nd or 3rd to the least most powerful but not their least powerful. If you are doing heavy dynamic exercise and will be stressing the motor nearly the entire session, you might want to get their 2nd or 3rd most powerful model. If that same type of exercise is being done for many sessions in a row in a gym, then that is when it's a good idea to buy the most powerful model they carry. If you want help pinpointing the model that will fit you please take my quiz.

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The most important choice on this site!!!!
There are two different vibration types to choose from and both are good but it depends on what you are trying to do. Are you just interested in working out or do you want a lymphatic drainage workout. If for a gym and you only want a workout or you simply want to stand on it and flush the lymphatic vessels without working out or you want something that has a low to high range where you can do both, it can all be possible. Most people don't know which type is better for them because they hear so many opinions. I have feedback, positive and negative, that I receive. I base my recommendations on my own usage as well as feedback from all my customers.
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