Questions you "should" know answers to before choosing a Whole Body Vibration Machine. 
I will review your answers and personally contact and help you find the best deal on your new 
whole body vibration machine. There is no hidden agenda designed in these questions. 
Better health is closer than ever!

Click as many boxes as necessary.

Are your knees weak?
My connective tissue and joints are sensitive to vertical impact:
My sense of balance and equilibrium while in motion is:
Are you concerned with your weight?
Do you suffer from back pain?
I'm interested in WBV to improve my health (lymph workouts).
I'm interested in WBV as a low-effort form of fat burning or cardio exercise.
In an average week I exercise: 
Are you sensitive to EMF or RF frequencies?
How much do you weigh?
Noise: I want my WBV machine to be...
Interest in a WBV machine mainly for:
I plan to use my WBV machine for:
My experience with WBV:
Do you prefer a particular brand? 
If so, which one?
What size shoes do you wear?
Which WBV theory agreed with you the most?
Best time to call
Time Zone
What else should I know about you in order to give you the most accurate evaluation?
Do you need a machine that is better for people with low bone density?
What price range are the machines in that you are comparing?
- PowerVibe - VMaxFitness -  DKN - Turbo Sonic - VIBEPLATE - TheraVibe - HyperGravity - VibraTrim - FitVibe - WAVE - HYPERVIBE - ZAAZ - VIVOVIBE

WBV Quiz

We're Open Now

We're Open Now

Thank you for supporting my website and filling out my questionnaire. I am also available on the Live Chat if you need to reach me.
Very Much
Not Really
Very much so
Not Really
Somewhat so
Confident and sure
Somewhat troubled
Out of whack
Yes, I'm overweight
Yes, I'm underweight
No, I'm satisfied with my weight, thank you
Yes, I suffer from back pain
No, I do not have back pain
Very much so
Not really
Very much so
Not really
1-2 times per week
At least 3-5 times per week
Less than 1 time per week
Yes, very much. Even cell phones bother me
Somewhat, but prefer the least amount of these frequencies
No, I have protection or am not interested in a machine with zero or low EMF
Not sure what EMF or RF is yet
130 or below
130 to 180
180 to 300
Silent (I don't want to wake the neighbors)
A little noise is ok
I don't care about noise as long as it does what it's supposed to
Total benefits of Whole Body Vibration
Health reasons
I just found them over the Internet
To offer as a part of my business
Pain relief
Household Use - not more than a few people daily
Light Commercial - regular use with a medium volume of users
Commercial - for use in a professional setting with high volume usage
Industrial Commercial - use in a gym or fitness center with athletic users running constantly
Used them before but looking for something better
Used them before but don’t remember the brand
Saw one briefly but never used one
I’ve been hearing about them
Saw them only over the Internet
I am not sure what brand I should get.
If I can get a great deal I will buy right away
I will purchase right away if I can get approved for financing.
I just want to get one within my set budget.
I want to become a dealer so I would like to speak with the appropriate party.
I would love to get a demo or slightly used model for a greatly reduced price
Teeter Totter (pivotal)
Linear (vertical)
Sonic (not motorized)
Not really sure
Yes and I want to build bone density
No. My bone density is fine.
$1,000 to $2,000, Residential Quality, Family Use
$2,000 to $2,500, Entry Level Commercial
$2,500 to $6,000 Commercial
Under $1,000, Budget brands, All Plastic, High EMF
Over $6,000, Sonic Models and Heavy Duty Commercial