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WARNING: Many people are looking for the most powerful WBV machine to gain muscle
mass and get fit. Sure, there are machines that go as high as 80 HZ per second but if you
are not an athlete and don't have the mineral and bone capacity to handle it, keep looking.
The average athlete usually can handle up to 60 hz.
Dynamic VS Static Usage
A word of wisdom when buying a WBV machine when you are going to be doing certain exercises.
If you are the type that will not be jumping on the plate and doing various other dynamic activities, you can get by with a less powerful machine.

If you are planning on doing jump squats and abusing the machine, you might want a heavier duty motor.

If you buy a machine that is rated for 600 pounds and you are putting up to 3 G forces onto the machine, then you might need to be 200 pounds or lighter to fit that machine. But, if you NEVER plan on jumping on the plate and using its maximum frequencies, you won't be putting 3 g forces upon the machine. Therefore, you can buy a machine rated for under 600 pounds.

If you are a jumper you might not want to buy the entry level model from any company. If you are doing medium dynamic exercises, you might want to get their 2nd or 3rd to the least most powerful but not their least powerful. If you are doing heavy dynamic exercise and will be stressing the motor nearly the entire session, you might want to get their 2nd or 3rd most powerful model. If that same type of exercise is being done for many sessions in a row in a gym, then that is when it's a good idea to buy the most powerful model they carry. If you want help pinpointing the model that will fit you please take my quiz.
I am looking for bodybuilders to help me do videos for bodybuilding with the WBV machines. If you are interested in making some Youtube videos with your machine I will give special pricing on models that I can give discounts on. If you are interested, make contact. If you need to call me, I can help you pick out which machines have given my customers the best results for building muscle. The machines that can help build muscle work with different amplitudes and frequencies and should be capable of letting you add weights without bottoming out and also let you do dynamic exercise that cause more stress to the motor. I take all of this into consideration when picking out a machine with bodybuilding in mind. Contact me at 1-866-945-9072
if you would like my help.
The models for bodybuilding are in a breed by themselves. These can go as high as 80 vibrations per second even with heavy weights. If you plan on using weights and want high amplitude, there are models that don't bottom out that have much heavier duty motors than the residential grades. Having a really powerful machine also doesn't mean the entire gym has to hear it. There are some models with huge plates for doing wide leg squats, wide arm pushups and even hooking up a mini stair stepper on. A high end machine doesn't get "hot" and over heat even by having constant weight on it for longer periods of time unlike the lesser powered ones that can get too hot if too much weight for too long is on it.
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