Be sure to let me know if you have low or high bone density. This makes a difference on getting a machine with low or high amplitude if you want to increase your bone density.
If anyone has bone density problems, I have sold enough machine to know which ones work and which don't.

There are 2 types of people that need to detox.
1. The first is the person that is overweight that does not have any medical problems.
This person is in homeostasis and the fat is doing its job by diluting and retaining toxins.

2. The other type of person is someone who is not necessarily overweight but the toxins
are not being stored in their fat and the person doesn't feel good or has medical problems.

Most people that buy wbv machines from us are toxic and have problems because their
bodies are so acidic since they are not holding the toxins in the fat and they flow to the
organs causing problems.

The people who are toxic need as much of the lymphatic movement as possible. Until
now, there has not been a piece of equipment that can isolate lymphatic movement just
by standing.

When you sweat mostly water based sweat you are eliminating about 1% to 4% toxins in
the sweat. Most of the sweat from people that sweat is 99% water. This is what we all
want to eventually happen. But, when our elimination by the skin is not working right, and
when we should be eliminating more than 1 to 4 percent of the toxins in our body when we
sweat, this is when we need added stimulation from lymphatic vibration. By the time most
people detox, the sweat becomes lower in TDS and this is the goal. If you notice your TDS
remains the same no matter how many sessions on a WBV you have, that means you
haven't changed your lifestyle but at least you are elminating and its better than nothing.

While 80% or more of the sweat is water, that 20% or less will be subcutaneous fat that keeps developing as you pull toxins. That is why people notice their bellies shrinking because the toxins get pulled from the stomach fat and into the pores. Once the toxins in the pores are full and the emptied, then the belly fat reduces more toxins as a means of spreading the fat through homeostasis. Other toxins are the heavy metals (can help with those with mercury fillings also), and cholesterol. 

I recommend everyone to drink water during their sweat and most importantly, drink 2 cups
about 10 minutes before you work out so you are well hydrated. By going onto a vibration
plate routinely, you lessen the toxic overload and you hopefully won't get sick if you are
prone to getting sick. 
By properly mineralizing your body through sweating out toxins and food (not supplements), the body can take less time to heal than most doctors tell their patients.

Remember, the slower the sweating process, the faster the toxins can be eliminated. Many
people think that as soon as they start sweating they are releasing toxins. The goal is to heat the body up slowly and gently so that the lymphatic vibrations have time to pull toxins. Most people get too hot and tired and are finished with their session just about the time when the toxins are being released.

Many health care practitioners have been recommending WBV as detoxification programs. Bodily toxic wastes are probably the reason you are wanting to buy one of these in the first place. I want to warn everyone that when losing all these toxins in the body that the body can detox and cause someone to get sick. Everyone hears the benefits of a WBV but doesn't have anyone to talk to when the problems arise when they are using it. Your salesman is legally not allowed to give medical advice.

There are certain protocols to take that will help these problems. With a mineral abundant body full of proper ratios of good and bad bacteria, all the toxins that are leaching out will need to be replaced with good flora. All the mucus will naturally be replaced by more mucus if one is not adapting to the detox.

Everyone is thrilled to be finally being able to lose weight but what they don't know is that the fat is what has been storing the toxins and is responsible for homeostasis in the body and then when the fat is taken away through sweating out the toxins through lymphatic movement, the body will have to send the toxins elsewhere since there is no storage area which is the fat. So, if I wasn't replenishing myself I would stay away from these.

I am not talking about eating vegetables because that is not good either. The reason most people are so deficient is because everything has been grown by man in fields which is totally against nature. The healthiest people I know... and I know a lot of people... do not touch any vegetables found in the health food store. They eat wild crafted foods which are easy to get these days.

It is funny when I hear customers calling me saying that when they get their WBV they are going to start eating healthier and they tell me about all the salads they eat... (That is the problem right there... they are eating romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, and even wheatgrass juice which is the most hybridized food of all).

These machines do a great job of getting rid of the fats and the toxins stored in them. But, the person usually tries to change their diet. I do NOT believe in diet revision. We are the only species that has to consciously think about what we eat and decide if it is healthy. One will not remain healthy if one has to make a conscious decision to eat better. If one doesn't change their eating style and has food addictions then there is a reason for it. Changing to a healthier diet is the total opposite of what is the most beneficial way to get healthier. This is just based on my research and is not meant to tell someone to keep eating the bad foods they eat that has caused them to store so many toxins.

Hopefully, the these will help get toxins out so people won't be so acidic and will stop craving so many bad foods. It is very hard to enjoy healthy foods when the body is so toxic. The body wants to become more toxic once it is already toxic, especially when there is no mineral abundance.

The sweat from the toxic people is usually about 85% water and the other 15% is lactic acid, urea, heavy metals, cholesterol, and other impurities found in ones mucus.

A healthy person with good flora and a mineral abundance will have sweat that is over 97% water. One cannot possibly feel good when they are storing so much toxins in their body that it is not leaving the body through normal exhalation. This is when I would introduce someone to WBV.

Remember, its not how much you are sweating on these, its the type of sweat. This will help you decide on which type of platform to get and which type of vibration.
If you have a bad back, make sure you let me know. Many people return them if they buy the wrong one. Getting the wrong machine for a bad back is the quickest way for me to get a return. These are supposed to help backs, not make them worse. I cannot believe how someone can sell a machine to someone that I know won't help them. But the worst thing about it is the fact that they are recommending a machine that they think will help them. Yea right. These are usually people that are the same people that run call centers that just take orders and are trained on how to sell them but don't have any experience with the machines other than reading off the specs on the computer or some manual. Get real. I did my research. I have current people that have bad backs using these. I have bone clinics that people go to that tell me how much certain machines helped them. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WBV HELPS. It means that a certain machine with the right parameters helped them. If you have a bad back and are needing honest advice, call me. I know! I've done my own research.. NOT READ RESEARCH. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.
If you are buying a wbv machine for bone density issues, I have studied which ones help people the most. I take into consideration your answers from the quiz as well as what I know about different amplitudes and frequencies. Depending on your current body, some can be more or less gentle. G force is needed but not to the point where it is jarring you. If you have questions on whole body vibration you can call me at 1-866-945-9072. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes when you call. I know that these machines help and I am here to share with you what I know from all the testimonials and also stay away from those that I have not had the best feedback from.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
Know before buying
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Video demonstration: Using a vibration machine when someone has bad knees or a bad back who cannot stand on the machine.
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