"Thousands of people will die from drowning this year, not in a pool or ocean, but by their own body fluids".

By sweating twice as much on one machine or another, it can mean that the body is releasing more
water to cool itself down more. This has nothing to do with pulling more toxins out. We have checked
the TDS of sweat from people who sweat twice as much from one machine and an average amount
from another doing the same types of exercises but with different vibration types. The sweat from most
people that are soaking wet usually have a lower TDS sweat than those who have a thicker, higher
TDS sweat that are not just sweating off water.

There are two ways to sweat. One is the type of sweat that gets rid of the lymph drainage and
the oils from the sebaceous glands and the other is the sweat that contains salt minerals with
very little toxins and mostly water. There is sweat from water and oil based sweat with removed
the toxins from the fat. Some just burn the calories without pulling toxins and the body will try to
keep the fat.

Sweat can be dirty or simply just vital water and valuable mineral and salt loss.

The sweat from our body can either be the type of sweating that is the eliminative kind or it can
be the sweat that is from cooling ourselves off that actually produces free radicals and lactic acid
in the body and creates toxins.

These machines, depending on which type you get, can release the same type of sweat as the
slower, gentler kind of sweating that is that eliminative type. This slow sweat takes hours such
as working in the garden that gives a slow sweat. The unhealthy sweat is the type when you
open up the water channel in order to cool yourself off when overexerting yourself. This first
type of sweat is "losing your water" type of sweat and the other is "elimination of toxins" sweat.

Many companies are claiming that their machines produce more sebaceous sweat that their competion.
What they fail to say is the type of sweat. The goal for some people is not to see how much they
can sweat but the type of sweat. There are differences in the sweat's look, smell, and test on the meter.

Do you know what sweat looks like when generated from the lymph movement? This is the sweat
that has been activated by the sebacious glands. We take a TDS meter and pH meter to test the
sweat and see how different it is than sweat generated from different types of vibration.

Be aware that the clearer the sweat you get is mainly produced to "cool" you off. The more dirty
the sweat the more detox one can expect.

Water based sweat is mostly a concentrated solution of water with a high salt content. Salt is one
of the first minerals to be excreted when we sweat. Anytime someone sweats one must sweat out
bodily minerals, otherwise we wouldn't be able to sweat. No one sweats just water.

You also need to decide if you want the type of sweat that is the skin sweat, the type that keeps you
cool. The sweat is more like the sweat from sitting in a hot car that does not have anything to do with
lymphatic movement. At the time when this type of heat is not comfortable anymore, it feels similar to
going into a hot car with the windows closed.

The pulling power should have enough g-force to loosen the toxins in the deeper levels of the fatty
layers of the skin. It is almost impossible to detox if you are just sweating out salts and water and
just toxins right under the skin.

The more you reach past the skin layers the more chances you will have of pulling toxins that
are stored in the fat.

The toxins in the water and oil based sweat contain toxins that the body WANTS to eliminate
anyway. It is not the fat that the body is trying to store. The toxins are what would normally
come out when the body sweats, or through breathing, pooping, or peeing. When the body
does not eliminate toxins through these channels, the body stores them in fat. That is why
it is so hard to lose weight.

If the body is not mineralized, the bones release their minerals as a buffer so that the body
can maintain homeostasis.
If you want the highest degree of TDS in your sweat, the more g-force that one gets the more
one can expect to stir up the toxins in the fatty deposits in your body but make sure you are
taking a good brine and on a good diet.

Mostly Oil Based Sweat (Sebaceous)
This is the sweat produced by machines that vibrate at 2 to 3 hz. The pulling power of the g-forces
can rid the toxins out of the body. This gentle bouncing effect can purify the body much more if
only basing it on the sweat factor. If 10% of your toxins are removed that means the immune/endocrine
system can work that much better.
If the user is severly demineralized and is not re-mineralizing their body through nutrition then I
would avoid a them that gives. These g-forces are so pulling that they ca pull the highest percentage
of minerals along with the most toxins. But, they are the most healing and people get the fastest
results. These usually cost twice to five times as much as the others.

The pulling power of the these gentle G-forces at 2 to 3 vibrations per second can bring about a smell.
This has nothing to do with the quick sweat from water based sweat. Many people who want a
more gentler detox might not go for the strongest but ones with the lowest vibrational frequency.
People that get these are usually under the care of a nutritionist and are changing their diet and
getting their salts replenished and the minerals they lose when trying to detox or move lymph.

You will start stinking with lymphatic flushing.
But, it's a good thing. The delicious bacteria and waste release by bromhidrosis in the apocrine glands is what happens when the lymphatic vessels are pumped, especially if they haven't been flushed in a while. You will stink and the room will smell. Open the windows and get some fresh air and rid your lymph vessels of the thick waste that is causing many people to be tired all the time and sluggish.

Which type of WBV user are you?
WBV Theories
The people who are examples of theory are as follows:
The people in this group buy a machine to lose weight and use the them for about a month or two and never see results. These people are psyched about it at first and use it twice a day to get quick results.

They get in it for a purpose only and that is to achieve a result which they never achieve. These people may or may not lose weight but one thing is for sure, they are exhausted after a session and sometimes feel rejuvenated but is short lived.
Losing weight does not come easy for these people. They have been on almost every diet that has failed. They do not even enjoy vibration.

These people can spend the same amount of time as those who have the same model who get results but because they put toxins in as fast as they can be eliminated, the person never succeeds in detox or their goal. These people also exercise to lose weight but never lose the weight. Their body is trying to hold onto the weight to dilute the toxins in their stored fat and they are going against the grain and trying to do the opposite of what the body is ready to do.

These people will usually never completely detox. The only thing that would happen would be that they are finally eliminating the toxins through their skin through elimination. The only difference would be activating the sebaceous glands and secreting the toxins in sweat instead of getting acne and waiting for the toxins to come out naturally. Otherwise, the body will do what it naturally does, which is store fat to dilute the toxins in the body. It's called homeostasis you idiot! If you payed attention in your 5th grade science class you would have remembered that.

If you are one of these types of people and want to finally detox and do it right, then read our site and decide which type of vibration you want. If you just want to lessen the effects of your unhealthy lifestyle and use them as a "bandaid" then get one and you might look good in your jeans but you definitely won't have the energy and vitality that you could be having.

If you are even considering getting a wbv machine to lose weight, the best thing would be to get on some good superfoods and stop eating all the vegetables and salads and thinking you are doing something good for yourself. Your body is already depleted and starved of minerals. No wonder you can't lose weight.

I am not trying to be rude to those that are fat but it seems that the reason most people are fat is because they are taking so many substitutes for mineral abundant foods that the body has no choice to gain fat. And, don't give me that it is genetic too. That's the biggest excuse I hear. "Oh... my parents were fat and I got stuck with their genes". Give me a break!

Using a wbv machine to become fit...The people in this class aren't fat from homeostasis (gaining fat naturally) and are not skinny by sweating like a freak from mineral depletion.

These people are at the mid way point where they could go both ways. When I see someone like this using a wbv machine, I wonder if they are on the road to losing health (usually happens after 35 years old) or they are trying to become fit and want to look good again (that is, if they ever did). These people are just following what someone told them to do and really don't know what they are doing. They are just taking up space on a wbv machine and really don't have a goal.

They simply are just sweating for the sake of sweating. They aren't lazy but they aren't hard core either. They go on it and think they had a good sweat since they sweated a little and can see sweat dripping. They think they are doing something positive for themselves but are totally wasting their time. Only if they knew how inefficient their sessions were they would make some type of a change.

These are the people that adapt the easiest to new routines and are not set in their ways. They aren't fit yet from over working themselves and are not fat from indulging in too many bad foods. They are simply trying their best but don't really know what to do other than what someone has told them or some magazine they read.

I urge these people to study WBV theory 5 and try a new way of sweating, moving lymph, and working out before its too late. Most people never learn.

Theory 3 will talk about this class of users:
This is the class that is already fit and has already lost so many mineral reserves and are eating whatever minerals they have out of their bones. These people work out or sweat on their machine every day weather they feel like it or not. They feel that they MUST workout and sweat every day to maintain their health and physique. They have lost touch with their inner homeostasis and they do have a lot of energy and do not typically have a lot of fat. This is due to a complete wack body. Many times these people will drink an energy drink before working out and because they think they are fit on the outside they think they are perfectly healthy. They have and abundance of energy but just like they say, athletes don't live a long time, this is the perfect example. Study fight or flight responses.

Instead of meaninglessly burning the minerals out of their bones and calories they barely have, they are better off adding more nutrients to their diet than focusing on the presence of toxins in their body. They don't need to gain weight but definitely need to build up their core structure from the losses that occurred since they have been out of homeostasis. The way these people are losing weight and staying trim is totally against the way they would stay fit in nature. They do have an advantage since they don't have to focus on losing fat but now the focus is detox and not burning calories. Burning your energy reserve calories to stay fit is the least efficient way to stay healthy and looking good.

Theory 4 class:
This is the class that sets the example for almost everyone to follow.
These people are often in the best shape.
This class has been brainwashed into thinking they must put out so much energy and have to put out energy in order to get results. These are commonly the people that go running on a treadmill every day after work even though they are tired. They usually read all the fitness books in the bookstore and research everyone else's ways of trying to be fit and just copying them. The low energy people who do fall into this class are usually who set the example for someone who has never been on a WBV machine.
I am fed up with the way that wbv machines are being marketed to these p

Theory 5 is the theory that follows taking mineral rich foods and sweating out the toxins and by products of your body.
Many people get excited when they are sweating out acidic, high TDS sweat that is full of toxins. Most dealers fail to tell them that they are also depleting minerals. If not on a good diet then they can suffer other consequences, such as pulling minerals out of the bones. Which is it? Do you want to get rid of toxins at the expense of eating away your bones or do you want to eat right and sweat as you would in nature.

By the time people have chosen to follow theory 5, they have realized they must make a choice in the direction they will go. They will usually try to focus 2 aspects of rejuvenating their body.
The first aspect is the focus on the toxins in their body and how they will eliminate them. The other aspect is the focus on the lack of nutrients in their body and how they will replace them. These people don't just focus on one or the other. They eliminate their toxins efficiently and without strain on their body by bringing extra nutrients in their body that is being lost through detoxification.
If buying a wbv machine to detox. I will just say one thing. It is either giving you the right type of g forces to squeeze each vessel, each of the one way valves in the lymphatic system or it is not. You can study the different angles of vibration, up and down, left and right, and see how you feel from each after 10 min. You should feel the flush. That sensation of jumping rope versus being on an sitting recliner bicycle.  Try both and then tell which felt better. One has almost ZERO g forces and the other has more than double G forces.

Working out and BURNING CALORIES WITHOUT G FORCES is not a good thing for what I am seen people try to accomplish. You can burn calories but what about the inflammation and fibrin, calcification?
I KNOW MY SITE CAN BE HARD TO READ FOR MANY. But, after all, this is my own site that I am logging everything I think is worthwhile to not forget and to keep as my notes for study. It is really not intended to be edited, no spell checkers. I have not hired web designers. It's what it is. I became interested in these to move lymph and move it quickly. Sluggish lymphatic systems that have been abused need something like these to start things moving. I have seen people get better in weeks which would normally have taken much longer. It makes me happier than anything when someone wants to sell their machine because they don't need it anymore. They can go out and start hiking, start running on uneven ground, and doing things they couldn't do before. When I see someone get that "shrink to fit" skin after being bloated it puts a very big smile on my face. I just love it. And I am going to keep doing it. I know what it feels like to have this shrink to fit skin and no amount of money would be worth it to take this away from me. Detoxing to the point of being able to get this is what most people don't do. Always dieting. Talk to people that have achieved the results you want and you probably can learn best. I NEVER (OR RARELY) LISTEN TO PEOPLE THAT DIDN'T GET THE RESULTS I AM LOOKING TO ACHIEVE.

​If you are looking to detox, contact me. You can go into a detox healing crisis if you don't know what the heck you are doing. You may also call me at 1-866-945-9072. I know which ones get results fast and which do it gently and which are more effective for detox. The flush you get when you tweak the amplitude so that it is not too low nor too high and the frequency that can change the amplitude on some machines if it is higher or lower. Call me if you want to talk about the machines I offer if you want to look at machines that are known for detox.
Vibration and Detox:
The inflammation that people with poisoned blood from a sluggish lymph have makes it easy to be tired all the time and have low energy. It is hard to operate at a high capacity when I am toxic. If I had a sluggish lymphatic system my organs would stay dormant and not work at its highest vibration. After freeing the body of toxins through the lymphatic system the body begins to get out of its dulled degenerated state.

Stagnant lymph causes all the toxins to be absorbed into body, almost always the fat first. This is the body's homeostasis. If you studied anatomy in high school you would know that the fat stores toxins. The body renews itself every 7 years unless it can't from being too degenerate. These machines seem to resurrect people and move the toxins out that are so hard to get rid of. The reason many people have such low energy is because the body is trying to preserve that energy. Vibrating helps preserve the energy and just work on the lymph without using excess energy that you are trying to preserve. Trying to burn calories while your body is fighting you to preserve them can cause someone to go into a further crisis.
People who are calling the site with lymphatic concerns:
This is probably the first time you have addressed the damage that has been done to your lymphatic system. You probably have a build up of poisoned lymphatic fluid all over your tissues and the swelling is probably two to three times what is should be.

The lymphatic should be CLEAR. It is normally a clear, protein rich fluid that carries out all the wastes. It should pull trapped blood proteins and other things that make it cloudy just temporarily but most people have a very cloudy, milky color. 

Most people usually only need about 10,000 steps a day, either walking on UNEVEN ground or doing things that give these G forces. Most people don't have the time nor energy to walk over 2 hours a day to get these steps which many people use vibration machines to mimic these steps. Some vibrate at higher speeds and can get you 10,000 taps in about 7 minutes but this is very fast. You need enough time for the one way valves to actually flush the fluid along. If too slow, then there is not enough G force. 2.8 G forces is what is agreed by most of the people I talked to in order to create a negative pressure in the lymph vessels to flush it along.

Where do these toxins come from that make the lymph fluid cloudy:
There are many ways and it has nothing to do with our diet. If you sprain your ankle or get a small cut it will start swelling from all the plasma that goes there to bring white and red blood cells that broke out of the capillaries where there was the break. When the swelling goes down in a few days, the fluid gets absorbed back into the bloodstream BUT the lymph part which contains bacteria and all the dead white blood cells that helped fight infection gets absorbed by the lymph vessels. It does not go back into the blood stream.

Getting these 10,000 steps per day or by any means that will pump the lymph fluid to filter all the dead matter out, should help clear it out. When the lymph has stayed stagnant in the vessels a long time, the vessels can't pick up the wastes in the body and that is why most people have to store the wastes in fat and they remain swollen because the lymph system has no way of pumping it because people don't get enough steps to create enough negative pressure in the day to filter it. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO GET 10,000 VIBRATIONS IN ONE SESSION. This could be the worst thing you could do. If all the swelling in the body that has been accumulating over years gets dumped non stop and the liver can't handle it, I will just say it's not a good situation but if done in 2 minute increments and not a full 10 minute session from day 1, you should detox slowly.

Why does the fat shrink just by standing on the machine: Since the toxins that are accumulated in the body since the lymph system is stagnant, the toxins absorb into the fat so the organs don't acidify. The fat cells swell and get larger and most people who workout all the time and eat low calorie are still fat and wonder why they are. Many people just don't know anything except to exercise and eat low fat. They know nothing about the lymphatic system. Chiropractors are now actually starting to tell people about the lymphatic system since these vibration machines came out. Ten years ago, most chiros didn't even know what a vibration machine was and now almost every chiropractors has one in their office. Most people like them realize they need to use it more than just the 10 minutes whenever they go to the chiropractor. Many people complain that it is too expensive to keep going back and forth to use these and for the costs of all of those sessions, they could just buy one for their home. Most people realize this sooner or later.

Most people that have built up lymph fluid all over their body don't know how to get rid of it. It cannot leave if you don't pump it. Usually, swelling decreases dramatically once you begin creating a hydraulic pump every day in the lymph vessels. Being swollen like this is actually just the inflammatory process. It surprised me that personal trainers that I talk to have no idea about this and trying to just burn calories when many people with low energy need to preserve their energy for healing are told to exercise more and more each day to burn off the fat. It just really bothers me what is going on. 

It is so important to move all the lymph that is just standing still in the lymph system each day and also to drain all the toxins we have built up over many years back into circulation. I will let anyone try a vibration machine for free, any brand that I recommend, for 30 days. If you don't notice any results, I will put it in writing that you can return the machine for a full refund and not pay restocking fees nor shipping back. I always have someone that wants to buy a used machine who cannot afford a new one and they pay the shipping, not you.

I am one of the only people that does not charge these fees because I don't sell the ones that I have a feeling that will end up getting returned because I am taking the responsibility. Please take my vibration quiz and I will help you pick out a machine.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
Know before buying
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