Knowing if you bought the wrong one
It is a total rip off it starts at higher hertz and higher and only holds 200 lbs. You are then getting half body vibration... not whole body vibration.
How to tell if a machine is not right for you?
When the plate pushes upward do you feel the g forces just in your legs or do you feel it up through your back. Many low powered ones don't have enough power to deliver G forces to the upper body. Usually these will have shorter plate lengths and people simply jack up the power so it feels stronger but really this is just vibrating them like a foot massager you can buy at Brook Stone.

The entire skeleton of your body should move upward when your knees aren't bent. Most people will want to bend their knees as locking them in doesn't feel good. If you want to build bone density in your back, by bending the knees, most of the g forces is dissipated, then if it cancels out at each hip (on an oscillating machine), the g forces that were "SUPPOSED TO" help the back aren't there. This is why many people return them. There are a few oscillating machines on the market that give over 2 G forces to the spine and will be 5 hertz or less to prevent pain when you lock your legs. It is very hard to lock your legs as the hertz get higher. 

When your legs are not bent at the lower hertz, this is when the skeleton move upward and the muscles take an extra millisecond to catch up. This is why people love how they feel they are getting a massage and the joints become loose. If moving at high speeds, sure, people like how their legs become pink from instant quick circulation, but for lymphatic flow, there has to be enough time for the one way valves to open and shut, which the models under 5 hz do. 

For people that have de-calcified bones and have back problems, I would only look into a machine that goes under 6 hertz per second. There is no way someone with fragile bones can tolerate higher hertz locking their legs so the G forces don't dissipate before reaching the back. At the low hertz, those with back problems can always stand further from the edge to lower the G force even more so they can find that point where it is comfortable. This way, they can get blood circulation to the bones without jarring. For those that have hip problems, as the hips get more circulation and start getting better, it will be easier to stand closer to the edges.

Another way to see if a machine is not powerful enough is to see how long it takes for your legs turn pink. If you have poor circulation in your legs and your legs aren't turning pink, the machine might not be powerful enough for you. The slow vibrations usually won't cause a lot of blood circulation as they focus more on lymph.

When to choose Linear
For very athletic people. Doesn't work stabilizer muscles as well but more core muscles. Great for bodybuilders and those concerned about bone density. Linear is best for building muscle mass at high amplitudes and high frequencies. As long as the linear can go to the low hertz then it can be good for lymphatic flushing. You can still use it for flushing but its not as preferred as low hertz vibration. Please go to my linear page to learn more about linear types.

When to choose pivotal 
When just getting introduced to vibration exercise. It has no bells and whistles. You can get one of these for a few hundred dollars to see what it feels like. Residential pivotal machines have advanced over the last few years and simply right and left oscillation is just a starting point. For general exercise, balance, and flexibility, basic pivotal left to right oscillating models are popular. Please go to my pivotal page to learn more about pivotal types.

When to choose Spiral
The second motor gives a circular feel for those who may have bad knees or backs that want to use a vibration machine at the higher settings. Spiral models are great for working stabilizer muscles, balance, and mostly bought for better circulation. The spiral dipping gives the left and right vibration and extra boost that many people prefer over having one motor. You basically just stand on it and it does all the work for you. Please go to my spiral page to learn more about spiral types.

When to choose Sonic- speaker under plate
​Any sonic model should go below 5 hertz and provide enough G forces for lymphatic flush. There is hardly any ballistic impact on a sonic model and they many people prefer them. Most people that call me have to put these on a payment plan as they are so expensive. (I subsidize the costs with the freebies I throw in to offset the cost if someone wants to buy one up front. See my Resources page. The under the plate sonic models are the most cost friendly one. They range from around 6,000 to over 15,000.

When to choose Sonic (speakers in Rail)
These are the most expensive of all sonic models. The sonic models with the speaker in the rail allows the user to adjust the G force at any speed setting. If you are at 4 hertz and you want 2 G forces or you want to get only 2 G forces at 70 hertz, you have it. With the speaker in the rail it gives a lower noise and a much smoother ride. Before spending 18,000 on one of these, I suggest you try one out at a health clinic in your area. Almost all of the sonic manufacturers have dealers and clinics that have their machines. Just ask. The most popular feature of the sonic models within the rail is that you can hop off of it and hop on without shutting it down and starting it again. If you are 200 pounds and your workout partner is 120 pounds, normally you would have to cut it off and then back on with each person. Not with this one.

Attention heavy people:
If you are over 250 I will REFUSE to sell you a machine that is under 500 watts and 1.5 horsepower. Selling a low powered machine like this is just setting you up for failure. Also, if you are tall and the only machine you can afford has a short plate, again, this is setting you up for failure and a quick return. I refuse to sell a machine to someone that I know will get returned. The most common reason for return is because these cheap machines can't handle their weight. Just because the plate is moving doesn't mean it can handle your weight.

By pairing people up with the right machine you won't waste your time on a machine that doesn't have sufficient G force and that can do what you want. If you want lymphatic flush, you must have the low end hertz and depending on how much force you can handle, the upper end can go as has as 50 hertz all the way to 80 hertz for extreme athletes.
Please go to my sonic page to learn more about sonic models.

Lymphatic Flushing: main reason people buy these
The goal is to allow the body to get the right amount of G force needed to move your weight up and down and get as many repetitions as possible. More G force might be good for bone building but not as good for creating a negative pressure in the lymphatic vessels. It all depends on what your goal is. 

Every time you go up a hertz, it lessens the time of the amount of fluids can flush.
This is not to say that the higher hertz won't drain lymphatic fluid. You have to balance the workouts between lymph flushing and blood circulation. Vasodilation is very hard to get at the low speeds.

You really can't lose. It's just, which type of workout you want to focus on that day. You might want to set the vibration up high and focus on blood circulation and another time focus on lymph flush.

Buying the Wrong Horse Power.
If it's just you alone and you are in the range of 150 pounds or less you can get away with a 1 hp motor. For most people who are using it on a daily basis it is usually better to get a higher horse power rating. As a general rule, most people have less problems when they buy a machine that is rated at least 50 pounds over their weight.

I hope people that are looking for specific results don't get talked into a cheap, low powered machine where there is NO WAY IT CAN HANDLE YOUR WEIGHT. You shouldn't have to jack up the speed because the motor can't power you at the lower levels. If you set it to 25 hertz, it shouldn't vibrate at 18 hertz and you have to turn the speed higher than 25 hertz just to get around 25 hertz. If it says 25 hertz, I demand it to vibrate at 25 hertz.

Warranty Scams:
Make sure you don't have to ship back the whole machine unless the manufacturer will send a CALL TAG. It is hard for people to know if the reason a machine stopped working is the motor or the electronics or mother board. Sneaky manufactures have tried to get out of paying the shipping back to them when they ask a customer and they don't know what broke. If you ship the motor back and it was not the motor, you that can be two to three weeks to get it back and then you have to send the mother board and then eventually the whole machine which can cost up to 200 depending on how you box it and ship it. Just be wise and make sure you know who pays shipping. If they only cover shipping for single parts and not the entire machine, you could pay $200 to ship there and $200 to ship back. Boxes are also expensive so save your box. Another way sneaky companies avoid the warranty is they say it must be shipped back in the original packaging. Who in the #%@# saves huge boxes for years unless they have space. 99% of the people don't save the boxes after the first year. There are few companies that have been around for a long time that will even put it in writing that they will send a FREE call tag to pick up your machine and fix it or send a new replacement if it cannot be fixed. You can find the same machine, and I mean the identical machine sold at some local show or event for cheaper but the warranty is not the same. Sure, the manufacturer just sends the importer a free motor or whatever as long as it is within the warranty period but the manufacturers in China or Korea have nothing to do with the return shipping in Canada or the States, for example. That is up to each dealer or importer. If you see the same machine for cheap, it might mean that the dealer or importer is not willing to cover the expense of shipping other than replacing the item and you are responsible for shipping. Read the fine lines or email me to find out which companies have the warranties that do call tags, etc.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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