The ZAAZ 20K and 15K are what I have finally had a chance to review. The 20K right now is the most popular whole body vibration machine sold on the market right now and what is in most of their studios, malls, etc. Maybe 20% of the time or less people end up purchasing the 15k. ZAAZ has over 100 studios and are popping up in malls across the country. They are definitely one of the leaders helping to bring whole body vibration to the masses. I will admit that I sometimes go the mall just to use one of these machines for free.

So I get asked quite often what is the difference between the ZAAZ 15k and 20k? If we are talking about just therapeutic benefits then the main difference is in the 20k providing 1 extra Hz of frequency..15.5hz vs. the 15k at 14.4 hz. The other mechanical function that the 20k has is the weight stabilizer technology that it adjusts the g force and power to the plate based on how heavy the user is. A 250 lb person will get the same G force as a 120 pound person. The amperage going to the motor is adjusted to the person. A person that wants to go 5 vibrations a second for lymph drainage that is 200 pounds before would slow down the plate to 3 to 4 hertz before but now if a heavier person gets on the machine, the motor puts out more power to compensate for the weight. Before, a lighter weight person would get on it and it might go to 6 to 7 hertz. Just like my oven, if I set it to 350 degrees, I expect it to be at 350 degrees. If If set the speed to 5 hertz, I expect it to be at 5 hertz.

Honestly I was very surprised it had this function because only a few machines on the market that are $10,000+ have that capability. This is one of the main functions of the machine that sets it apart from competition and makes it an obvious choice over the 15k.

Why? Because if you have multiple users of varying weights using a machine what was the machine built for? It’s specifications are not guaranteed to deliver the exact same benefit to every single person out there! In fact most of the main whole body vibration manufacturers out there test their machines with no one even standing on the plate! That way they can get the best performance out of the machine, record that and market that information to consumers.

The other reason that function is useful with the ZAAZ 20k is that if someone has friends or family or coworkers that also want to use the machine they of course also have their own preferences, health goals, and weights.

G force, amplitude, and frequency/speed of the plate is what is responsible for the therapeutic benefits a person can get on one of these machines.

The other main difference with the 20k is that it has a very helpful feature on the control panel…note that a person’s buying criteria or priority when trying to find the right machine to purchase should address first absolute needs regarding health goals, conditions, and the features on the machine should be examined only as secondary options. In this case the 20k has a feature that I have again only seen on $10,000+ machines. This machine will actually count your steps! This is a huge benefit for people trying to flush lymph.
NOTE: There is a motel that looks almost identical to the Zaaz. It does because it IS identical to the 20K (it starts with VT). The Zaaz importers have service centers in almost every state. If the machine ever breaks, it usually is fixed by someone that day or the next day. They will switch out the entire base for free. With the other one, you have to mail it back and wait for it to be fixed if there is not someone in your area like the Zaaz people.
This is the Zaaz 50K whole body vibration machine. The 50K model at the 4200 price point compets with the VivoVibe 460 which is 3990. The plate is bigger on the Zaaz 50k while the 460 model has a smaller shorter plate but goes to a higher speed. The 50K is one of the strongest belt driven vibration machines I have tested while the Vivo460 is the strongest Shaft driven motor in this price range. The Zaaz 50k is in my opinion the best belt driven model. It is the most expensive belt driven vibration plate that I have seen. I do have demos from time to time. Please let me know on my quiz if you are interested in this machine. I can get access to show demos but unless I have someone waiting for one they will try to sell it at the show unless I request it. Contact me if you want a demo that has a full warranty.

I am sick of every company saying they have the best one that I had to build this site. I will not sell machines that I do not approve of. I will give honest advice and reasons for my recommendations based on my research.
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It’s actually very helpful because there have been extensive clinical studies out there for decades that link how many steps taken in a day to specific improvement in health parameters. Have you ever heard of the message to take 10,000 steps a day? What is implied and not commonly as known is it’s not just a simple step it’s taking a step while walking that bounces your body up and down (like a bounce in your step literally) that provides enough g force and pop to flush the valves of your lymphatic system once per step.

Most people in today’s hectic run around busy world seem to not find or make the time to get 10,000 steps/flushes a day. With a machine like the ZAAZ 20k, depending on the speed I set the machine, I can get those flushes in 10-30 minutes. When I use other machines I can of course select speed but how do I know if I achieved 10,000 steps that day? I don’t.
This is especially confusing when I want to break up my vibration routines into 3 different segments that day. It’s ideal to keep the lymphatic system and circulation going steadily all day long..morning afternoon and night. On other machines I’m just guessing if I’ve had enough. With a machine counting my steps I can just divide 10,000 by 3 and know for each segment I need 3,333 steps.

As far as the other functions on the 20k and 15k like body fat percentage and calorie counter these are not really accurate and are mostly for show. The pulse meter however is helpful as again there are studies out there that will link raising the heart rate for X amount of time per day causes X health benefits over time. I can for example be standing on the machine with a certain pose and note my pulse over 10 minutes then I could change my pose to something more challenging next session and track if the new pose or movement on the plate is having any significant effect on my heart rate. This could also be good for people who have a heart condition and want to make sure not to raise it too much..

So those are some pretty basic features on a control panel and yet rare to find with most whole body vibration machines out there.

Is the difference in price around $400 worth it to get the 20k vs. 15k? I think so because a couple of those features I found myself really using and allowed me to be more effective with my health program. Keep in mind also that if you are a person that is really strapped for cash and that $400 is too hard on your budget then just finance! The company has in house financing so the monthly payments on the 20k vs. the 15k are almost negligible…this is the other reason people end up buying the 20k prolly 85% of the time.
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I had a meeting with one of the owners of the company and he informed me that their new model called the ZMAX would be coming out very soon this year and that it was going to offer a lot of features and functionalities that no other machine out there did. I cannot say everything that he told me but I can tell you that this machine has WAY more power behind the plate and the control panel was about the most sophisticated I had ever used. I got to try a prototype ready for production for about 10 minutes. There is an APP that syncs the control panel with a person’s smartphone or Ipad etc. and all sorts of programs are available..

Review of customer service etc.

I felt I needed to write a little something about all the other value added services this company provides because I was so surprised by it all as no other company out there was offering some of these things. I mean like shocked…so yea I’m going to gush a little bit about what they are doing cause I’m impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.

Customers I speak to always get so overly focused on getting the best price on a machine where they are just focused on analyzing all the specifications. They forget what else they are paying for..or not paying for…

Take a closer look at the warranty for starters.. ZAAZ has one of the more thorough warranties I have seen, again comparable to some of the machines out there in the $10,000 range. ZAAZ will not only drop off your machine within like 2 business days after receiving your order but their service guys will bring the machine into your home (unheard of most companies do curb side delivery), help you set it up, and those same delivery guys are also trained in how to give you a quick 15-30 minute training on how to use the device. And it wasn’t some shabby training like this is how you turn the machine on….I asked them a million questions just to test them when they dropped and set up mine. They knew their shit and about whole body vibration in general as well.

What if you have an issue with machine not working? They will either drop off a new one in a couple days or swap out the base if need be or whatever is required..FAST (they have service centers all throughout the country so they are probably local to you) and they are not going to charge you for all that. Most companies you gotta pay a bunch to ship it back, schlep it to the post office, wait weeks and weeks to get something back..etc. And of course hopefully the issue with it is covered in the warranty.

Honestly I wish all electronic products and health equipment in general had such good servicing like ZAAZ. So basically this company is charging you a little more for a machine which maybe could be sold for less but they provide the best customer service I have seen. This is important because none of these machines out there are perfect and if you want to not have headaches and use this thing for years and years consider investing in something more than just buying a machine.

Please let me know on my quiz if you are interested in the Zaaz machines. I can get access to show demos but unless I have someone waiting for one they will try to sell it at the show unless I request it. Contact me if you want a demo that has a full warranty, base on availability.

All Zaaz machines are FDA listed by the way. They can be found on the FDA list with their registration number 3007722048. They are registered as a Class I medical device. There are many imports coming out of China that are not FDA approved and probably won't even pass based on how cheaply the ones I have tested are made. There are no glues that off gas such as the plate cover that most use glue to keep it on. Many people are chemical sensitive and cannot tolerate any rubber or formaldehyde smells in their home. Also having the Class 1 clearance means some people can get insurance support to cover the cost of the machine.
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I am going to put my 2 cents in so here goes. I will state my opinion without polishing or editing. First, they compare a high acceleration machine to a high end residential machine. I have always compared the Hypervibe G14 to other brand that go to high acceleration speeds (Gravity Revolution, Nitrofit that goes to 22 hertz (the closest brand to the G14), and the Zaaz goes to 15 hertz, which most people use the machine at who are not trying to engage fast twitch muscles that will make them sore the next day. These machines were really made for bone density and circulation, not everyone is using a machine past 15 hertz. The Vibratrim VT500, Pulser 2 spiral machines go to 14 hertz and have been fine for nearly everyone that has ever bought one. No one that I recommended the machines that only go up to 14 herz ever returned it since they needed speeds over 20 hertz. Most people are doing this for lymph drainage, not so much exercise. Those that want to get an intense workout may want the higher speeds and not need the railing on the sides. The railing on the Zaaz 20K is helpful for those with balance problems and is actually needed. Most people don't do pushups on the Zaaz that I have interviewed after buying from me. The Zaaz doesn't need to be 170 lbs like the Hypervibe since it doesn't go to those speeds. The G force on the Zaaz has a lower rating but it is very high compared to 95% of the machines out there. At their highest level (15 hertz) it has 3.4 G forces. At 15 hertz on the G14 since it has 11 amplitude it has a higher G force feel. I always compare machines that are in the 14 to 15 hertz range to each other, including the Zaaz. Why would they compare the G14 that goes to 25 hertz to a 15 hertz machine. It is not a fair comparison. The Zaaz has many unique features that the G14 doesn't have. The Zaaz has the smoothest motor when comparing their machine to the VT500 or the Pulser. The VT500 has 5.8 G force but the plate is way heavier and it doesn't have that sinewave feel of the Zaaz. 3.4 G force delivered all at once feels nearly double the G force than 5.8 G force delivered in a "push) though the entire motion. The Zaaz is better than most of the machines in its price range but comparing it to a much more powerful machine is not fair. The Zaaz is the best made residential machine and I never hear complaints. I urge people to try the Zaaz at Costco or Sam's. With both brands I offer a money back guarantee without any restocking fees. I urge people to take my vibration quiz to see if you need these extra speeds. Also, the G14 comes without the rail and is much cheaper. I am doing a Hypervibe G14 vs Nitrofit Deluxe comparison which I believe is a much fairer comparison. 25 vs 22 hertz). The Nitrofit goes 3 speeds slower but has 13 mm amplitude instead of the 11amplitude of the G14. That is the closest comparison to the Hypervibe G14. If doing vibration mainly for lymph drainage, circulation and bone density the Zaaz is fine, but all the things they said was not cool about the ZAaz 20K to promote the G14 would only be optimal for someone who is going to do workouts. I believe the hand rails just like they are on the Zaaz is fine for those that need it (most of the people who buy the Zaaz probably need those rails). Sacrificing and not having the rails would only be optimal for those with working out as their primary focus. Contact me if you need help choosing between these brands.
Hypervibe G14
I sell both of these machines and have a personal opinion on this widespread video going around.

First, these two machines should not be compared to each other as they are much different.
See my Hypervibe Page